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Enjoy The NFL Season, Because I Won’t

It's going to be a long season for my Giants.

So football’s back… woo-hoo!!! But I don’t care really.

Yeah I’m bitter about my Giants I can’t lie, that’s what happens when you have your top defensive end act salty over not getting a new deal, you lose half of your team to injury in the preseason (its and exaggeration but losing 3 DB’s including your best one Terrell Thomas, your starting middle linebacker, his backup is not fun) and your division rival just bought half of the NFL including your best receiver. Also the fact that your GM just stood there and did nothing about any of this. Not that I’m salty or anything.

The Eagles offseason has put them ahead of the pack as the team to beat in the NFC and the NFL as well. Their acquisitions including Nmandi Asomugha, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, Ronnie Brown and Jason Babin help to strengthen a team that won 10 games last year and could have them in prime position to knock over the defending champion Packers.

What you may have forgotten about the Packers is that they won the title last year with a depleted unit as well. starting running back Ryan Grant, tight end Jermichael Finley as well as several others suffered season ending injuries early in season and jeopardized the Packers playoff chances. Aaron Rodgers suffered two concussion last year as well and misses a game due to his injury. Yet they overcame those injuries to steamroll their way to the playoffs and eventually a Super Bowl crown. Now with everyone back healthy how can they not be primed for a second straight run?

That last paragraph gives me hope for the Giants but not really. Especially when the team that we share a stadium with is getting all of the buzz in the city of New York. Whether its Rex Ryan’s mouth, Mark Sanchez on GQ, or obtaining Plaxico Buress the Jets have remained the talk of football in New York and with good reasoning. The Jets have made two straight AFC title games under Ryan and are on the cusp of finally making it to Super Bowl this year… that is if they can’t beat the Patriots.

Nmandi Asomugha was one of Philly's many big splashes.

The Patriots did some retooling themselves after their 28-21 loss to the Jets in the playoffs this past January. They rescued Chad Ochocinco and Albert Haynesworth from poor situations in Cincinnati and Washington and Bill Belichick is working them into his system and despite some early concerns about their inability to learn the schemes you know both will be ready and that the Patriots, and Tom Brady will be in line at the top of the heap of the AFC.

So who else has a shot at Super Bowl 46 this year? who’s going to be fun to watch? Who’s not worth our time and who is dead in the water?… well I think I just named the basis for my blog today now didn’t I?



Cincinnati Bengals: Andy Dalton and AJ Green could hook up to be a great combo in this league… just not this year. Dalton has targets in Green, Jordan Shipley and Jermaine Greshiam but the Bengals have no defense to speak of and little depth.

(Side Note: how does Marvin Lewis still have a job? the Bengals have perennially underachieved under him and have had a string of poor behavior from their players. Yet he’s still there without an inkling of heat underneath his seat. Maybe Mike Brown is cheap but he can’t be stupid. If Lewis doesn’t get it done this year or next he’s got to go… right?)

Jacksonville Jaguars: you get on this list for firing your QB 5 days before the opener. That and having no real receivers to speak of after Mike Sims-Walker left for St. Louis and very little on defense. Hi Jack Del Rio, welcome to the hot seat.

Buffalo Bills: name me three Buffalo Bills… don’t worry I’ll wait.


Miami Dolphins: Reggie Bush looks like a new man, Cameron Wake is a top 10 defensive end in the league and the tandem of Vontae Davis and Sean Smith are one of the best in the league at defensive back. So why are they on this list? Chad Henne is their starting QB… no need to elaborate, let’s move on.

Tennessee Titans: Matt Hasselback is a good replacement until Jake Locker is ready to take the reins and Chris Johnson is in the fold again after signing a huge extension. Yet in a division with the Colts and Texans who made strides to get better in terms of depth , the Titans have a ways to go to catch up.


Denver Broncos: I have and always will like Kyle Orton. He is a capable starting QB with enough sense to lead a team to the playoffs. John Fox has made a lot of smart decision this offseason when it came to figuring out a better defensive scheme to make that poor unit better but his best decision was make Orton the starter. Tim Tebow as much as the fans love him is nowhere near ready to be on the field as an NFL starter. Hell Brady Quinn looked better than him this preseason… BRADY QUINN! As much as the fans were calling for Tebow and that John Elway loves him they all need to wake the heck up. Tebow Is not a starting QB in the NFL right now, if you start him you hurt your teams chances at making the playoffs and the Broncos can become a player if their defense holds up.

This is not how the Colts envisioned seeing Peyton Manning.

