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Week 2 NFL Picks


Here’s my recap of last nights bears-packers game… Jay Cutler’s performance earned me .10 points in fantasy last night… Yup on tenth of a point…

On to week 2

Buffalo over Kansas city

In a battler of two QB’s that should be benched Ryan Fitzpatrick “outduels” Matt cassel

Bengals over Browns

If Brandon Weeden has another game like last week Colt McCoy will be looking mighty fine to pay shurmer

Vikings over Colts

The Vikings can become an early season surprise with a 2-0 start and I think it’ll happen.

Raiders over Dolphins

Carson Palmer versus Ryan Tannehill… Both defenses can’t wait for this

Patriots over Cards

No explanation needed

Giants over Buccaneers

Even if the Giants lose they’ll still win five straight, lead the NFC EAST then tank in the second half before eeking out a wild card and making a super bowl run. The usual.

Ravens over Eagles

Two good defenses, two suspect QB’s, two great run games. Expect overtime from the game of the week.

Saints over Panthers

Who’ll snap out of their week one funk and avoid 0-2, Cam Newton or Drew Brees? I’d go with Drew and company.

Texans over Jaguars

Blaine Gabbert looked like a real NFL QB last week. That can’t continue can it?

Redskins over Rams

Rams revamped D meet RG3. This should be fun.

Seahawks over Cowboys

Too much was made of Dallas’s week one win versus a depleted Giants secondary. Expect a letdown.

Steelers over Jets

No James Harrison no Darrelle Revis, but plenty of defense still remains

Chargers over Titans

Attention Chris Johnson… Earn your money, sincerely football fans everywhere

49ers over lions

Has a postgame handshake ever been so anticipated?

Broncos over Falcons

Peyton proved he’s back last week. The redemption tour continues Monday night.

The Taming Of The Suh


I really like Ndamukong Suh. He’s a genuine guy, soft-spoken, humble in real life and an all-around good guy.

But to steal a phrase from The Dave Chappelle Show, Ndamukong Suh is ****** up!

(side note: I think there many phrases you can take from the Chappelle Show and apply them to real life, that’s why it’s one of my top 5 comedy shows ever. Season two especially.)

Suh’s latest run in with the moral law of the NFL will land him on the suspended list and will once again raise questions as to what kind of player he actually is.

Suh has slowly gained a reputation of being a dirty player after his vicious take downs of Jake Delhomme, Jay Cutler and Andy Dalton. However, each time people such as myself have given him the benefit of the doubt by saying he just plays the game the way way it should be played.

Suh has an incredible motor. In just two years he has established himself as one of the top 5 defensive linemen in the game because if that relentlessness.

With that being said, that motor is about to land him on the suspension list.

Suh’s latest act is absolutely indefensible. During Thursday’s thanksgiving day game versus Green Bay Suh got tangled up with Packers offensive lineman Evan Dietrich-Smith and proceeded to mush his head into the concrete twice then as he was getting up he stomped on Smith’s arm. Suh was then ejected and was seen pleading his case to coach Jim Schwartz and the umpires.

As if that weren’t enough there was his poor excuse of an apology after the game where he seemed more resentful to being ejected than remorseful for his actions.

C’mon son! What are you doing?

I can’t defend Suh’s latest actions, infant I’ll take it a step further, Ndamukong Suh is a dirty player.

Slamming down QB’s and inflicting pain on running backs is your job so you get a pass on that. However, once you start trying to purposefully hurt players on the field with non football tactics then you cross that line of tough and dirty. Suh is now on the other side of that line.

The crazy part is Suh still believes that he’s innocent even after watching replays over and over again of him stomping on another man’s arm.

Commissioner Roger Goodell would be right to sit him down for two games especially after Suh volunteered to to speak with the commish after his recent run ins.

Also more than anything Suh needs to learn to control the rage that he has on the field of play. That same rage that makes him great is changing a lot of people’s opinions about him and he has to find a happy medium that allows him to still be dominate without being dirty.

Suh is at a turning point very early in his career he can either clean his act up and continue to be a mister of a force in the middle of the Lions front line, or he can keep playing the way he does and continue to lose respect throughout the league.

I like the guy a lot, but if Ndamukong Suh doesn’t learn to control himself he’ll have a very light wallet and a target on his body whenever offensive linemen see him.

