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The NFL Puts A Hurting On The Saints


Yes, bounties have been happening for as long as anyone can remember in the NFL.

Yes, violence is apart of the game and always will be.

And for those wondering… Yes, Roger Goodell did the right thing with his punishments handed down to the New Orleans Saints this afternoon following “Bountygate.”

The NFL suspended Saints coach Sean Payton for the entire season as well as new St. Louis Rams defensive coordinator Gregg Williams who was the man behind the controversy.

The league also suspended Saints GM Mickey Loomis for 8 games and assistant Joe Vitt 6 games.

All suspensions are also without pay… I hope Sean Payton’s been saving his money because he’s now out $7.5 million this year.

Goodell who has developed a reputation of coming down hard on players for their transgressions maintained that rep when it came to those in authoritative positions in this case.

The suspensions handed down were fair and balanced. Payton was responsible for allowing these practices to commence right in front of him and didn’t attempt to stop them.

Williams instituted a system that was about bringing injury to all of his opponents and he had been doing it for years dating back to his days in Washington. If anything Williams should have received two years as punishment for paying players to willingly injure others.

I’m also pretty sure that Loomis was well aware of Williams actions and did nothing to cease them as well.

Everyone involved was wrong and now they have to pay.

It leaves the Saints and Rams for that matter in a bad predicament.

Williams was supposed to take charge of a young Rams defense that has lots of talent but couldn’t flourish under former coach Steve Spagnuolo.

Williams turned the Saints into a defense built on causing turnovers and could’ve turned this unit around very quickly with staples like Chris Long and James Laurinitis already in place.

For the Saints it’s huge because Payton was not only their head coach but play caller as well. Payton was at the head of the Saints offensive juggernaut that torched defenses on the regular last season. Without him Drew Brees and company may trouble producing the same results even though most of their best parts still remain on offensive.

The Saints may have just gone from a Super Bowl contender to a team that will be in the chase for a Wildcard spot.

However, none of this is Goodell’s concern. Goodell has been preaching player safety and has been coming down hard on players in the NFL to follow his lead.

Today he let coaches and the heads of the front office have it. Follow what I say or get burned.

Today the Saints went down in a four alarm blaze.

Now I Can Write About The NFL

I'm glad that we can finally stop talking about you two.

So, you’re probably wondering what in the world took me so long to write about the NFL lockout. It’s simple; I knew that 32 owners and about 1900 players wouldn’t let $10 billion float away because of stubbornness.

Dudes aint that stupid.

Of course the owners wanted more money, they’re owners, they’re greedy. However when you own a franchise and you think you should be making more money chances are you’re going to try and get more money.

The owners were successful in doing that with the agreement that was reached by both sides this afternoon. The salary cap has dropped, the players got a little bit out of it and both sides are happy… as happy as they’ll get.

Fans are happy because they get football to start on time with no delay. We get to go to training camps and watch some of our favorite players and teams sweat it out in the sun and get ready for the season to commence.

I know I talked a lot of trash about how Roger Goodell and DeMaurice Smith needed to get on the ball, but besides the money issue I just knew that a deal would get done because what other options were there?

The NFL is the only football league on the market that’s worth two cents. You think guys were really going to the AFL or CFL? No.

This aint the NBA, or NHL. There are no other real options for these guys other than strapping the pads on and playing right here. The fact that the players would be silly enough to flush they’re jobs down the drain and lose millions of dollars in one season wasn’t logical. Even for the owners it didn’t make sense to let their stubbornness get in the way of getting this deal done. I mean Jerry Jones can hold all of the college football games that he wants at Cowboys Stadium. However, do you really think that Oregon-LSU and Texas A&M-Arkansas will pay the same bills that Dallas Cowboys games will?



So the only solution was to get this deal done. Despite all of the battles in the media, name-calling, chest bumping and gamesmanship being displayed by both sides, they were always focused on this day and coming to a resolution.

They had to, their livelihoods depended on it.

I’m more excited about what going to happen in the next week than what happened in the previous 20.

Where’s Nmandi Asomugha going to end up? How about Plaxico Burress? What undrafted rookies will go where? Is Goodell going to suspend James Harrison for his reckless tongue? Where’s Brett Favre going to…


My bad, talking about Brett Favre does that to me sometimes… you understand.)

