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The Taming Of The Suh


I really like Ndamukong Suh. He’s a genuine guy, soft-spoken, humble in real life and an all-around good guy.

But to steal a phrase from The Dave Chappelle Show, Ndamukong Suh is ****** up!

(side note: I think there many phrases you can take from the Chappelle Show and apply them to real life, that’s why it’s one of my top 5 comedy shows ever. Season two especially.)

Suh’s latest run in with the moral law of the NFL will land him on the suspended list and will once again raise questions as to what kind of player he actually is.

Suh has slowly gained a reputation of being a dirty player after his vicious take downs of Jake Delhomme, Jay Cutler and Andy Dalton. However, each time people such as myself have given him the benefit of the doubt by saying he just plays the game the way way it should be played.

Suh has an incredible motor. In just two years he has established himself as one of the top 5 defensive linemen in the game because if that relentlessness.

With that being said, that motor is about to land him on the suspension list.

Suh’s latest act is absolutely indefensible. During Thursday’s thanksgiving day game versus Green Bay Suh got tangled up with Packers offensive lineman Evan Dietrich-Smith and proceeded to mush his head into the concrete twice then as he was getting up he stomped on Smith’s arm. Suh was then ejected and was seen pleading his case to coach Jim Schwartz and the umpires.

As if that weren’t enough there was his poor excuse of an apology after the game where he seemed more resentful to being ejected than remorseful for his actions.

C’mon son! What are you doing?

I can’t defend Suh’s latest actions, infant I’ll take it a step further, Ndamukong Suh is a dirty player.

Slamming down QB’s and inflicting pain on running backs is your job so you get a pass on that. However, once you start trying to purposefully hurt players on the field with non football tactics then you cross that line of tough and dirty. Suh is now on the other side of that line.

The crazy part is Suh still believes that he’s innocent even after watching replays over and over again of him stomping on another man’s arm.

Commissioner Roger Goodell would be right to sit him down for two games especially after Suh volunteered to to speak with the commish after his recent run ins.

Also more than anything Suh needs to learn to control the rage that he has on the field of play. That same rage that makes him great is changing a lot of people’s opinions about him and he has to find a happy medium that allows him to still be dominate without being dirty.

Suh is at a turning point very early in his career he can either clean his act up and continue to be a mister of a force in the middle of the Lions front line, or he can keep playing the way he does and continue to lose respect throughout the league.

I like the guy a lot, but if Ndamukong Suh doesn’t learn to control himself he’ll have a very light wallet and a target on his body whenever offensive linemen see him.

Let’s hope his impending suspension will be a lesson well learned instead of the beginning of a bad trend.

The Ultimate Tim Tebow Breakdown

Tebow just keeps on winning.

In hip-hop culture one of the first things that is embedded in your brain is that haters never prosper. No one likes a hater, haters are despised. Hating on the status and appearance of others is a sin in the bible of hip-hop, and if you are marked as a hater it tarnishes your reputation wherever you go and with whatever you do.

The problem with that is that there is a long standing tradition in hip-hop of what’s known as keeping it real. Being real with yourself and your feelings at all times is a must and most rappers and followers of the culture try their best to follow  suit without looking like fools… or haters.

Rapper Common said it best in his song “The 6th Sense,” “if I don’t like it, I don’t like it, that don’t mean that I’m hating.” Sometimes the lines of keeping it real and being a hater are so paper thin that the wrong interpretation of a topic can lead you in either direction. There’s no such thing as debatable arguments in hip-hop either you’re a hater or you’re not. When you say what’s on your mind at all times you risk crossing that line of hater/ truth teller and leave yourself open to criticism.

With that in mind, I present to you Tim Tebow.

I’m sick of Tim Tebow. I think Tim Tebow is one of the worst NFL QB’s that has ever graced the planes of any stadium. He’s the most overrated, overhyped player in my lifetime that gets too much attention, gets too many passes for being mediocre and is a product of a machine that wants to make him the next big thing even though Stevie Wonder can see that he isn’t a good QB…

But he wins games.

I've been sick of Tebow since he was at Florida.

