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The End Of The Randy Moss Odyssey

Randy Moss retires with a lot left to give.

Randy Moss was the nastiest receiver that ever graced an NFL field. He was a specimen that the game had never seen before and waved in a new era for the wide receiver position.

He was huge, a 6’4″ beanpole that ran like a gazelle and left defensive backs in the dust. All you had to do was throw the ball up and Moss would come down with it.

His brilliance was first displayed on Thanksgiving in a game against the Dallas Cowboys. Moss only caught 4 balls, but 3 of them were for touchdowns as Randall Cunningham let loose bomb after bomb and Moss basically cherry picked them away from Dallas defenders and left a trail of dust behind him.

After that game every Minnesota Vikings game became an event, and Moss was the main attraction.

Whether it was Lambeau Field, The Superdome, anywhere, you had to see Moss and what he was about to do to defenders.

In the pantheon of receivers if Jerry Rice is Babe Ruth, Moss was Willie Mays. He was a highlight reel that could change any game at any time with one play.

Yesterday Moss retired from the NFL 58 catches away from 1000, 150 yards away from 15,000 and with so much more left in his tank that it’s puzzling that Moss would think of retiring even after one of his most disappointing seasons ever.

Three years ago Moss was a top 3 receiver coming off of an historic year where he set the NFL record for touchdowns in a season with 23. The next year without Tom Brady under center due to injury, Moss still hauled in 11 scores and had over 1000 yards and repeated the same feat the next year.

So to say that Moss was finished even after the season from hell would be foolish.

Moss’s year started by playing hardball with the Patriots to get a new deal. It led to him being traded to back to the Vikings where an outburst at a restaurant had him sent to Tennessee. There he sat in purgatory as a decoy who couldn’t get a sniff of the ball and wallowed in pity.

Moss realized that he screwed himself by thumbing his nose at the Patriots and thought that he was still a hot commodity.

Randy Moss broke the NFL record most touchdown receptions in a single seaosn.

In reality Moss should’ve realized that in the Belichick system anyone is replaceable. Once he did it was too late.

This offseason it looked as if Moss was more motivated than ever to return to form as he rounded himself into the best shape if his life according to sources and was primed for a return to the top.

However, once his primary teams the Patriots and Jets took a chance on Chad Ochocinco and Plaxico Burress, Moss’s own interest waned and he announced his retirement to the world.

Rather than stay in mediocrity with a team that he felt wouldn’t help him win a title, Moss decided to walk away even though he still has so much left in the tank.

If this truly is the end then Moss will have added another chapter of controversy to his legacy.

As great of a player as he was, Moss was known just as much for being a knucklehead.

There was the traffic stop in Minneapolis where he hit an officer with his car, incidents on the field where he walked off before time expired against the Redskins, squirting a water bottle a ref, pretending to moon the crowd in Green Bay after a touchdown.

More than anything there was the fact that Moss never always gave his best, and admitted it.

Moss took plays off and told us all about it. He was aloof for 40% of every game an never cared what we thought.

That to me is the most frustrating part of Moss’s career if this truly is the end. Imagine how even more amazing his numbers would be if he went all out every time. Imagine how much greater he could’ve been if he cared more than he didn’t.

His retirement mirrors the way he played the game. He wanted to do things his way and if he couldn’t then he didn’t want to do it at all. Moss could’ve been better than Jerry Rice, could’ve set all kinds of records and could’ve been regarded as one of the best people in the game… However, he couldn’t compromise.

He couldn’t keep his mouth shut in New England when he wanted a new deal, he couldn’t be professional in Oakland, he couldn’t listen to anyone in Minnesota and in the end he couldn’t take what was given to him during this period of free agency.

It’s sad really. Moss could help the Cowboys as a deep threat, the Falcons as another option next to Roddy White, the Steelers as a red zone threat for Ben Roethlisberger… he can win a ring this year by just fitting in and doing what’s asked of him.

However, that’s not Randy Moss. Moss has been the star attraction since he came into the league and that’s how he wants it to stay.

So we have to say good-bye to Moss. Moss was one of the best at his position and will sit in the Hall of Fame  as one of the greats all time due to his skill set and stunning athleticism.

But he could’ve been so much more.


Thank You Cincinnati… For Nothing

You got some 'splanin to do Marvin.