There is so much that will happen in the next week and some change that our necks will be sprained from trying to look back and forth.

I’m happy that this is the kind of NFL news that we get to talk about. The wheeling and dealing of the actual 9-5 business of the NFL and not some dog and pony show that was the collective bargaining agreement.

It’s time for some real football talk to commence, and no one is more ready for it than I am.

Get A Grip James

Damn damn damn James!

I’ve supported James Harrison through a lot of harassment at the hands of the NFL.


I’ve thought that Roger Goodell has come down way too hard on Harrison for his style of play, which has led to numerous fines from Goodell. I’ve thought that Harrison has been unfairly portrayed as a dirty player and reckless. I’ve though that he’s been a whipping boy for Goodell and used as an example of what happens to players for reckless behavior.


However, if Goodell and the NFL decide to fine him this time, I wouldn’t have an issue with it at all.


Harrison went all sorts of crazy in the latest edition of Men’s Journal magazine. In his highly candid interview entitled “Confessions Of An NFL Hit Man” Harrison blacked out on Roger Goodell as well as various teammates of his and the perception that his fines are racially driven.


Here are just a few excerpts:


If that man was on fire and I had to piss to put him out, I wouldn’t do it (on Goodell)


Fumble machine (on Rashard Mendenhall)


Hey, at least throw a pick on their side of the field instead of asking the D to bail you out again. Or hand the ball off and stop trying to act like Peyton Manning. You ain’t that and you know it, man; you just get paid like he does (on Ben Roethlisberger)


I slammed Vince Young on his head and paid five grand, but just touched Drew Brees and that was 20… You think black players don’t see this s— and lose all respect for Goodell? (On race being a factor in his fines)


He also called Goodell such nice words as “Crook,” Devil,” “Stupid,” “Puppet,” “Dictator,” and a anti-gay slur.


He also called NFL analysts and former New England Patriots Tedy Brushi and Rodney Harrison “Clowns,” and said that Houston Texans linebacker Brian Cushing “Juiced out of his mind.”


James Harrison wasn't exactly nice in Men's Journal article.

Damn damn, damn James (yeah I just went Andre 3000 on you).


There are certain ways to exert your frustration and anguish towards your boss, but the way Harrison went about it was completely unacceptable.


Harrison was way off base in his comments, all of them. Do I believe that Goodell has been a bit of a pawn for the owners in this entire lockout? Of course, they pay him. However, there are ways of letting your opinion of him be well known.


Calling him a racial slur and a bevy of childish words isn’t one of them.


Harrison should understand that this is a business just as much as anyone. I understand his frustration with the fines and the lockout, but to get in a national publication and go in on the man that runs your league was completely wrong.


Harrison’s complaints and accusations were unwarranted honestly. The idea that his fines were racially charged would make sense if the hit on Drew Brees wasn’t his 4th infraction of the season while the hit on Young was his first. Goodell has been just as hard on white players as he has on black players (see Roethlisberger). It doesn’t matter what race you are if you mess up under his watch on or off the field then you will be punished.


Speaking of Roethlisberger, why go at him or Mendenhall now?


Where was this talk two years ago when Roethlisberger’s mind was off in lala land? Why talk now after he took responsibility for the loss in Dallas and has seemed to make a change in the locker room? Plus why go at Mendenhall’s issues on the field when he carried the offense at times last year?


Why not take responsibility for not stopping the Packers in the Super Bowl, you know like defenses are supposed to do? Where was the criticism of poor secondary play, pass coverage, and lack of pressure on Aaron Rodgers? Were we all not watching the same game James?


How should Big Ben feel about Harrison after the release of the article?

(Side note: you know what I really hate about these articles? It’s that the guy talking smack always retracts what he says. If you meant it James stand by it. Don’t get all shook once your QB calls you up and asks what’s up. Be the guy holding two guns in the picture at the intro of the story and stand by what you said. )


This is the last thing that the Steelers needed this offseason with the Mendenhall tweets about Osama Bin Laden and Hines Ward’s DUI arrest. Harrison’s comments come at a bad time and further hurt the image of what the Steelers stand for.