And that right there is the most frustrating part about any argument that has ever involved in Tebow, he just wins.

Scouts know that he’s bad, his own coach John Fox came out this week and said his team would be “screwed” if they ran a regular offense. But somehow in this shotgun option style offense (keep in mind the option is a college based offense that has never worked until this month somehow) Tebow has a better record than Josh Freeman, Matt Ryan, Sam Bradford, Mike Vick, Philip Rivers and Cam Newton.

But if you were starting an NFL franchise and needed a QB and those were the guys available, Tebow would be the last guy taken right? This is why every Tebow result is so frustrating for anyone to argue.

Take last night’s game for example. Tebow before the last drive had 68 passing yards and was 6-15 for the game. He consistently overthrew receivers, took too long with his decisions and couldn’t lead a lobster into a pot of boiling water… then all of a sudden he leads the Broncos on a 95 yard game-winning drive where he scampers into the end zone on a 20 yard touchdown and beats the Jets. His finishing line was 9-20, 108 yards, 68 yards rushing and a TD. Those are not good stats… but he won.

So now when you’re on Twitter, and watching ESPN and listening to First Take with the biggest Tebow slopper of them all Skip Bayless you have to sit back and take all of the Tebow loving because he won again, even though 95% of the league would take Kyle Orton as a starting QB over Tebow.

There are so many reasons as to why I loathe the topic of Tim Tebow and it’s a combination of football, perception and media hype.

First off is the football aspect. To me Tim Tebow gets way too much credit for his passion, and leadership ability. Yeah he wins, but it aint all him by any means. At Florida the defense lead by Brandon Spikes deserved a lot of credit for shutting down SEC offenses and putting fear in to most QB’s eyes. Yet all you saw was Tebow’s manic behavior of screaming at his teammates, running into huddles and jumping up and down waving his arms in the air and urging the crowd behind to get fired up.

The guy next to Tebow is the better QB.

It’s as if Tebow was the measuring stick for every QB at the time in college football. So leadership is based on hollering and screaming until your face is red. I don’t think that works for most leaders, ask John Wooden who was a stoic, calm figure that was a bigger winner than Tebow ever will be. Too far back? How about the QB that came before him Chris Leak?

Leak was just as talented and as good of a leader as Tebow was but never gets any credit for his skill. People always say that Tebow led Florida to two national championships at Florida… um, he was a part of two titles, Leak led Florida to the first one, Tebow just did a jump pass or two. Yet there is never discussion of how Leak led Florida to the beginning of the SEC’s dominant national title run, never talk of how he overcame massive pressure from Florida fans and the media to win offensive MVP against Ohio State in the 2007 title game, it all goes back to Tebow.

As a football fan what incenses me is how Tebow has gotten to the NFL and stayed while just as accomplished QB’s who have won just has much weren’t even given a chance to make it as quarterbacks. I loved Pat White at West Virginia, he ran a similar offense at WVU as Tebow did at Florida but was more accurate, had a better arm and better skills as a QB. But when it came time to get to the league he was only a ‘wildcat” QB and wasn’t given a proper chance to show his skill and is now out of the league.

I think you know where this leads to now when I just name dropped two accomplished black QB’s as opposed to a white one. If you don’t think race has anything to do with this than you need to find Jesus (and no his name isn’t Tebow though some Broncos would like to think differently).

Tim Tebow is the all-American, boy next door, wholesome kid that people have been waiting on for years. I’m not knocking Tebow on his faith, his way of life or him as a person; I’m sure that he’s a great person to meet and talk to and get to know. But it’s as if Tebow is the only religious, god fearing, humble guy on the planet.

There was never talk of how religious A.C. Green was during his time in the NBA. Green was a devout Christian who was notorious for being a virgin long into his NBA career and in his 30’s. We never celebrated him in the way we do Tebow now. Or how about Troy Polamalu of the Pittsburgh Steelers? Polamalu is a great family man who his very religious, hell two weeks ago the guy got fined by the NFL for calling his wife on the sidelines to let her know that he was ok after getting a concussion because he knew she was worried about him.

In case you were wondering he led Florida to the title 5 years ago, not Tebow.