Oakland Raiders: Yep you’re reading that right. Even with the loss of Asomuha on defense the Raiders have more than enough up front to be scary led by Richard Seymour. My biggest concern with them is if they can score enough points. They have a ton of speed with Jacoby Ford, Darrius Heyward-Bey, and Darren McFadden but can it be utilized by any of their QB’s?

Cleveland Browns: they’re not ready to compete this year, but I have a feeling that Colt McCoy and Joe Haden will give teams fits on both ends of the ball. I know Cleveland is wary about expectations but 9-7 isn’t crazy to me.


Indianapolis Colts: this isn’t just because Peyton Manning will miss the time due to his neck injury it’s because I don’t trust their wide receivers to stay healthy, their secondary to be effective and their front 7 to be consistent. However, if Manning does come back slinging it like he does then none of this will matter.

Kansas City Chiefs: this team would be a contender if someone other than Matt Cassel was their QB. He’s not bad by any means but I think he inhibits them offensively. As for the defense… hey Glenn Dorsey… DO SOMETHING!!!

San Diego Chargers: they’re in good hands with Philip Rivers but consistency on offense worries me. Also can Shaun Phillips make enough plays on defense to make them forget about Shawne Merriman?


Houston Texans: If they don’t breakthrough this year then it’ll never happen. Peyton’s injured, the Titans and Jags are rebuilding and the Texans stand on the cusp of a divisional title if they can actually man up in big games (hi, Matt Schaub). With Wade Phillips running the defense they should improve and actually be marginally good against the pass. But it really it comes down to this; we’ve been saying now for the last two seasons that this is the year for the Texans… I’m not saying it. Either get it done or start over.


Baltimore Ravens: the only thing that worries me about them is Joe Flacco. After last postseason in Pittsburgh Flacco looks frightened of the moment to me and that could be an issue going down the stretch. Does he have the fortitude to lead the Ravens in late game situations or is he just an average QB? This year we’ll find out.

New York jets: no excuse not to make it all the way this year. they have the experience, the players and the coaching, now they’ve got to get over the hump.

Pittsburgh Steelers: so, you think Dan Rooney is happy that this offseason is over? James Harrison, Hines Ward and Rashard Mendenhall gave him heartburn with their off the field issues and left a stain on the Steeler logo. Well now that it’s over and football is all that matters the focus is there and Mike Tomlin won’t let it slip. The league’s best defense can lead the Steelers back to the promise land and make everyone forget about a forgettable offseason.

New England Patriots: Tom Brady and Bill Belichick after a postseason loss to a divisional rival and all offseason to think about it? yeah, get scared.



Washington Redskins: their starter is Rex Grossman, they have no one to run the ball, and they have no real secondary… Washington is counting the days until the Capitals are back.

Good luck with this Washington.

San Francisco 49ers: Alex Smith is still their QB…


New York Giants: no depth, no chance. Also… STOP TURNING THE DAMN BALL OVER ALL OF YOU!!!!!!

Carolina Panthers: very young, very raw, but very talented. Give them time to gel and check back next year or the year after.

Minnesota Vikings: Donovan McNabb’s number one receiver is Percy Harvin, Jared Allen is coming off of a poor season and needs a bounce back badly. Sounds like it’ll be a heavy dose of Adrian Peterson this year.


Dallas Cowboys: Tony Romo is in a make or break year for his career. If he can’t get to the playoffs this year and go deep then the Cowboys will look for a new QB to lead the team in 2012. The problem is does he have everything he needs to succeed around him. who’s the team’s number one running back? Can Dez Bryant step his game up and compliment Miles Austin on the outside? Can their secondary stop anybody? Will Jason Garrett strangle Mike Jenkins by year’s end? I would hate to be in Romo’s position right now.

Arizona Cardinals: Now we get to see what the big deal is with Kevin Kolb. If he’s all that he’s cracked up to be then the Cardinals will contend. If not then Ken Whisenhunt will be feeling a little fire under his seat.

Seattle Seahawks: all of these offseason moves to improve your offense and the best you can do at QB is Tavaris Jackson? Maybe they should’ve resigned Hasselback.


Detroit Lions: if Matt Stafford can stay healthy… IF… then look out. This is everyone’s chic pick to be the breakout team in the NFL and it’s not hard to see why. The main reason is Ndamukong Suh who is becoming the best defensive player in the NFL leading a defensive line that once it gets Nick Fairley back will be one of the best in the game. However, it comes back to Stafford. He has shown in limited action that he can be a really good QB and can put lots of points on the board with Calvin Johnson. His health decides their season; if he’s healthy then they’re in the playoffs, if not… wait until next year.