If I’m Dan Rooney I’m at my wits end with these constant off the field issues and I would start reaching into some pockets.


In the case of Harrison I think Goodell will reach into his once the new CBA is done and the NFL is operational once again. He, once again, has to make an example of Harrison and let players know that there are ways of letting your opinions be known and there are ways of going about them.


Hopefully Harrison learns this lesson and puts better thought into his words so next time he wont come off looking childish and nasty.


I can’t even defend him for that.

The Return Of Random Thoughts

Wait a minute... we're still over .500? High five!

You know what we haven’t done in a while? A random thoughts blog.

Just things I’ve thought about that maybe you have as well in the last few weeks of watching sports.

With so much going on as far as sports since March Madness I think it’s time to do some rehashing.

So without further ado… HERE WE GO!

Is Zach Greinke really worth it? I mean he is 7-3 but he’s got a 5.66 ERA.

Anybody else think Kenny Williams is lying about the Adam Dunn deal?

Josh Harrelson a year ago was buried on the bench at Kentucky with Enes Kanter coming in. A year later he was a key component in the Wildcats Final Four run and will get minutes off of the bench for the Knicks. Life.

Hopefully the Sedin Twins take boxing lessons this summer.

Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, please gain 20 pounds.

Even though she is six foot five how many of us would hit on Jan Vesely’s girlfriend?

Federer couldn’t beat Nadal, Nadal can’t beat Djokovic… So who’s he going to have a problem with?

Why is it that Joe Girardi is the only person who thinks Derek Jeter should lead off?

David Ortiz couldn’t hit anything for the last two years now all of a sudden he’s hitting .301 with 17 home runs and 49 RBI… hmmmm….

Lebron James dunking on a kid doesn’t help his image.

(honestly at this point LeBron could cure cancer and we’d still hate him. And yes I’m serious about that statement.)

Mario Chalmers is now my new least favorite athlete in the world.

Did any team in the NBA Draft really help itself?

Sabine Lisicki also plays tennis. We'll talk about that later.

Nicklas Lidstrom came back for his 20th season. Can we engrave his name on the Norris Trophy in 2012 already?

Lets face it, Dany Heatley will never be “the guy.”

Neither will Andy Murray.

Anybody else happy that Brian Cashman corrected Alex Rodriguez by saying that Robinson Cano is better that Jose Reyes?

Can I call Austin Rivers “Baby Doc?”

Did Jose Bautista really just score the most votes in All-Star voting history?

How awesome was it that Virginia won the lacrosse title?

(think about this for a second. In the last two years lacrosse’s two most controversial teams fought back from media hell to win a title. Last years Duke team won after three years of dealing with the ugly aftermath of a stripper rape allegation and this year Virginia won after one of it’s own murdered women’s lacrosse player Yeardley Love.

The image of the Cavs men’s team was brutally tarnished and the turmoil around both mens and women’s teams was enough make anyone not want to put on pads and a helmet and sprint out onto the field again. However, Virginia fought through it’s adversity and came out a winner. Their win over Maryland in the Memorial Day title game cast a fantastic light on the team an buried whatever demons were left from the 2011 season.

Very commendable indeed.)

Are the Pirates really a game and a half out of first place?

Who the hell is Mike Morse?

Brian Wilson needs to shave that beard… Now!

Is Jim Riggleman; a, a gangster, b, salty or c, out of his bleeping mind?

Iman Shumpert… And yes I’m still stuck on that pick.

How funny would it be if the Winnipeg Jets won the southeast division this year?

(Winnipeg is six hours north of Minneapolis.)

It’s July… NFL step on it.

(I’m serious. The New York Giants tick me off, Eli Manning makes bad throws, I’ll see 85 Coughlin faces and understand each of them… AND IF I MISS ONE FREAKING GAME I WILL HUNT ROGER GOODELL AND DEMAURICE SMITH DOWN!!!)

By the way, if the MLB locks out in November then there is a real possibility that Hockey may be the only game in town come 2012….

New theory behind the Flyers trades; maybe Paul Holmgren used Jeff Carter and Mike Richards just to get the Winter Classic in Philly and then dumped them afterwards… Nope, trade still makes no sense.