But we don’t celebrate their pledge to being great family men and close with God. To the eye Tim Tebow is God. Tebow and his faith and the way he is constantly gets shoved into our face as if to say that we should be like Tebow. Unfortunately Tebow’s style of religious behavior isn’t for everyone. Some, such as myself, like to keep our faith to ourselves and be mindful of others as to not offend them. There is Lenten passage that we read every year at my church from Matthew 6:5:

“And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the street corners to be seen by men. I tell you the truth; they have received their reward in full. But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.”

In other words let Tebow be boastful of his faith, the rest of us will do it in our own corners. Lots of pro athletes are super religious and follow their faith to the full extent of the word of God. However, it’s not all out to be put on display for the world to see and they like it like that. Todd Heap is a former Baltimore Raven and a Mormon and he is a strict Mormon. I waited on the guy several times during my days of waiting tables at PF Changs he doesn’t drink, is faithful to his wife and is a good guy. However, you never hear anything from him about his faith because that’s how he chooses to be.

Truth is that we should probably live more like Tebow, but there is this thing called free will where we want to live how we want to. That’s life, we have different opinions of how things should be done and for a lot of us, myself included Tebow’s way aint for me.

But to be fair to Tebow this isn’t exactly all of his doing. There was a point in college where me and some buddies invented the “Tebow Drinking Game,” it goes like this: watch College Gameday or a Florida game and whenever anyone says Tebow or Jesus, drink (how catholic of me I know). Let’s just say we got drunk long before Lee Corso put on the head gear or Florida started the second half.

More than anything the Media is the reason that Tebow is as big of a machine as he is. ESPN, writers, corporate America push this guy on us so much that after a while you can’t help but either love or hate the guy.

Why do you think Broncos fans were booing Kyle Orton so badly even though the misfortunes of their franchise weren’t his fault? Orton got such a raw deal in all of this because truthfully Orton is the best QB on that team. He’s more accurate, better at handling an offense and it shows in the numbers. However, once Tebow got into the last three games of last year it was over. Tebow wasn’t impressive at all except for in spurts but Broncos fans caught Gator fever and soon began calling his name and the media followed.

During the preseason there were more media members at Tebow’s locker than at Orton’s and Orton was named the starter. Fans cheered every move Tebow made and became driven to make him their QB. Fans were planning on buying a billboard urging Coach John Fox to bench Orton and start Tebow. Thanks ESPN thanks a lot.

Tebow is a flavor of the month that has last 6 years and now has endorsements. The guy appeared in three games last year and before the season started had a Nike deal and a Jockey contract, really?

Even sponsors love Tim Tebow.

This is just how it goes, advertisers and media members find someone to gravitate towards and when they find him they put him on a pedestal and when they do they shove him down your throat until you can’t take it and begin to make fun of him.

They did it with Peyton Manning awhile ago. There wasn’t a time where you could turn on your TV and not see Manning at any time of the day. He was in every commercial possible selling TV’s, phones, Direct TV, anything. The difference between Manning and Tebow is that Manning has that charisma for it all so seeing him so much didn’t really matter because he was a cool guy. With Tebow there has been a history of hearing about him so much that even though we don’t see him as much as Manning when we do its nauseating.

A month ago against the Lions a Denver newspaper billed the game as Good vs. Evil, guess who was the good? Afterwards Ndamukong Suh said tongue in cheek “evil won.” That’s why people hate Tebow. The city of Detroit has gone through more hardship than any other city in the U.S., the Lions are good once again and a great story to rally around, but they play Tebow its good vs. Evil… gimme a break.

I think that is where my disdain for Tebow mostly comes from. The media has built him up so much that his personality and the way that he is has overshadowed one very important thing when it comes to his actual job on the field…


Never mind that the guy is completing less than 50% of his passes, never mind that he can’t run a professional offense and that his coach has owned up to that, never mind that the reason that Denver is back in the AFC West race is because of a rejuvenated defense led by Von Miller who owned that Jets game last night, never mind all of that, it’s all about the good of Tim Tebow.