St. Louis Rams: Sam Bradford almost lead them to the playoffs throwing to Danny Amendola… the defense has been together for a solid three years under Steve Spagnuolo’s complicated scheme and is getting it down to a science… the other three teams in the division are trying to figure themselves out in all areas while the Rams are set in there’s… if they don’t win the NFC West then it’ll be a huge disappointment.

It's now or never for Houston.

(Side note 2: remember the 2009 NFL Draft where Aaron Curry was the next great NFL linebacker, Brian Cushing was a stud, Rey Maualuga was a huge playmaker in the making and James Laurinaitis had concerns that he wasn’t fast enough to be an effective NFL linebacker? Guess who has become the best young middle linebacker in the league? Yep the slow kid from Ohio State who won two Butkis Awards in college. You know I wonder if scouts actually watch college games sometimes.)


Chicago Bears: Is the defense set? Yes. Is Jay Cutler mentally ready to lead this team after the controversy from the NFC title game? I don’t know. Cutler has always been mercurial and hasn’t seemed like the greatest leader in the world but it’ll tested more than ever this year. he has to have a strong year under center and make very few mistakes and do so without a clear cut number one receiver, no respectable tight end and an agitated Matt Forte. If he can keep it all in line then the memory of him on the sidelines while his team struggles for yardage in the biggest game of the year will be a memory.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Josh Freeman, Josh Freeman, Josh Freeman… oh and LeGarrette Blount, Mike Williams and a revamped defense looking to bring back the Warren Sapp days. Their out to prove that last year was not a fluke… and they will.

New Orleans Saints: they couldn’t get over the Super Bowl hangover until it was too late. Plus the fact that they lost to 7-9 Seattle in the playoffs still hurts. Expect them to come out lighting it up from day one with nothing but a Super Bowl on their minds.

Atlanta Falcons: Hi Matt Ryan, welcome to Alex Ovechkin’s world. You play for one of the best teams in the league and you have matched all of your hype except in one area… you can’t get it done in the playoffs. You’ve been twice and gotten beaten up both times. Last year you ran into a smoldering hot Aaron Rodgers and Green Bay and you couldn’t keep up with them. Well guess what Matty Ice, now you have an issue. You’re in your 4th year in the league and are considered an elite QB, so guess what were all expecting you to do now? that’s right, win when it matters. You can win all of the regular season games that you want but if you can’t win the close ones or get to the playoffs and win there then we don’t care. Your mission is to win the NFC South and make a Super Bowl run and nothing less. If you can’t do that then you’ll be sitting next to Ovechkin having a beer and wondering what more do you have to do to make your team elite.


Green Bay Packers: Clay Matthews had 17 sacks last year, mostly on a broken leg… he’s healthy now… every QB in the league just got scared.


Philadelphia Eagles: Vince Young said that they were a super team and with the moves that they made how can you deny that claim? Young, Cromartie, Asomugha, Babin, Brown, Steve Smith and a cast of thousands joined the Eagles within the span of two weeks and expectations catapulted the Eagles to the top of the NFC class. Paper does not make a champion, but it does create some fun banter. Can this team finally gain short yardage with Brown and LeSean McCoy? Can the offensive line protect Michael Vick? With the new additions to the secondary will they be able to stop the pass? We won’t know until week 1 and even then we need more proof. The City of Philadelphia has been all about big name acquisitions this year with the Phillies getting Cliff Lee, the Flyers obtaining goalie Ilya Bryzgalov and now the Eagles with, well everyone. Can they make the title game? Sure. But they have to gel first and get all of their parts in order.

Yep we're still here.

Funny enough… I think that they will, but they won’t win. The Eagles vs. The Patriots sounds like a great matchup for Super Bowl 46 and The Patriots sound like a good winner. The Patriots have lost their swagger from previous years and it shows in their games versus the Jets, Steelers and other in previous years. They are still one of the top teams in the league but they needed to get kicked in the rear to get it together. The Jets provided them with that spark last year and it will carry over into this one.

Well I hope the Patriots enjoy their title run, the Jets enjoy contending, the Eagles enjoy the hype and the Packers enjoy their title defense. I won’t enjoy any of it thanks to the gloomy outlook that the Giants are facing this year. Oh well, it could be worse, I could pick the Bengals to win it all again.




















Choose Your QB Wisely

I've got a bad feeling about Cam Newton

Cam Newton will be the number one overall pick. Ryan Mallett is being touted as the best overall QB in the draft. Jake Locker has teams drooling over his physical prowess. Blaine Gabbert will be the second QB taken in the draft.

This is the worst QB pool in the last ten years of the draft. I’m serious.