I know Brett Favre is retired, but I’m still uncertain.

Quick, 3 things about Luke Picknell. Ready and… GO!

Is Maryland football a better job than Connecticut football? Randy Edsall are you listening?

Seattle Sounders FC draws more fans than the Mariners…

Anybody else think Cam Newton will bomb?

I still have no caption for this.

No seriously are the Pirates really only a game and a half out of first place?

(why is this not a huge story? The Pirates haven’t had a winning season in almost 20 years. That’s back to the Barry Bonds and Bobby Bonilla days.

Ever since then they have traded every and I mean every good player that they’ve had and have been in a never ending rebuild mode. Now here there are with Andrew McCutcheon as a dark horse MVP candidate, an All-Star in Joel Hanrahan and the Brewers, Reds and Cards all looking back in disbelief.

If they make the playoffs they are the story if the year hands down.)

Sabine Lisicki… Mmmmmm.

Will Tiger Woods fade into oblivion?

Even though Roger Federer has “lost it” he’s still the third best tennis player in the world.

And lastly… Dirk, a $90,000 bottle of champagne and pictures with Birdman and Lil’ Wayne… In LeBron and D-Wade’s backyard.

Cough on that Miami.


Seriously, enough already with the treatment of James Harrison. I’m sick of turning on my computer and having to see Harrison fined again for playing football the way it should be played.

I’m sorry that Harrison is not a dirty player and gets punished for going all out and doing what every defense player has been taught to do since Pop Warner football and that’s get to the quarterback and bring him down. Look at his last two fines; $20,000 for hitting Drew Brees late when it was an early flag by the ref and it wasn’t even that bad of a hit. Then there was the hit on Ryan Fitzpatrick that cost him $25,000. There was nothing malicious or dirty about the hit. He lowered his head and planted Fitzpatrick on his tail like he’s supposed to. No helmet to helmet, no grabbing the facemask, nothing. However, he gets a 15 yard penalty and a huge fine.

It’s getting ridiculous how much Harrison is being made an example of by the NFL and he’s not even doing anything bad.

Look at the Andre Johnson and Cortland Finnegan fight this week in Houston… IT WAS A FIST FIGHT!! Granted I thoroughly enjoyed watching Finnegan get beat down because I hate his guts, but Andre Johnson wailed on him with closed fists connecting three times (three sweet hits) and got the same fine as Harrison, really? So a guy getting in a fistfight on national television in a sport that’s not called hockey gets the same penalty as a guy that made a normal football play? (Cue the Ed Lover sound bite C’MON SON!

Donate $125,000 to the Free James Harrison fund.

For all of Goodell’s talk of improving safety in the wake of a rise in concussions and his in-season rule changes, Steelers receiver Hines Ward made a great point yesterday when speaking out against the Harrison fines.

Ward wondered aloud why Goodell is so adamant about increasing concerns with safety, yet increasing the NFL season to 18 games which would increase injuries all over the field. He’s right.

I don’t care how you try and curtail illegal hits, roughing the passer penalties and what not, if you increase the number of regular season games then it will only get worse. Guys give their bodies too often for a season to increase by anymore games. Football is played at one speed, full speed ahead. It’s impossible to think that you can fine guys a ton of money and injuries, concussions and huge hits would just stop. It’s football, guys have been taught to play one way their whole life and you can’t expect them to change in one week it’s senseless.

That’s why the Harrison penalties and fines are so stupid. You can’t just tell a guy to stop doing what he does after years of working at doing it right. Harrison is a former defensive player of the year, an all-pro, a pro bowler, he’s one of the best at his craft and now with rules and regulations he looks like a dirty player who just looks to take people out (I mean it’s football. It’s how Deacon Jones played, Jack Tatum and others, hit hard, intimidate and dominate).

So please get off of Harrison, and any other player that plays the game hard and clean. It’s football, it’s the roughest game in the world not called rugby. James Harrison is not the bad guy in these situations, he’s a guy that’s playing the game the right way and Roger Goodell is punishing him for it. Enough with these dumb fines commish let defenders do what they were taught to do and play hard and get to the quarterback. It’s Giant football, Steeler football and how football is played period. FREE JAMES HARRISON!