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Miami Better Be Right About Ryan Tannehill


When the Miami Dolphins hand in their eighth overall pick to commissioner Roger Gooddell I hope for their sake that the name Ryan Tannehill isn’t on it.

Listen Miami, I know you’ve had a bad winter and spring. I know you missed out on Peyton Manning, I know Matt Flynn said no thanks to you, but is that still reason to reach for a QB most people didn’t have in the first round at number 8?

Here’s a few a things that you should know about Tannehill:

He’s 6-5, has a strong arm, is pretty athletic and can put up yards.

He also can’t read coverages, he’s also a poor decision maker, he’s only been a QB for 2 years (was a receiver at Texas A&M). He cant hold a lead (remember the Oklahoma State and Arkansas games?) he’s terrible under pressure and most important Miami is that you’re trying to talk yourselves into him.

Are you really sure that Tannehill is the guy that you want to be your QB of the future? Are you positive that he’s not Chad Henne 2.0? Is he really better than Brandon Weeden or Russell Wilson (yeah he’s 5-11 but if he was 6-2 he’d be the number three pick in the draft… Seriously)?

Aren’t there other areas that you could improve in while this year and get a better QB next year (Andy Murray and Matt Barkley are light years better than Tannehill)?

Why not draft Melvin Ingram or Michael Floyd? Why not trade back and get Jonathan Martin to protect a QB?

The Dolphins need so much help in so many areas that drafting a QB no one is sure about may be a waste of time.

If you draft the wrong QB you’re setting yourself back years. Everyone knows the the Dolphins won’t be good anytime soon so why are you in a hurry to draft a subpar QB?

Look, if you think Tannehill’s the man for you then by all means snatch him up. However, you better be very sure about this.

The Lions set themselves back five years with Joey Harrington, the Cardinals are losing time with Kevin Kolb, and the Bills wasted three years with Trent Edwards and aren’t sure about Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Quarterback is the hardest position to judge in this league and you better right or face major consequences if you’re not.

If I were the Dolphins I wouldn’t take Ryan Tannehill and miss out on other future prospects. However, if that’s your guy you want then take him.

Just remember all of the QB’s you’ve run through since Dan Marino, all of the failures you’ve had on the field and all of the areas that you need help in.

Now double check that card and hand it over to the commish.

Don’t make the wrong choice Miami, your immediate future depends on it.

The Patriots Run Is In Danger

The acquisition of Santonio Holmes is one of the many reasons the Patriots are in trouble.

There’s about to be a changing of the guard in the AFC East if the Patriots keep standing pat (no pun intended).

In the last twenty-four hours the New York Jets continued to add to their already impressive offseason haul, even though some of their deals make you wonder if their trying to win football games or become a halfway house for criminals and heathens.

The Jets added Santonio Holmes for a fifth-round pick (that’s right a former Super Bowl MVP was traded for a pick that might never see an NFL field. Wow) in an effort made by the Steelers to control their wild off the field issues that they have faced this offseason. Holmes joins new additions Antonio Cromartie, Ladanian Tomlinson and possibly Jason Taylor as the Jets, who were two quarters away from the Super Bowl, load up for another run.

No to be out done the Miami Dolphins have given Chad Henne an early Christmas gift in acquiring one of the game’s top Wide Receivers in Brandon Marshall. Marshall was acquired early Wednesday morning and signed a 4 year 47.5 million dollar contract extension to be Henne’s number one target. The deal also means that the Dolphins have decided to give up on first-round draft bust Ted Ginn Jr. Ginn’s problems with catching the ball were highly publicized last season and a team, that hasn’t had a receiver with a 100 catches season was in desperate need to strengthen a poor passing game.

(By the way when I say Ted Ginn Jr. had catching problems, I meant he couldn’t catch a cold. He was always a suspect pick by the Dolphins in 2007. He was never a reliable receiver at Ohio State and it showed in the NFL. He is electric on kick offs, but I don’t think the Dolphins want to pay a first round pick 5 million to return kicks and not catch balls. They could get Dante Hall for that.)

However, Marshall comes with his own baggage as well. Marshall has been suspended several times for character misconduct, and was involved in the shooting and death of former teammate Darrent Williams. Marshall is one strike away from a possible year-long suspension by Roger Goodell, which makes the trade even more risky, yet understandable.

All of this means that the Patriots may need to make a big splash in the NFL Draft next week to keep up with their divisional rivals. It has been an interesting offseason in Foxboro as the Pats have lost tight end Ben Watson to the Cleveland Browns, and have growing concerns with the age and depth of their defense. Plus there is the Randy Moss factor. Moss is in the final year of a productive three year deal, and judging from his comments earlier in February he doesn’t expect to be back.

“I understand the beast, the nature of it. I think that just with what I think and what I know I don’t think they’re going to re-sign me back. So, after this season if there is not a lockout I’ll be looking for a new team. I got a lot of respect for the Patriots and what they did for me and my family. So, the only thing I can do is just play this year out and see what my future holds after that.” Those were Moss’s own words.

Can you blame him? This is the same team that dumped Deion Branch and David Patten after their last title run, and unceremoniously got rid of Troy Brown.

The Pats face tough decisions in looking for a new running back now that it looks like Lawrence is a certified bust, no tight end, a suspect secondary and uncertainty with the health of Wes Welker after tearing his ACL in Week 17 against the Houston Texans.

When looking around the division you can understand why there is cause for concern in Foxboro. Rex Ryan has already shown his lack of fear for Bill Belichick, and the Dolphins already have a pension for making Tom Brady’s life miserable whenever he visits Miami. Unless the Pats can make a late run in free agency, or use those four picks that they have in the first two rounds wisely they could have a hard time keeping up with the newly stacked Jets and the highly talented Dolphins.

Though the division hasn’t officially been handed over yet, it seems like it is getting close. The Jets showed that they were a major player last year, and haven’t slowed this offseason, while the Dolphins are out to prove that last season 7-9 campaign was a fluke. Some of that Belichick magic sure would be useful right now if you ask me.