I would like to send a thank you note to the Cincinnati Bengals. Thank you for making me look like a complete idiot. Thanks for making me believe that you guys would actually contend for a Super Bowl and that you were the team to beat in the AFC. Thanks for once again giving me and your fans a false sense of hope after an active off-season which made your offense look like an all-star team waiting to explode even though you have a mediocre quarterback (note to the reader: I KNEW CARSON PALMER WAS OVERRATED AND EVEN SAID IT AND STILL PICKED THE BENGALS TO WIN THE SUPER BOWL!!! UUUUGGGHHH!!!)

Thanks for roping me in at the end of last year with that supposed great defense that was top 15 in the NFL and that was without Antwan Odom who got injured in the middle of the year while leading the league in sacks. If you saw Sunday’s game versus Atlanta then you would realized that even if they had Lamar Odom they still would be a horrible defense.

Save for a great play by Adam Jones (the artist formally known as Pac-man) the defense got gutted by a potent Falcons offense that rebounded after a tough road loss in Philadelphia. Roddy White shredded the Cincy secondary for 201 yards and Michael Turner ran all over the front 7 to the tune of 121 yards. The defense couldn’t stop the Falcons attack from the jump as Atlanta built a 24-3 lead at the half  then eventually withstood a roaring charge by the Bengals offense to win 39-32. In all honesty, Marvin Lewis’s defensive background has done him no justice in Cincinnati. The man that helmed the Baltimore Ravens dominating defense has not been able to replicate that success in Cincy.

The Bengals have never been ranked in the top ten in total defense during Lewis’s tenure even with high draft picks that they have used for seemingly talented players like Jonathan Joseph, Leon Hall and Ray Maleluga. They can’t get any pressure on the quarterback and have been shredded time and time again.

However, a special shout-out goes to the Cincinnati offense and the aforementioned Carson Palmer. Thanks for making believe that Terrell Owens was the missing piece to your offense (though he has been spectacular). It doesn’t hide the fact that your quarterback is terrible.

Forget the gaudy stats for a minute, Carson Palmer is not an elite quarterback, nor should he be the starter in Cincy after this year. His inconsistent play mixed in with horrible passes have killed the Bengals offensive production all year long. It’s forcing them to be a pass happy team when they really need to feed Cedric Benson like a rabid wolverine. At this point I’m actually waiting for T.O. and Ocho to raise hell and turn on Palmer in an instant.

Roddy White had a field day against the Cincinnati secondary.

If the Bengals have any shot of making a playoff run then it has to begin next week at home versus Miami. The Bengals have to get Benson 25 touches and limit Palmer’s throws. They have to stop the run game of Miami which seems like an impossible task with the number 22 ranked run defense in the league. They have to slow down Brandon Marshall who after a non effective day versus the Steelers yesterday is licking his chops to get at the same secondary that let White go off yesterday. They have to do something to resemble the Super Bowl contender that they were supposed to be, and they have to do it quick.

They trail Pittsburgh by 3 games and still have them twice in the next month, not to mention Baltimore again, New Orleans, Indianapolis and the Jets. That’s 6 potential in-season playoff games that may make or break them.

Matter of fact, I’m changing my mind they won’t turn it around, they’re done. The Bengals will finish 8-8 and begin to rebuild again, a sound far too familiar in the Queen City. The Bengals fooled all of us with their hopes and dreams hiding the inconsistencies and lack of production in areas that now hinder them. I knew this… yet I still picked them to win it all. I don’t know what’s worse the way their playing or me picking them to win it all. Never again.

Special shout-out also goes to these teams for making me look bad:

-San Francisco 1-6. I picked them to win the NFC West, they lost to the worst team in the league after leading by ten. I love Mike Singletary but he may be shown the door at season’s end.

-New Orleans 4-3. Ladies and Gentlemen, the Madden Curse has found Drew Brees. Four picks against the Browns?… THE BROWNS?!

-Minnesota 2-4. Favre should’ve never left his tractor and he knows it. If you saw him after the game on Sunday night then you saw a beaten man who didn’t want to take anymore. He’s a walking Roberto Duran. Unfortunately for him there is still 10 weeks to go.


Who’s Under Center?

All that stuff I said about Kevin? Scratch that.