Tim Tebow can get away with going 2-8 in an NFL and winning, he can get away with getting hammered 45-10 by a much better team in the Lions, he will get a pass from Bayless because he doesn’t have the proper weapons around him to throw the ball or hasn’t been given a chance to show his stuff. Pat White wasn’t given a chance, Jimmy Clausen didn’t have any weapons around him last year, we’ve seen Tebow for 8 games in full action and he is trash.

Mechanically he is a mess. He looks uncomfortable in the pocket, can’t run plays properly, takes too long on his delivery and is pathetically inaccurate…

But… he… wins… football… games.

As bad as he is Tebow has that clutch gene. We can say the Miami win was given to him because Miami played prevent defense in the last 5 minutes, but he won. We can say that Kansas City isn’t fully healthy and didn’t have the guys on the field they needed to win, but he won. We can say the Jets are trash (which, they really are and there might be some need to reconsider Mark Sanchez as an NFL QB), but he won.

After last night who would you rather have as your QB?

So until he losses and losses consistently we will have to hear about him more than Cam Newton who is having an amazing season or Andy Dalton who has exceeded all expectations of him or Christian Ponder who looks like the real deal at QB because Tim Tebow is winning more than all of them.

Ever since Tebow was inserted as the Denver Broncos starting QB they have gone from a 1-4 lottery team to a 5-5 team with a shot at winning the AFC West and making the playoffs. Most of the credit should go to the defense or the running game but instead it falls into the hands of Tim Tebow. If they make the playoffs the credit will go to Tebow even though we know he is the lowest rated QB in the league that cant complete a pass.

But he’s a winner and that stat shines brighter than any other on his resume.

Being a hater and keeping it real is a hard line to toe, with Tim Tebow the line is microscopic.

I hate the Tebow coverage, I hate the Tebow machine, I hate the fact that I’ll have to hear about him for a few more weeks, I hate the fact that he’s a bad QB that somehow wins games. But I cant hate the guy for being who he is and getting the job done on the field. I can’t be any more real than that.

Random Thoughts Vol. 3


Beginning of the month, been watching a lot of sports… yep, it’s time for another round of random thoughts.

Fernando Torres has scored one goal since being acquired by Chelsea in January… one. I always pick the best teams to follow don’t I?

The Yankees wouldn’t trade for Ubaldo Jimenez due to concerns about his velocity. In a possible trade the Rockies would’ve wanted Ivan Nova as part of the deal… Jimenez hasn’t made it past the 5th inning in 3 of his 7 starts with the Indians, Nova hasn’t lost since June… I think Cashman got that one right.

Losing to a FCS school should be like relegation in soccer shouldn’t it? Hi Oregon State.

Me at 8:30 pm last Saturday of the Boise State-Georgia game: “those Georgia uniforms are hideous.”

Me 48 hours  while watching the Maryland-Miami game: “those are the worst uniforms I have ever seen.”

Nyjer Morgan called Albert Pujols “Alberta,” does he realize Pujols is 4 inches taller and 50 pounds heavier than him?

Oregon State should probably leave this out of the recruiting package.

Baylor is mad that Texas A&M is leaving the Big 12 and possibly breaking up the conference leaving them in football limbo. Somewhere Rice, TCU and SMU are uttering to themselves karma is a mother.

Wait a minute, Kevin Durant has tattoos?

At least David Garrard and Byron Leftwich have something in common to be mad about.

The way that analysts were criticizing his QB skills you would’ve swore Tim Tebow was black.

Appalachian wants to join the FBS… after getting drubbed 66-13 by Virginia Tech they should reconsider.

Tom Brady said he would welcome back Randy Moss with open arms. I’m not saying that’s in some way related to Chad Ochocinco… but I’m saying.

So if John Isner wins the U.S. Open is his career a bigger success than Andy Roddick’s?

Utah State almost beat Auburn, BYU beat Ole Miss, and Utah beat Alabama in the Sugar Bowl years ago… maybe the SEC should stop playing teams from Utah.

Stephen Strasburg’s back, and he looks good.

