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Higher Learning Week 3

It wasn't pretty but Oklahoma is still perfect.

So it’s been a hectic work week, sorry for the delay but here we go!

What did we learn this weekend?

  1. Oklahoma deserves to be number 1 after a hard-earned victory in Tallahassee this past weekend. Oklahoma’s 23-13 victory was brutal for the normally offensive minded Sooners as they struggled to move the ball past a Seminole defense that was looking for payback from a brutal 49-17 drubbing in Norman last year. Landry Jones overcame two interceptions to find Kenny Stills for the go ahead score while the Sooners defense did the rest including 2 interceptions by Javon Harris. The Sooners defense evoked memories of their national title days a decade earlier as Florida State had trouble moving the ball with or without E.J. Manuel who left the game in the third quarter with a shoulder injury. 3 of the next four games should be pieces of cake for the Sooners except their annual Red River Shootout with Texas in three weeks. If they get past that matchup then the Sooners have nothing to worry about until Texas A&M and Oklahoma State come calling.
  2. Stanford is the forgotten team amongst the top 10 and they seem just fine with that title. After an efficient 37-10 win in Arizona the Cardinal sit at #6 in the rankings and are patiently waiting for the crowd to get smaller. Andrew Luck has been his normal spectacular self and he’s been aided by Stepfan Taylor who emerged last week as a threat running the ball adding a new dimension for the Cardinal. Their next five games should be winnable even a matchup in L.A. versus USC. Their true challenge comes November 12th when Oregon comes to Palo Alto.
  3. Staying in the Pac-10 its starting to look like Rick Neuheisel will be out of a job at the end of this year. His UCLA Bruins lost 49-20 to Texas a team that hadn’t scored 20 points in a game this season and looked like a mess. That is until Case McCoy ran on to the field and Texas ran up almost 500 total yards of offense. These are virtually the same two teams from last year’s game at Austin that saw UCLA come away with a victory. Ever since that game the Bruins are 3-8 and it looks like Neuheisel is headed for the chopping block.
  4. It doesn’t matter who is under center for the Ohio State Buckeyes, they just aren’t good. Their 24-6 loss to Miami was embarrassing as Joe Bauserman and Braxton Miller combined to go 4-18 for 38 yards… yep, that’s the entire game total. Even when they get all of their suspended players it’s hard to see the Buckeyes playing for anything more than 4th in the Big Ten.
  5. This conference realignment stuff is going to get messy. With Syracuse and Pitt going to the ACC, West Virginia and UCONN looking to move and the entire Big 12 in limbo it’s hard to tell just what the landscape will look like soon. The worst part of all of this is that it makes no sense geographically. Syracuse in the ACC? Texas in the Pac-16? TCU in the Big East? Can’t we just bring back the Big 8, SWC and leave tradition alone?


South Florida racked up 745 total yards and dropped 70 on FAMU including B.J. Daniels 382 and 4 TD tosses.

BYU and Jake Heaps would like to forget about this weekend.


Maryland’s black uniforms… yeah they’ll be on here all year trust me.


You expect a FCS team to have a BCS team run it up on them like FAMU, BUT KANSAS ALLOWING 738 YARDS INCLUDING 600 ON THE GROUND IN A 66-24 LOSS TO GEORGIA TECH? C’MON SON!!


The Brooklyn Buckeye favorite Kellen Moore. He went 32-42 for 455 yards and 4 TD’s in Boise’s 40-15 win over Toledo.


On their third play from scrimmage versus Utah, BYU center Terence Brown snapped the ball high over QB Jake Heaps head. Heaps then tried to throw the ball away but lost it. Utah defensive end Derrick Shelby recovered it and Utah led 7-0… you figure out the rest of the game.

The top 5 remains the same as last week while Andrew Luck jumps ahead of Landry Jones in the Heisman top 5.

Big games next week include LSU traveling to Morgantown to take on West Virginia, Florida State taking on Clemson coming off of a big win over Auburn, Arkansas takes on Alabama, and the game of the week features Oklahoma State taking on Texas A&M.

Florida Is Proving Their Worth

Note to self, Florida might be the best team in the southeast bracket of the NCAA.

We all doubted Walker and the Gators... oops.

After holding off UCLA 73-65 in front of a Florida dominated crowd  the Gators have positioned themselves as the team to beat in that region.

Not bad for a squad that was considered by many as a team that got a fluke two seed.

The man mostly responsible for Florida’s longest tourney run since the Joakim Noah title teams of the 2000’s is Erving Walker.

After Jai Lucas bolted Gainesville for Austin, Walker stepped right in and stepped up way past his diminutive 5-8 height.

Against UCLA Walker made all of the plays necessary to hold the Bruins at bay. He scored 10 o the Gators last 12 points, hit a three that put them up for good an hit and unreal circus shot in the paint over 6-10 305 pound Josh Smith that will require multiple replays to gain understanding for what he just did.

Walkers clutch play more than made up for the lack of production from Chandler Parsons and Kenny Boynton who couldn’t find their shot all day.

What they couldn’t get on offense they more than made up for on the defensive end holding the Bruins to 41% shooting including 23% from three. The shots that the Bruins got against the Spartans were non-existent today with the perimeter play and inside presence of Alex Tyus who neutralized Smith on the boards.