So, how’s your quarterback doing? For many of the teams in the National Football League—not so well.

By the end of Monday night’s 49ers-Saints game there are more than 6 controversies and 5 other questions at quarterback. On Sunday we found Kerry Collins, Bruce Gradkowski, and Luke McCown replace turnover prone QB’s, we saw Michael Vick take a strangle hold at the position over an injured Kevin Kolb, and we saw Brett Favre and Derek Anderson stink it up to the point where maybe it should be time for a change in both places (that sound you heard was Matt Leinart snickering in the background). As for Trent Edwards—eh.

In the case for Philadelphia and Vick the situation has led to a knee-jerk reaction by Andy Reid who said on Tuesday that Mike Vick is his starter. Granted he has played well by totaling almost 600 total yards in 6 quarters but he was sacked 6 times by the Lions defense… the Lions. They lost to a Super Bowl contender in Green Bay and still have to play Minnesota’s stout d-line and the Cowboys and Giants. For Reid to make such a quick decision when the plan was to develop Kevin Kolb and contend down the road will come back to haunt him, also IT’S TWO GAMES AND IT’S MICHAEL VICK!!! He’s barely a lifetime 50% passer. You ever taken statistics? You go with past trends over recent numbers because you’ve seen more of the former than the latter. Unfortunately Reid isn’t getting this memo and he’s about to find out the hard way.

For other scenario’s you have to wonder what the ramifications of replacing these quarterbacks will be. Bruce Gradkowski did do an excellent job after Jason Campbell was pulled, however it’s two games and it was the Rams. Now you have Campbell, who probably has lost trust in Cable, looking over his shoulder at a QB who isn’t a starting QB in this league. You’ve got to let him gel with his receivers (who honestly aren’t that good) and gain some trust in him. Then again, it is the Raiders, who love drama more than any other team in the league.

Then there’s Vince Young (speaking of constant drama). Young is on the hot seat, again, after getting run into the ground by the Pittsburgh Steelers defense and committing 3 turnovers and looking just plain bad. So now he’s involved in another carousel with Collins and at this point you have to wonder if maybe the Titans are close to just ending the Vince Young experiment and moving on and into the pool this draft for a new quarterback. The inconsistencies are becoming too much of a theme with Young and its year 5. Young had the job from the jump and aside from a few plays he hasn’t really had any big impact on Tennessee. This weekend at New York could be the breaking point for Vince. If he has another horrendous start and is benched for Collins, that’s it. He’s coming to the end of his rookie deal and with his poor performances popping up again it probably means that the Titans will not shell out another 4 years and X amount of dollars for a quarterback that has never lived up to the hype that he created in the 4th quarter at the Rose Bowl versus USC.

I miss college.

(side note: that 2006 Rose Bowl game, while still one of the greatest in college history, is becoming less and less relevant to the players involved years after it happened. It was a gluttony of overhyped talent that never panned out. Matt Leinart got booted out of Arizona in favor of Derek Anderson, Young has never transformed into the big play quarterback that he was billed as at Texas, Lendale White and Michael Huff are certified bums and Reggie Bush… I’ll spare him; he’s sort of having a bad week.)

So what about the other QB troubles in the league? Here’s my take on all of them:


CONTROVERSY: Ryan Fitzpatrick takes over for Trent Edwards… somewhere in the world J.P. Losman is probably still wondering how he lost his job to Trent Edwards… he aint the only one.


SITUATION: Seneca Wallace or Jake Delhomme… Ryan Mallett.


CONTROVERSY: Vince Young still starting over Kerry Collins… I still hate Kerry Collins. I wouldn’t trust him to run a kwik-e-mart.


SITUATION: David Garrard over Luke McCown. Garrard will be the starter until the end of the season when the Jags jettison him for either Jake Locker or Mallett.


CONTROVERSY: Jason Campbell vs. Bruce Gradkowski. Yet to be determined if Oakland is smart then they won’t even think about benching Campbell again for a career backup. Campbell was brought in there to be the guy and you can’t bench him twice in three weeks. On the bright side for Campbell its business as usual. Underachieving, looking lost in an offense, getting replaced by a lifetime backup, the usual.


CONTROVERSY: Vick over Kolb. If Andy Reid blows this then he’s getting fired at the end of the season. The Eagles could possibly lose three NFL quality quarterbacks in ten months. That’s got to be a record or something.