If these guys are your answers at QB then I want to know how bad your problems are. Am I the only person that doesn’t think that any of these QB’s will be good at all?

I watched all 4 of these guys in college and I wasn’t impressed with any of them except Newton at times and any fool knows that as physically imposing as Newton is he is not an NFL QB right now.

Newton played in a spread offense that was so simplistic that Newton looked like a fool trying to explain it to Jon Gruden on ESPN recently. His explanation that the offense worked on a number system was foolish. I think Gruden is still in shock over that interview.

(Side note: I used to really like Newton. I heard about all of the concerns of character issues and his ego and the possibility of race playing into his criticism and I felt that he was being treated unfairly as a guy that handled himself very well when talk of his pay for play scandal broke.

Then I watched that interview with Gruden and about a million red flags about Newton popped up. From the way he was dressed, to his smile, to his simple explanations about the offensive schemes at Auburn all made me feel uneasy about Newton. He gave off an overly arrogant air about him that completely overshadowed his physical football abilities and made me think that maybe this football thing wasn’t his best option in life.

I know about the stolen laptop, the pay for play scandal and the fact that he may have disobeyed Gene Chizik in the national title game and went for a touchdown instead of positioning for a field goal. But even more recently there was the ESPN interview with Gruden, his talk of being an icon in sports and this weekend he walked out of a news conference with reporters in New York before the draft and changed his hotel room to be away from the other draftees. This is not a number 1 pick; this is a red flag the size of Jordan Hare Stadium. Just sayin.)

Besides Newton look at the other 3 big names being mentioned as the best quarterbacks in the first round of the draft.

If you take Ryan Mallett then you might be seeing this perplexing face a lot

Gabbert also played in a spread offense at Missouri although it was more predicated on passing than running. He was very efficient in the first 7 games of the season but after the huge upset of Oklahoma he played two horrendous games at Nebraska and Texas Tech and wasn’t impressive in the last three games of the regular season either.

Gabbert seems like he’s piggybacking off of the Sam Bradford train in the sense that Bradford also ran a high-powered big 12 offense from the spread and put up big numbers.

The difference is that Bradford had great awareness all over the field, better accuracy and at least to me has a higher IQ.

Gabbert is decent, but he isn’t going to wow anyone at all at the next level and he wont have the same impact that Bradford had unless he has the right receivers around him.

The same goes for Ryan Mallett. Forget the weed smoking incident and other off the field issues for a minute and just look at the Sugar Bowl game versus Ohio State (which wont count in about 3 months once 27 more violation reports come out about Jim Tressel.).

In that game Mallett was indecisive with the ball, routinely overthrew receivers and seemed to wilt under the pressure of the moment. Sure his receivers didn’t help him out by dropping 8 passes, however Mallett wasn’t on target even when they weren’t dropping them.

He has the physical tools to be a good QB (6’7”, powerful arm) but he’s not mobile and is a bit of a head case.

When talking to a couple of Arkansas fans at the Sugar Bowl you could hear the frustration in their voices with his decision making in games like in New Orleans and against Alabama and Auburn in key situations. Is it something that he can grow out of? Maybe but why risk your franchises immediate future on a guy with character concerns and questions about his onions in late game scenarios.


He’s big, he’s strong, he can run fast and has a big arm… he’s also injury prone, inaccurate, plays down to his competition and makes bad decisions with the ball.

I still dont get the obsession over Locker.

I saw him in his freshman season when there was a big deal made out of him and granted, he looked good, but he never got better. He never made Washington better.  He got them to one bowl game this past year and went 5-16 for 56 yards. Yeah he ran for 83 but will he really do that in the NFL? No.

This class of “top-ranked” QB’s is troubling. I don’t see one of these guys making a big time impact in the league in the immediate future and could eventually flame out. To me the best QB’s in this draft are available at the end of the first round and into the third round.

How can you not like Andy Dalton over any of these QB’s? Dalton won 42 games at TCU including a Rose Bowl. All he does is win. His arm isn’t as strong as the other QB’s (but neither was Aaron Rodgers’s arm) and he’s got red hair (read the USA Today article about how his red hair is a red flag… no seriously.), but he’s a winner. Locker didn’t win as many games as him, nor did Mallett or Newton for that matter even with the National Championship. Dalton looked adversity in the face time and time again and always came out on top. That’s what I like in a QB, a winner and a guy that can handle pressure.

And if you like an athletic quarterback with who can make the leap from a spread offense to a pro-style offense then why not Colin Kaepernick from Nevada?