Let’s hope his impending suspension will be a lesson well learned instead of the beginning of a bad trend.

Mike Martz “Genius” Costs The Bears

The Bears offensive game plan doomed them.

I’ll never understand the silliness of NFL “gurus.” You know, the guys that are supposed to know more than you and I and anyone else involved in the game?


They’re the guys who get jobs based on their brilliance in their designed field of offense or defense because they seem to make the right calls with the right personnel and everything seems to work.


Think about all of the “geniuses” that have gotten head coaching jobs based on their repertoire; Bill Belichick, defensive guru, Brian Billick, QB guru, Mike Shanahan, QB genius and last but not least Mike Martz, offensive genius. Have these men had success? Absolutely. However, more times than not their success at the head coaching position is due to players on the other side of the ball and in recent years their genius has come into question, especially Martz.


After the Bears loss to the Packers on Sunday you may see why.


The Bears looked dreadful on offense through three quarters unable to move the ball past Green Bay’s defense. There was no flow, no ability to move the ball especially through the air. Martz had changed his philosophy on offense with this team because midway through the season it was apparent that their line couldn’t protect Jay Cutler and that they didn’t have the receivers to run his vertical attack.


(And all it took was a nine sack first-half against the New York Giants that concussed QB Jay Cutler and cost them a game to figure it out. Just saying.)


Martz stuck with the ground game and the short passing game because Matt Forte was his most reliable playmaker and it worked.


The Bears were a much different team relying on controlling the line of scrimmage and their defense to win games while limiting their mistakes.


This philosophy carried the Bears to a NFC North title and a number two seed in the playoffs and to the NFC title game. So with it working so well and the Bears winning ball games why did Martz go back to his old “Greatest show on Turf” days and go vertical again today against the Packers dominant pass rush? I’m sure the Bear faithful and Lovie Smith would like to know as well.


The run game disappeared as the Bears decided to test the Packers stellar secondary and it failed. The Bears were blanked through three quarters, had less than 150 yards of total offense and Forte had little impact on the ground. Sure you could blame some of their woes on the fact that Cutler was injured before the end of the first half and didn’t return, but before he left the Bears looked clueless on offense.


Speaking of the quarterback play give third-stringer Caleb Hanie credit for the way he played under duress and to Smith for putting him in their under the circumstances of the game (Cutler’s injury and Todd Collins looking like Phil Collins) and trusting him. Hanie showed great poise late in the game giving the Bears a shot to win in the end even though he finished with two picks.


Hanie’s play mixed with the fact that the Bears finally went back to the run game got them back into the game late and set up their final drive with under three minutes left.

Martz's ridiculous call late in the game doomed the Bears.


Hanie used Forte throughout his fourth quarter stint as his favorite weapon checking down three of four times for large gains including twice on this drive. Then on a third & three with close to a minute left the Bears called timeout to setup a play and the result left me wondering why in the world would that have been called in any situation anywhere.


They called an end around on third & 3 with one minute left deep in Green Bay territory… I’m not a Bears fan but I was mad as hell.


A reverse, with your season on the line and two downs left was about as idiotic a play as you can call. It was worse than the Forte halfback pass last week against Seattle. The play lost two yards and forced a bad fourth down throw from Hanie, which was then intercepted. Game over, have a good night.


After Chicago fought back from such a poor start and whose defense played so well and kept them in it with two picks of Aaron Rodgers, that was the sequence that ended their season. I would be ticked.


Martz’s genius and gimmick play calling cost the Bears a shot at playing in the Super Bowl. Not Jay Cutler, not their backup quarterback, not Aaron Rodgers, the brain child of the vertical passing game that took St. Louis to the top but has bottomed out since.


His game plan put them in a hole and his play calling killed them.


Don’t get me wrong, Green Bay won this game and deserved to play in the Super Bowl. They just got one big assist from one of those great NFL gurus.


Full Exposure

The Overrated dont last long at number one coach.

Congratulations Ohio State, thanks to Wisconsin you have been exposed as a fraud. The soft schedule and lack of a true early season road test all came to head this weekend in Madison as the Buckeyes got beaten up by the Badgers 31-18 in their first and only week as the nation’s number one team in the country.