(honestly it didn’t matter if the Nats lost that game or not, all that mattered was if Strasburg looked like he was the same pitcher he was before he left or not and he was. His movement and velocity were pretty darn good, he made everything look effortless and dominated a decent Dodgers lineup. If I’m the Nats and I look at a rotation with Strasburg, a rejuvenated Chien-Ming Wang, Jordan Zimmerman and John Lannon at bats like Ryan Zimmerman and Mike Morse then I’m feeling good about next year. that is if Jayson Werth can hit with that $18 million per year salary on his back.)

That Carlos Beltran deal isn’t working out so well for the Giants… shocker.

Who’s the next program to get stung by the NCAA? I’ll take South Carolina.

I’m still blinded by Maryland’s uniforms.

TIki Barber is shocked that no one threw him a bone this offseason. I mean who wouldn’t want a 36 year-old running back that hasn’t played in 5 years with tons of public baggage?

Ndamukong Suh is not dirty, he’s just playing football the way Deacon Jones would like.

It might be time for Tiger Woods to consider new career options.

This hasn't gone exactly as planned.

I will not talk about A.J. Burnett, I will not talk about A.J. Burnett, I will not talk about A.J. Burnett.

Aaron Rodgers called out Mark Sanchez for his GQ pictures. What can Sanchez respond with? Rodgers just won a Super Bowl he can say what he wants.

I think we might actually have a season without Brett Favre.

I have a feeling Luke Fickell might be more conservative than Jim Tressel.

By the way, how does Tressel get a six game suspension from the NFL for his NCAA violations?

(Goodell needs to keep college problems in college. Their penalties don’t transfer to the NFL. Tressel quit/ got fired by the Ohio State University so his 5 game suspension is pretty much obliterated. The fact that Tressel and Terrelle Pryor for that matter have carry over suspensions from college shows that maybe Goodell has too much power when it come to these disciplinary actions and should some of that power stripped. And it will be… in ten years with a new CBA. Good job NFLPA.)

Doesn’t it seem like Lance Briggs and the Bears have been beefing since 2006?

Apparently the NBA is making strides to getting a CBA done real soon. How does Wilson Chandler feel about that?

If the Philadelphia Phillies don’t win the World Series it would be a Greek tragedy.

I have a few choice words for how the Baltimore Orioles handled the makeup games with the New York Yankees and the results of those games. I can’t say them on this blog but I’ll let your mind wander.

After all of the controversy surrounding Ohio State this year how do three more players get suspended for taking benefits? I should’ve went to Ohio University.

I expected more from the Winnipeg Jets jerseys.

Mike Fisher you lucky son of a gun.

At least they weren’t Maryland’s.

(you know what’s even scarier than what we witnessed on Monday night? There are more than 12 color combinations that Under Armour has in store for this year. Under Armour is based in Baltimore, Maryland and I guess they are doing to the Terps what Nike did to the Oregon Ducks… except Oregon’s outfits look extremely cool. Oregon’s designs have flair and eye popping designs, Maryland’s are a horror show. There was way too much of the Maryland flag for any human being to take. A message to UA: emulation is the sincerest form of flattery but leave the flashy stuff to Oregon. By the way Maryland’s football team is going to make some noise this year and you should pay more attention to Danny O’Brian than his jersey.)

What Ana Ivonivic could’ve been.

Derek Jeter and Minka Kelly broke up… hide your girlfriends New York.

NHL training camps start this week…

That mean we’re a month a away from Rachel McAdams shots at Vancouver games and Carrie Underwood at Predators games.

God I love hockey.

Draft Fever

Bradford went number 1 overall, but was it the right choice?

After all of the waiting, breaking down of game footage, deciphering the ins and outs of every possible angle, the constant slurping of Tim Tebow, the NFL Draft is finally here. A three day event where you’re more likely to find a quality starter in the fourth round than the fifth round.

For every Peyton Manning there’s a Tim Couch, Randy Moss’s are lost in between the Freddie Mitchell’s, it’s such a crap shoot that honestly, none of the preceding events mean anything to the draft, or to any one player’s future.

Remember how Todd McShay was lauding out how great JaMarcus Russell’s pro day was, and how scouts marveled at how Kyle Boller could throw a football 60 yards from his knees? Remember how Mike Mamula was a combine darling and it pushed him from the third round to the first found? Do you remember anything about them? No.