SITUATION: Favre… is it really inconceivable to think that Favre could be replaced by Tarvaris Jackson. Favre looks terrible. Two of three picks were absolutely horrendous throws and he has no faith in any receivers other than Visanthe Shaincoe. By the time Sidney Rice does come back from Knee surgery the Vikings might be done. The offense has lost so much mojo that even if they do turn into a heavy run based team they still won’t be an effective passing team which makes Favre useless. Not that he already wasn’t.


CONTROVERSY: Jimmy Clausen over Matt Moore. It could be Casey Clausen and I would still start him over Matt Moore. Don’t be surprised if you walk into John Fox’s office this week and he’s updating his resume.


Maybe there was a reason Cleveland let him go.

SITUATION: Derek Anderson with two inexperienced quarterbacks behind him. Going back to Sunday when watching the Cardinals offense I looked at Larry Fitzgerald at one point… he looks mad. Derek Anderson can’t find him and can’t throw a consistent pass. The Cardinals look lost on offense and has no identity. They are trying to keep that same high octane offense going that they had when Kurt Warner was around and its not plausible with a QB who can’t complete more than 52% of his passes. Don’t be surprised if every Cardinals player calls up Dancing With The Stars to vote Kurt Warner off and gets him back to Glendale… or kidnaps Leinart… who they never should’ve let go of in the first place. Good job Ken Whisenhunt.


SITUATION: Jacory Harris or A.J. Highsmith. If Harris has another road stinker like he had against Ohio State, or North Carolina last year, or Virginia Tech last year, then he should stick to creating fashion trends like he did with his overalls and let Highsmith take the reins.

The Favre Saga Continues

The Brett Favre Reality Show continues.

I’m not going to get mad about Brett Favre anymore, really I’m not.

I’m not going to call him selfish, egotistical, and a hog for attention, even though he is.

I’m not going to go the Chad Ochocinco route and wonder why he gets special attention and can have his negatives be constantly overshadowed by his love for the game, and by the fact that he is such a kid on the football field while the fun Ochocinco has is always vilified.

However, I will say this, there has to be a point where someone has the cojones to say enough is enough and that you aren’t bigger than the game.

Someone at some point has to go up to Mark Schlereth and Merril Hoge and tell them that they are idiots for constantly slurping Favre and his ways. Someone has to tell these people that Favre is the worst technical quarterback of his generation and benefited from having good receivers and running one style of offense for his entire career (you saw what happened to him in New York right?).

Someone at anytime, in anyplace has to put an end to the soap opera that is the Favre retirement decision. It’s like any season of Heroes after season 1, annoying. Yes I am ranting about Favre, again. It’s just that I’m so sick of this story and the fact that it won’t go away.

Packers GM Ted Thompson got tired of it and did the right thing by moving on with Aaron Rodgers years ago, too bad for the Vikings they don’t have a Rodgers to move on with, nor drafted anyone to assume such a position. The Vikings are at fault for being so reliant on Favre because of not properly planning for their future by developing John David Booty who they drafted three years ago or drafting a quarterback in the first two rounds of the last two years of the draft. The fact that Brad Childress, who flies down to Mississippi to talk to Favre, doesn’t know what he’s going to do is laughable.

He knows Favre is coming back, he knows the routine. He’s going to see Favre in camp in about two weeks ready to go while the other players have been earning their reps in camp. He’s feeding into it.

I just want Zigi Wilf to come out and say to Brett Favre, “dude, yes or no?” stop letting him do the same run around with the fans, media and players that he’s been doing and getting away with. It’s as if everyone is afraid of the wrath of Favre and I don’t know why.

The guy is the most statistically decorated QB of our time, but he has cost his teams more than he has helped them (2005 divisional game versus Philly, 2008 NFC championship versus the Giants and last year versus the Saints just to name a few). Favre isn’t Joe Montana, Troy Aikman or Terry Bradshaw. Heck I’ll put Tom Brady and Peyton Manning ahead of him in retrospect.

Just get the message across to him, stand up to him, something. I really don’t want to go through another summer of this, really I don’t. even this blog is feeding into the Favre frenzy. I’M SICK OF IT!!!

See I went against my word, I got mad. I really hate Brett Favre, please go away.