Unlike Locker and Newton and Gabbert, Kaepernick got better as each year went by. He’s 6’4” and about 230, which makes him the size of Carson Palmer and he’s got Newton’s elusiveness, Locker’s speed and he’s accurate. He made the jump this year from a 58% passer to a 64% passer. Not bad for a guy that operated out of the “pistol”, which hopefully no NFL offense will ever run.

There’s also Christian Ponder who may have the best combination of arm strength and accuracy of any QB in this draft and Greg McElroy who only won a national title at Alabama and played in more big games in 3 years than any other QB in this draft.

So why waste a top pick on a QB that has as many question marks as the top 4 QB’s in this draft do? Why not take Marcel Daerus first overall and improve your defense or take Patrick Peterson? Why set back yourself 5 years with Newton when 80% of the league wouldn’t touch him with a flagpole?

Quarterback is the most important position in this league and you cant make any mistakes when picking one or else it will set you back years. That’s when tonight’s draft rolls around anyone picking Newton, Gabbert, Mallett or Locker will do themselves a great disservice.

Plight Of The Seahawks

Yeah! We're the most mediocre champions ever!!

WOO-HOO!!! YEAH SEATTLE!! You are the first ever NFL Divisional Champion to ever have a losing record and make the playoffs!

You’re remarkable run has only been matched by the likes of the 2005 Boston Celtics who made the playoffs even with a mark of 36-46 and various NCAA Conference Champs who made it into the field of 64 with records like 11-18, 14-16 and 16-18.

You should be proud of making it into the playoffs ahead of more deserving teams with 10-6 records like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and New York Giants who were in the race for divisional titles in the month of December before they were undone by inexperience (the Bucs) and… well… let’s not discuss how the Giants didn’t make it, the writer is still kind of salty.

You should be happy that you made it into the race for Arlington with a cast of faces you wouldn’t be able to make out at the nearest Kroger supermarket.

Charlie Whitehurst as your possible starting QB, not even the Clemson faithful saw him playing in the AFL.

Mike Williams? Wasn’t he on the couch last year weighing in like a defensive end? Yeah, well he’s your leading receiver.

Marshawn Lynch as a bruising runner with barely over 700 rushing yards. Not exactly the Joe McKnight or Reggie Bush type backs that Pete Carroll is used to but hey whatever works.

That defense sure helped through. When it wasn’t getting pounded by the leagues best offenses and losing each games by more than fifteen points it was stopping Sam Bradford and that Rams assault holding them 184 yards. Man just imagine if you can hold the rookie of the year in check with those great wideouts like Danarrio Alexander then guys like Drew Brees and Marques Colston should be no problem next week.

Yep that’s right Seattle you’re prize for winning a tough NFC West is a date with the 11-5 New Orleans Saints at one of the league’s loudest stadiums (I know what you’re thinking, a 7-9 team hosting an 11-5 Super Bowl champ, wow Christmas came late for us).

The only reason why the Seahawks have a chance... the crowd.

(side note: a finally have something to like David Stern for. It doesn’t matter in the NBA if you win you’re division, if you have a worse record than your opponent then you start on the road. It makes sense. You get your home court based on record not just because you won your division. This should be the case in every sport too. If that were the case then the Yankees would’ve had the Rangers at home in the ALCS and two years ago the Colts would’ve had the Chargers at home in the first round of the playoffs and two years ago the Canucks would’ve started out at the four seed against a tougher opponent than the one they received for automatically getting a first round advantage by winning their division even though they had the worst record of the three divisional champs. It makes perfect sense, win your division but win more than the guys behind you or your on the road. Wow I actually gave David Stern props, I feel dirty now. Quick say something bad about him… um, um… oh yeah, how about some competitive balance in the league instead of a five team race for the title. Whew… much better.)

You deserve it Seattle. Instead of grabbing a top 15 draft pick for being the mediocre mess that you are you won your division just for a meaningless banner and a first-round beat down courtesy of the boys from nawlins.

Trust me, you need players. This team ain’t a contender, it ain’t a champion in the making, it was a lucky beneficiary of happenstance.

You need a quarterback, running back, wide receiver (two actually), offensive linemen, defensive linemen and a corner or three. This team lacks depth at every position. That’s why they got stomped in games they lost because when Matt Hasselback went down, Marshawn Lynch couldn’t run the ball, and the defensive line couldn’t get any push up front they got murdered (I know this because I saw the Giants and Bucs put a whipping on this team). This team might be the worst playoff team in sports history when it comes to play on the field. I don’t think this team could beat TCU to be quite honest.