That’s what I mean. This whole thing is really a sham because you really don’t know what you’re getting until week 1 of the NFL season. Tim Tebow’s new fantastic throwing motion looks amazing, let’s see how it holds up with Justin Tuck breathing down his neck. Let’s see Jimmy Clausen throw tight spirals facing the Steelers complicated defensive schemes. Any bum off of the street can run a sub 4.7/40 or jump up real high and test their vertical. What do I care that my quarterback can’t lift 225 pounds more than 10 times? As long as he’s not Jay Cutler throwing picks everywhere I don’t care.

It’s stuff like this that makes the NFL draft and the process of the draft so silly. Owners and GM’s actually factor in how C.J. Spiller can catch passes out of a machine and cut with no linebackers chasing him down. It punishes guys like Myron Rolle for taking a year off to become a Rhodes Scholar because it shows disloyalty to a team (when in reality I would take Myron Rolle in the first 30 picks of the NFL draft over half of the players projected to go in the first). It’s this process that has Darrius Heyward-Bey going in the top 7 while Steve Smith of the Giants goes in the middle of the second round.

It also makes for a great time on TV. Watching GM’s scramble to send in picks or trade up for a guy that they feel will put them over the hump is just silly, ridiculous, and good fun. I’m still trying to figure out how the Minnesota Vikings can screw up getting in a pick on time in two consecutive years… WHEN YOU HAVE FIFTEEN MINUTES TO DECIDE ON A PLAYER!!!!

Oh and by the way, that also makes this draft more ridiculous than any other. How can you take ten to fifteen minutes deciding on a player that you’ve scouted watched and made lists for and other options? If I were a GM my draft picks would come in, in no more than 2 minutes, Eli Manning gone? Screw it, take Philip Rivers. It’s simple.

Of course it’s never made to be simple, this year your favorite team’s GM will either a. be smart and pick for his team’s needs, b. pass on a player that will be stellar because of stupid issues, c.  take a gamble on a player that has no business being picked so high, or d. do something completely and utterly stupid. It happens every year, the Jags draft Darrell Harvey at no. 9 when he was a late first rounder (how’s that working out?) everyone passes on Randy Moss, take Heyward-Bey in front of Michael Crabtree or maybe stay put and get Patrick Willis when he somehow falls out of the top ten.

It’ll happen again this year, watch. In a perfect world the teams would draft for their needs and not do something stupid because they feel it’s a more proper pick (like taking Bradford over Ndamukong Suh). If the draft really went the it should it would look something like this:

Note this was started before the draft so it’s been modified to include a little analysis with the actual picks as well:

1. St. Louis Rams: Ndamukong Suh, DT, Nebraska (actual pick Sam Bradford)

This guy should've gone number 1.

The problem with picking Suh in this day in age that everyone craves a franchise quarterback. Even though it’s been proven that having that quarterback doesn’t necessarily mean being successful. Steve Spagnolo is a defensive coach; he specializes in making quarterbacks run for their lives. Why not take the best PLAYER in the draft who just so happens to be a defensive juggernaut? Did you see the Texas game? He murdered the offensive line and Colt McCoy. It makes more sense, bet it won’t happen.

2. Detroit Lions: Gerald McCoy, DT, Oklahoma (Suh)

No big difference here. Apples to oranges. Either one works in either system.

3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Eric Berry, S, Tennessee (McCoy)

It was too early for the Bucs to get a pass rusher, or wide receiver that Josh Freeman desperately needs, so Berry would make sense as a ball hawk of a DB. McCoy works in helping to stop the run however, no beef there.

4. Washington Redskins: Russell Okung, T, Oklahoma State (Trent Williams)

This is different from the Suh, McCoy comparison. There are concerns that Williams have a problem with his work ethic and that he may not be able to tap into his endless potential, not so for Okung. Okung has been high on everyone’s board since the end of the season and seems to be better suited to jump in and start right away. The main thing is that the Redskins needed to get someone to protect McNabb. Ask Jason Campbell what that line is like.

