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The NFL Puts A Hurting On The Saints


Yes, bounties have been happening for as long as anyone can remember in the NFL.

Yes, violence is apart of the game and always will be.

And for those wondering… Yes, Roger Goodell did the right thing with his punishments handed down to the New Orleans Saints this afternoon following “Bountygate.”

The NFL suspended Saints coach Sean Payton for the entire season as well as new St. Louis Rams defensive coordinator Gregg Williams who was the man behind the controversy.

The league also suspended Saints GM Mickey Loomis for 8 games and assistant Joe Vitt 6 games.

All suspensions are also without pay… I hope Sean Payton’s been saving his money because he’s now out $7.5 million this year.

Goodell who has developed a reputation of coming down hard on players for their transgressions maintained that rep when it came to those in authoritative positions in this case.

The suspensions handed down were fair and balanced. Payton was responsible for allowing these practices to commence right in front of him and didn’t attempt to stop them.

Williams instituted a system that was about bringing injury to all of his opponents and he had been doing it for years dating back to his days in Washington. If anything Williams should have received two years as punishment for paying players to willingly injure others.

I’m also pretty sure that Loomis was well aware of Williams actions and did nothing to cease them as well.

Everyone involved was wrong and now they have to pay.

It leaves the Saints and Rams for that matter in a bad predicament.

Williams was supposed to take charge of a young Rams defense that has lots of talent but couldn’t flourish under former coach Steve Spagnuolo.

Williams turned the Saints into a defense built on causing turnovers and could’ve turned this unit around very quickly with staples like Chris Long and James Laurinitis already in place.

For the Saints it’s huge because Payton was not only their head coach but play caller as well. Payton was at the head of the Saints offensive juggernaut that torched defenses on the regular last season. Without him Drew Brees and company may trouble producing the same results even though most of their best parts still remain on offensive.

The Saints may have just gone from a Super Bowl contender to a team that will be in the chase for a Wildcard spot.

However, none of this is Goodell’s concern. Goodell has been preaching player safety and has been coming down hard on players in the NFL to follow his lead.

Today he let coaches and the heads of the front office have it. Follow what I say or get burned.

Today the Saints went down in a four alarm blaze.