Do they have a chance to win though? Yep. Why? Because they’re at home at the loudest stadium in the league that cause two opponents false starts a game and gives you fits. Ask the Rams last night. Bradford hadn’t been in that environment like that since college and it wasn’t that bad at Stillwater and Columbia.

If the Saints go into Seattle and lose due to penalties and losing their composure not only should they be mad for losing the fame and to that opponent, they should file a junction to have the game stricken from the records because it would have been an embarrassment.

Hopefully all of this will be a moot point and the Saints get an unintentional bye week in Seattle. Hopefully.

No matter what though the Seahawks and their fans should be happy and celebrate their success. A divisional title and a playoff home game at 7-9. Something to smile about and be happy for. Good job Seattle, you deserve it for your hard work. Now give em hell next week and show em what you’re made of, which probably means a 42-17 beat down. Ladies and gentlemen your 2010 NFC West Champs!

Draft Fever

Bradford went number 1 overall, but was it the right choice?

After all of the waiting, breaking down of game footage, deciphering the ins and outs of every possible angle, the constant slurping of Tim Tebow, the NFL Draft is finally here. A three day event where you’re more likely to find a quality starter in the fourth round than the fifth round.

For every Peyton Manning there’s a Tim Couch, Randy Moss’s are lost in between the Freddie Mitchell’s, it’s such a crap shoot that honestly, none of the preceding events mean anything to the draft, or to any one player’s future.

Remember how Todd McShay was lauding out how great JaMarcus Russell’s pro day was, and how scouts marveled at how Kyle Boller could throw a football 60 yards from his knees? Remember how Mike Mamula was a combine darling and it pushed him from the third round to the first found? Do you remember anything about them? No.

That’s what I mean. This whole thing is really a sham because you really don’t know what you’re getting until week 1 of the NFL season. Tim Tebow’s new fantastic throwing motion looks amazing, let’s see how it holds up with Justin Tuck breathing down his neck. Let’s see Jimmy Clausen throw tight spirals facing the Steelers complicated defensive schemes. Any bum off of the street can run a sub 4.7/40 or jump up real high and test their vertical. What do I care that my quarterback can’t lift 225 pounds more than 10 times? As long as he’s not Jay Cutler throwing picks everywhere I don’t care.

It’s stuff like this that makes the NFL draft and the process of the draft so silly. Owners and GM’s actually factor in how C.J. Spiller can catch passes out of a machine and cut with no linebackers chasing him down. It punishes guys like Myron Rolle for taking a year off to become a Rhodes Scholar because it shows disloyalty to a team (when in reality I would take Myron Rolle in the first 30 picks of the NFL draft over half of the players projected to go in the first). It’s this process that has Darrius Heyward-Bey going in the top 7 while Steve Smith of the Giants goes in the middle of the second round.

It also makes for a great time on TV. Watching GM’s scramble to send in picks or trade up for a guy that they feel will put them over the hump is just silly, ridiculous, and good fun. I’m still trying to figure out how the Minnesota Vikings can screw up getting in a pick on time in two consecutive years… WHEN YOU HAVE FIFTEEN MINUTES TO DECIDE ON A PLAYER!!!!

Oh and by the way, that also makes this draft more ridiculous than any other. How can you take ten to fifteen minutes deciding on a player that you’ve scouted watched and made lists for and other options? If I were a GM my draft picks would come in, in no more than 2 minutes, Eli Manning gone? Screw it, take Philip Rivers. It’s simple.

Of course it’s never made to be simple, this year your favorite team’s GM will either a. be smart and pick for his team’s needs, b. pass on a player that will be stellar because of stupid issues, c.  take a gamble on a player that has no business being picked so high, or d. do something completely and utterly stupid. It happens every year, the Jags draft Darrell Harvey at no. 9 when he was a late first rounder (how’s that working out?) everyone passes on Randy Moss, take Heyward-Bey in front of Michael Crabtree or maybe stay put and get Patrick Willis when he somehow falls out of the top ten.

It’ll happen again this year, watch. In a perfect world the teams would draft for their needs and not do something stupid because they feel it’s a more proper pick (like taking Bradford over Ndamukong Suh). If the draft really went the it should it would look something like this:

Note this was started before the draft so it’s been modified to include a little analysis with the actual picks as well:

1. St. Louis Rams: Ndamukong Suh, DT, Nebraska (actual pick Sam Bradford)

This guy should've gone number 1.

The problem with picking Suh in this day in age that everyone craves a franchise quarterback. Even though it’s been proven that having that quarterback doesn’t necessarily mean being successful. Steve Spagnolo is a defensive coach; he specializes in making quarterbacks run for their lives. Why not take the best PLAYER in the draft who just so happens to be a defensive juggernaut? Did you see the Texas game? He murdered the offensive line and Colt McCoy. It makes more sense, bet it won’t happen.