5. Kansas City Chiefs: Sam Bradford, QB, Oklahoma (Berry)

Matt Cassel is a bum. Period. They need a defensive back, but if there is anyone that needs a franchise QB it’s this team.

6. Seattle Seahawks: Trent Williams, T, Oklahoma (Okung)

Take the best offensive lineman available. With Walter Jones retiring you need a lineman to protect whoever is under center.

7. Cleveland Browns: Earl Thomas, S, Texas (Joe Haden)

Two things about the Haden pick from Thursday night: 1. A reporter said that the Browns were considering taking Kyle Wilson but opted for Haden because he went to Florida whereas Wilson went to Boise State. If you draft a player over another based on school instead of talent, then you’re asking for trouble. Two, my buddy Will’s reaction to the pick. He hates Joe Haden because the Browns just traded picks for Sheldon Brown, and I think he also hates his big ears. That kid has some satellites doesn’t he? (also who the hell was his T-pain looking friend with him? These are your Cleveland Browns, take a overrated defensive back, get a rapper along with it.)

8. Oakland Raiders: Derrick Morgan, DE, Georgia Tech (Rolando McClain)

OH MY GOD THE RAIDERS ACTUALLY MADE A SMART PICK!!!! I can’t believe that this actually happened.

9. Buffalo Bills: Anthony David, OL, Rutgers (C.J. Spiller)

I think the Bills need a quarterback, but you need a lineman to block for them. The Spiller pick to me was a bit of a reach because you have Marshawn Lynch and Fred Jackson, the lineman made more sense.

10. Jacksonville Jaguars: Dan Williams, DT, Tennessee (Tyson Alualu)

They needed a defensive tackle; they took a guy projected in the second round, tenth… um….

11. Denver Broncos: Dez Bryant, WR, Oklahoma State (traded to San Francisco- picked Anthony Davis)

No Brandon Marshall, receiver makes sense, more on this later.

12. Miami Dolphins: Rolando McClain, LB, Alabama (traded to San Diego- took Ryan Matthews)

Even with Karlos Dansby they need another linebacker, or pass rusher. Also San Diego didn’t need to jump this high to get Ryan Matthews, he would’ve been there late.

13. San Francisco 49ers: Mike Iupati, G, Idaho (traded to Philadelphia- took Brandon Grahmn)

The 49ers need help everywhere on the offensive line. Badly. They couldn’t run the ball at all last year and Joe Staley is the only decent lineman they got. Taking Davis early and adding Iupati works well for them.

14. Denver Broncos: Jerry Hughes, LB/DE, TCU (traded to Seattle-took Earl Thomas)

More defensive help is necessary. Another pass rusher to help Elvis Dumervil and D.J. Williams is on an island in the middle of that defense.

15. New York Giants: Sergio Kindle, LB, Texas (Jason Pierre-Paul)

This is all i could find on this guy, Jerry what are you doing?

WE NEED LINEBACKERS!!! It’s not even funny. Danny Clark and Gerris Wilkerson are not getting it done and losing Antonio Pierce hurts. Plus the offensive line is getting old and there’s a hole in the middle with Fred Robbins leaving. The team that was a gunshot away from repeating now looks to be the weakest team in the division and getting help in the front lines would be a great help.

(by the way, this Pierre-Paul kid frightens me. First of all he is a juco transfer, started playing football in his junior year of high school and reportedly had a horrible combine. Yet you know how Jerry Reese loves these defensive ends that look like Justin Tuck. I have a bad feeling that we should’ve taken Derrick Morgan.)

16. Tennessee Titans: Jason Pierre-Paul, DE, USF (Derrick Morgan)

You’re welcome Jeff Fisher. You’re f****** welcome.

17. Carolina Panther: Jimmy Clausen, QB, Notre Dame (traded to San Fran- Mike Iupati)

John Fox is another underachieving season from being tossed out of Carolina. So why go with a quarterback that everyone is 50/50 on? Because I think he’s being undervalued. People are putting Clausen in the same class with Brady Quinn but there’s a huge difference. Clausen can handle a huddle and can put the ball in tight spots where you could look at Quinn and no that he wasn’t an NFL quarterback yet due to his lack of recognizing defenses and poor accuracy. Carolina could use help on the defensive line and at wide out, but do you really trust Matt Moore? Really?