All of the bad momentum that followed Florida from the SEC tournament has been erased in two games including the 79-51 beat down of UCSB. The Gators have taken control of the weakest bracket in the field and look to be a serious Final Four contender.

The rest of the bracket gives them more fuel for their optimism.

Up next are possible matchups with either BYU or Gonzaga. Without Brandon Davies in the middle there isnt an answer to hold Tyus and Florida is more than capable of limiting Jimmer Fredette. And while Gonzaga does have athleticism they’re not as disciplined as the Gators on offense or defense.

So you can pencil the Gators into the elite 8. What most experts perceived to be a short stay in the tourney might be a long one. Florida has proven themselves to be worthy of that controversial number two seed and could bring back the glory days of just 4 years ago with another run to the Final Four.

Not bad for a team that was supposed to be done before the beginning of spring. Continue reading

UCONN’s 89th Straight Win Just As Meaningless As The Others

UCONN is now basketball's gold standard for winning, even if their competition was non-existent.

Congratulations to the UCONN Lady Huskies on winning their 89th game in a row with a 93-62 win over 20th ranked Florida State on tuesday night. It broke the UCLA men’s record of 88 straight between 1971-74 with the legendary John Wooden at the helm.

It was their 87th win by more than 10 points in another contest against a team that wasn’t nearly as talented as Geno Auriemma’s squad. It was another dominant performance by a dominant program that has ruled their sport like no other team. Now for the bad news.

For all of ESPN’s coverage of the big event, it’s stress of how important it is and where it ranks in the annals of sports history, it’s really about as much of a big deal as UCONN’s next opponent.

This isn’t a sexist rant about how a women’s team can’t be compared to a men’s team or how it’s a shame that a woman’s team is taking a men’s record, it’s about the fact that the UCONN women’s record isn’t that big of a deal because of the state of women’s basketball is dull and lame.

It’s a sport with one player. Tennessee isn’t the powerhouse it once was, LSU has taken a step back since Pokey Chapman left, Baylor is a one woman show with Britney Griner and Louisville, Texas, Maryland, Duke, Stanford and North Carolina all are having off years.

UCONN doesn’t get the players, it gets every player. Rebecca Lobo, Diana Taurasi, Sue Bird, Tina Charles and Maya Moore are just a few of the seemingly hundreds of immensely talented women to walk the doors at Storrs. While Geno isn’t exactly crying about it it’s put all of the focus in one place.

The women’s game isn’t nearly as fun because there is no parody. There’s no possible sleepers, no underdogs, no great small school story. There’s no Davidson’s, no Butler’s, no Stephen Curry’s, no other reason to watch any other game that doesn’t feature UCONN.

Back when the Huskies and Tennessee were knee deep in a rivalry that was worthy of being mentioned with Duke-UNC, there were reasons to turn on ESPN and watch. Then there was the eventual rising of the three headed ACC monster which led to a great national title game in Boston. However, when Auriemma inexplicably ended the yearly feud with the Vols (thanks to a real feud with legendary Pat Summit) it immediately dropped the relevance of the sport.

Since then it’s been all UCONN all the time with no one to stop them or say anything about it.

For the last three or four years there’s been no reason to turn on a woman’s game because you already know the end result of the season. The regular season, conference tourneys and even the big dance are all pointless when you see UCONN on ESPN2 on Monday nights steamrolling the so called competition. Whether you’re ranked 2,3,4,5 or whatever, Duke, Oklahoma, Baylor, Stanford it doesn’t matter. It’s a loss and it’s big and it’s a waste of two hours.

In order for the game to matter the games need to matter. Parody needs to be in place for records,like the one that was just broken to matter.

The reason why the Patriots undefeated run was so great wasn’t that they blasted every opponent, it was the games like the Colts game, the Ravens game on Monday night that caused such a stir, the Eagles game that raised questions about the Pats and the Giants game for the record (and the other Giants game too, hehehe. Sorry had to rub that one in). They were all tough games that stirred out interest because even though they weren’t equal to the Pats there was that small chance that they could beat them and it almost happened.

That’s not there for UCONN. except for the Baylor game in November no game has been interesting enough for me or anyone to watch. They’re just scoreline games to watch and laugh at the ridiculous score while I watch the Rangers or Knicks.

Don’t get it twisted, winning 89 games in a row is hard for anyone to do. Anythings can happen in any scenario to anyone to cause a loss (ask the Giants). However, as great a feat a this is it would be better if the game was better.

When UCLA reeled off it’s 88 game Picasso it beat great teams like Memphis, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Indiana, Michigan and Louisville. It won it’s games by 9.5 points a game. It grinded out wins and blew teams away. That’s why the 88 game winning streak was so impressive and still stands in the men’s game today.

UCONN does deserve the record, they won their games and won them with emphasis. The record books will change and the Lady Huskies will sit on top of the mountain. However, they ain’t UCLA. Geno ain’t the wizard, Maya Moore ain’t Bill Walton and the Huskies didn’t didn’t face nearly as good of competition relevant to their game. If they did then the record-breaking performance should be trumpeted as one of the best ever. Instead all I did was peak at the score and finish watching the Washington Capitals break their losing streak. Sad, but true.