2. Detroit Lions: Gerald McCoy, DT, Oklahoma (Suh)

No big difference here. Apples to oranges. Either one works in either system.

3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Eric Berry, S, Tennessee (McCoy)

It was too early for the Bucs to get a pass rusher, or wide receiver that Josh Freeman desperately needs, so Berry would make sense as a ball hawk of a DB. McCoy works in helping to stop the run however, no beef there.

4. Washington Redskins: Russell Okung, T, Oklahoma State (Trent Williams)

This is different from the Suh, McCoy comparison. There are concerns that Williams have a problem with his work ethic and that he may not be able to tap into his endless potential, not so for Okung. Okung has been high on everyone’s board since the end of the season and seems to be better suited to jump in and start right away. The main thing is that the Redskins needed to get someone to protect McNabb. Ask Jason Campbell what that line is like.

5. Kansas City Chiefs: Sam Bradford, QB, Oklahoma (Berry)

Matt Cassel is a bum. Period. They need a defensive back, but if there is anyone that needs a franchise QB it’s this team.

6. Seattle Seahawks: Trent Williams, T, Oklahoma (Okung)

Take the best offensive lineman available. With Walter Jones retiring you need a lineman to protect whoever is under center.

7. Cleveland Browns: Earl Thomas, S, Texas (Joe Haden)

Two things about the Haden pick from Thursday night: 1. A reporter said that the Browns were considering taking Kyle Wilson but opted for Haden because he went to Florida whereas Wilson went to Boise State. If you draft a player over another based on school instead of talent, then you’re asking for trouble. Two, my buddy Will’s reaction to the pick. He hates Joe Haden because the Browns just traded picks for Sheldon Brown, and I think he also hates his big ears. That kid has some satellites doesn’t he? (also who the hell was his T-pain looking friend with him? These are your Cleveland Browns, take a overrated defensive back, get a rapper along with it.)

8. Oakland Raiders: Derrick Morgan, DE, Georgia Tech (Rolando McClain)

OH MY GOD THE RAIDERS ACTUALLY MADE A SMART PICK!!!! I can’t believe that this actually happened.

9. Buffalo Bills: Anthony David, OL, Rutgers (C.J. Spiller)

I think the Bills need a quarterback, but you need a lineman to block for them. The Spiller pick to me was a bit of a reach because you have Marshawn Lynch and Fred Jackson, the lineman made more sense.

10. Jacksonville Jaguars: Dan Williams, DT, Tennessee (Tyson Alualu)

They needed a defensive tackle; they took a guy projected in the second round, tenth… um….

11. Denver Broncos: Dez Bryant, WR, Oklahoma State (traded to San Francisco- picked Anthony Davis)

No Brandon Marshall, receiver makes sense, more on this later.

12. Miami Dolphins: Rolando McClain, LB, Alabama (traded to San Diego- took Ryan Matthews)

Even with Karlos Dansby they need another linebacker, or pass rusher. Also San Diego didn’t need to jump this high to get Ryan Matthews, he would’ve been there late.

13. San Francisco 49ers: Mike Iupati, G, Idaho (traded to Philadelphia- took Brandon Grahmn)

The 49ers need help everywhere on the offensive line. Badly. They couldn’t run the ball at all last year and Joe Staley is the only decent lineman they got. Taking Davis early and adding Iupati works well for them.

14. Denver Broncos: Jerry Hughes, LB/DE, TCU (traded to Seattle-took Earl Thomas)

More defensive help is necessary. Another pass rusher to help Elvis Dumervil and D.J. Williams is on an island in the middle of that defense.

15. New York Giants: Sergio Kindle, LB, Texas (Jason Pierre-Paul)

This is all i could find on this guy, Jerry what are you doing?

WE NEED LINEBACKERS!!! It’s not even funny. Danny Clark and Gerris Wilkerson are not getting it done and losing Antonio Pierce hurts. Plus the offensive line is getting old and there’s a hole in the middle with Fred Robbins leaving. The team that was a gunshot away from repeating now looks to be the weakest team in the division and getting help in the front lines would be a great help.

(by the way, this Pierre-Paul kid frightens me. First of all he is a juco transfer, started playing football in his junior year of high school and reportedly had a horrible combine. Yet you know how Jerry Reese loves these defensive ends that look like Justin Tuck. I have a bad feeling that we should’ve taken Derrick Morgan.)

16. Tennessee Titans: Jason Pierre-Paul, DE, USF (Derrick Morgan)

You’re welcome Jeff Fisher. You’re f****** welcome.