18. Pittsburgh Steelers: Maurkice Pouncey, C, Florida (Pouncey)

No brainer her. They need line help, and they get it. (they also need some sanity and need to stop following up the Cincinnati Jail Bengals)

19. Atlanta Falcons: Brandon Grahmn, LB/DE, Michigan (Sean Witherspoon)

Grahmn would’ve fit better because he’s more of a pass rusher than Witherspoon but Witherspoon works well.

20. Houston Texans: Joe Haden (and T-pain), CB, Florida (Kareem Jackson)

Anything would help that pass defense. Yuck!

21. Cincinnati Bengals: Colt McCoy, QB, Texas (Jermaine Gresham)

Cleveland got him, Cincy should've.

Okay, I know what you’re thinking: 1. This is way too high to take McCoy and 2. Are you over Carson Palmer? Yes and yes. Let’s face it, Carson Palmer looks like Jesse Palmer right now. He’s never really gotten over his injuries and its more than affected his game. Towards the end of last season Palmer looked like he was going to fall off of the face of the earth. You can’t blame Chad Ochocinco for not being able to get anything against Darrelle Revis, Palmer couldn’t get him the ball because he couldn’t get anything on it. This is Palmer last year to get himself right or Cincinnati is going to have to consider a QB next year. I think they should go with McCoy, not this early but maybe next round to get him ready just in case. (in reality the Gresham pick makes sense because every QB needs a pass catching tight end, if his QB can get the ball to him)

22. New England Patriots: Ryan Matthews, RB, Fresno State (traded to Denver- took Demaryius Thomas)

In order for the Pats to keep up with the Jets they need to run the football. Lawrence Maroney is a bust and they can’t just throw the ball all over the field and expect to win games. They need a running back to grind it out and get yards on the ground.

23. Green Bay Packers: Bryan Buluga, OL, Iowa (Buluga)

Aaron Rodgers just kissed Ted Thompson. He also asked him to keep drafting offensive linemen.

24.Philadelphia Eagles: Sean Witherspoon, LB, Missouri (traded to Dallas- took Dez Bryant)

Roy Williams pack your bags.

25. Baltimore Ravens: Kyle Wilson, DB, Boise State (traded to Denver- took Tim Tebow… more on this in another article)

Kyle Wilson is a underrated DB, and you know why. Being a Mid-major football player turns people off from you. Yet when you watch the guy play, he can ball. The Ravens need defensive backs like the Orioles need a new owner. Besides Ed Reed that secondary is as weak as you can get.

26. Arizona Cardinals: Jared Odrick, DT, Penn State (Dan Williams)

The fact that Dan Williams fell this far is amazing.

27. Dallas Cowboys: Rodger Saffold, OL, Indiana (traded to New England- took Devin McCourtey)

You need someone once Flozell Adams gets suspended for trying to injure defensive linemen, not that I’m mad at him or anything.

28. San Diego Chargers: Taylor Mays, S, USC (traded to Miami- took Jared Odrick)

Defensive back help is key with Antonio Cromartie gone now.

29. New York Jets: Kareem Jackson, DB, Alabama (Wilson)

For depth only.

30. Minnesota Vikings: Patrick Robinson, DB, Florida State (traded to Detroit- took Jahvid Best)

After the NFC title game, help in the secondary would be nice.

31. Indianapolis Colts: Everson Griffin, DE, USC (Hughes)

I’m pretty sure that Dwight Freeney would love another pass rusher to take the heat off of him.

32. New Orleans Saints: Carlos Dunlap, DE, Florida (Robinson)

I’m pretty sure the people of New Orleans are happy with whatever they get. Their grateful regardless.

However, it won’t happen like this. Teams will screw up, they’ll draft too high or trade down to make themselves feel smarter than they already are. Someone’s going to get overlooked; someone’s going to make teams pay eventually. I just can’t wait for the games to start again because all of this lead-up to the actual games gets pretty annoying.