17. Carolina Panther: Jimmy Clausen, QB, Notre Dame (traded to San Fran- Mike Iupati)

John Fox is another underachieving season from being tossed out of Carolina. So why go with a quarterback that everyone is 50/50 on? Because I think he’s being undervalued. People are putting Clausen in the same class with Brady Quinn but there’s a huge difference. Clausen can handle a huddle and can put the ball in tight spots where you could look at Quinn and no that he wasn’t an NFL quarterback yet due to his lack of recognizing defenses and poor accuracy. Carolina could use help on the defensive line and at wide out, but do you really trust Matt Moore? Really?

18. Pittsburgh Steelers: Maurkice Pouncey, C, Florida (Pouncey)

No brainer her. They need line help, and they get it. (they also need some sanity and need to stop following up the Cincinnati Jail Bengals)

19. Atlanta Falcons: Brandon Grahmn, LB/DE, Michigan (Sean Witherspoon)

Grahmn would’ve fit better because he’s more of a pass rusher than Witherspoon but Witherspoon works well.

20. Houston Texans: Joe Haden (and T-pain), CB, Florida (Kareem Jackson)

Anything would help that pass defense. Yuck!

21. Cincinnati Bengals: Colt McCoy, QB, Texas (Jermaine Gresham)

Cleveland got him, Cincy should've.

Okay, I know what you’re thinking: 1. This is way too high to take McCoy and 2. Are you over Carson Palmer? Yes and yes. Let’s face it, Carson Palmer looks like Jesse Palmer right now. He’s never really gotten over his injuries and its more than affected his game. Towards the end of last season Palmer looked like he was going to fall off of the face of the earth. You can’t blame Chad Ochocinco for not being able to get anything against Darrelle Revis, Palmer couldn’t get him the ball because he couldn’t get anything on it. This is Palmer last year to get himself right or Cincinnati is going to have to consider a QB next year. I think they should go with McCoy, not this early but maybe next round to get him ready just in case. (in reality the Gresham pick makes sense because every QB needs a pass catching tight end, if his QB can get the ball to him)

22. New England Patriots: Ryan Matthews, RB, Fresno State (traded to Denver- took Demaryius Thomas)

In order for the Pats to keep up with the Jets they need to run the football. Lawrence Maroney is a bust and they can’t just throw the ball all over the field and expect to win games. They need a running back to grind it out and get yards on the ground.

23. Green Bay Packers: Bryan Buluga, OL, Iowa (Buluga)

Aaron Rodgers just kissed Ted Thompson. He also asked him to keep drafting offensive linemen.

24.Philadelphia Eagles: Sean Witherspoon, LB, Missouri (traded to Dallas- took Dez Bryant)

Roy Williams pack your bags.

25. Baltimore Ravens: Kyle Wilson, DB, Boise State (traded to Denver- took Tim Tebow… more on this in another article)

Kyle Wilson is a underrated DB, and you know why. Being a Mid-major football player turns people off from you. Yet when you watch the guy play, he can ball. The Ravens need defensive backs like the Orioles need a new owner. Besides Ed Reed that secondary is as weak as you can get.

26. Arizona Cardinals: Jared Odrick, DT, Penn State (Dan Williams)

The fact that Dan Williams fell this far is amazing.

27. Dallas Cowboys: Rodger Saffold, OL, Indiana (traded to New England- took Devin McCourtey)

You need someone once Flozell Adams gets suspended for trying to injure defensive linemen, not that I’m mad at him or anything.

28. San Diego Chargers: Taylor Mays, S, USC (traded to Miami- took Jared Odrick)

Defensive back help is key with Antonio Cromartie gone now.

29. New York Jets: Kareem Jackson, DB, Alabama (Wilson)

For depth only.

30. Minnesota Vikings: Patrick Robinson, DB, Florida State (traded to Detroit- took Jahvid Best)

After the NFC title game, help in the secondary would be nice.

31. Indianapolis Colts: Everson Griffin, DE, USC (Hughes)

I’m pretty sure that Dwight Freeney would love another pass rusher to take the heat off of him.

32. New Orleans Saints: Carlos Dunlap, DE, Florida (Robinson)

I’m pretty sure the people of New Orleans are happy with whatever they get. Their grateful regardless.

However, it won’t happen like this. Teams will screw up, they’ll draft too high or trade down to make themselves feel smarter than they already are. Someone’s going to get overlooked; someone’s going to make teams pay eventually. I just can’t wait for the games to start again because all of this lead-up to the actual games gets pretty annoying.