The game was over before it truly began. The Badgers jumped out to a 21-0 lead thanks to a kickoff return by David Gilreath and two John Clay scores. In fact the Badgers running attack is what really did Ohio State in. James White, John Clay and the Badgers offensive line completely controlled the line of scrimmage and pushed back the now overrated defensive line of the Buckeyes  for 184 yards on the ground and Clay become the first runner in 30 games to gain 100 yards on the Buckeyes.

So once again the Buckeyes fail in a game of great importance for their program, OSU should be used to it by now. However Buckeye faithful keep those chins up, because you have plenty of company in the house of frauds this week in both the NCAA and NFL. This weekend was the weekend of the exposed as many teams that we thought we really good were really overrated and their performance showed it.


Not to beat a dead horse but Jim Tressel your play calling is quite suspect. Look at the second quarter drive with the Buckeyes inside of the Badgers 10 yard line down 21-0.  Three runs, one up the middle, one QB option and a wildcat formation with Dan Herron at the QB position. Three plays, no points. I guess Tressel forgot about that 6’3 receiver named Devier Posey that he has on the outside and forgot that throwing the ball in that area is a neat option.

However, what really irks me about Ohio State is the lack of fixing the problems that they already knew existed. The special teams was horrible versus Miami and coach said that he would take a big look at it. Guess it wasn’t too good a look after the Gilreath touchdown that put the Buckeyes from behind from the beginning of the contest.

Personnel isn’t the problem it’s the way they play the game and that falls on the coaching staff. The fact that the Buckeyes don’t have a reliable short yardage runner or an intermediate passing game falls on Tressel. You can only live so long with Terrelle Pryor running options and chucking the ball downfield all game.


So much for that revenge against Texas.

Well, there goes the Taylor Martinez for Heisman talk and the talk of Nebraska looking to avenge that loss to Texas last year. Texas came in and punched the Huskers in the mouth and sent them off to the Big Ten with a not so lovely parting gift.

As talented as Martinez is the Huskers relied on him a little too much during their first few games and their lack of offensive depth showed as Texas slowed them to a standstill and built up an insurmountable 20-3 advantage.


Gee, thanks Steve Spurrier. After I give you all of those props for closing out the defending national champs at home. You go on the road and can’t hold a 28-17 fourth quarter lead against the SEC’s perennial underachiever in Kentucky.

How does a defense that kept Alabama in check let Kentucky rack up 401 total yards? How does Stephen Garcia go from looking like he turned the corner to throwing two costly picks and the offense struggling with 4 turnovers after running over the Crimson Tide? Take back what I said last week.


I mean I didn’t expect them to get to the Fiesta Bowl, but I did expect them to set up a good undefeated matchup with Boise State in Reno in a couple of weeks. Unfortunately Colin Kaepernick and company couldn’t get that dominant run game going and now we get to not talk about Nevada again for awhile.


I mean it’s not their fault that the entire team seems as though its injured, but to lose a ten point lead in Washington after dominating most of the game and then to come home and lay an egg like they did?

This isn’t the work of a Super Bowl contender. The Packers should have done a better job looking for a backup to Ryan Grant so their running game wouldn’t be abysmal. Also Mike McCarthy’s game management right now is starting to rival Les Miles in Baton Rouge. Maybe they exchanged notes or something.


I guess that Giants game wasn’t an aberration, that offensive line is poor. Matt Forte is back to being that unproductive running back that teased us with an awesome rookie season. I can’t blame Jay Cutler for being a burden to this team, its every area but the quarterback position this year. He’s probably wishing that he didn’t hurry back from that concussion.


Funny story; after watching the Philadelphia Eagles jump to a 21-0 lead with Kevin Kolb slinging the ball all over the Falcons I sent my buddy Scully a text that said that Atlanta was trash, he responded by saying that, you’re only saying that because we’re (the Eagles) are winning. After further review this is not so.

Who do I have to yell at to get us going?

The Falcons can’t defend the pass. Kolb and company turned the game into a track meet and ran all over the field against these guys. They don’t seem like they have the personnel to keep up with speedy playmakers.

Also, this is a horrible road team. Forget the Saints win for a minute, the Falcons in the Matt Ryan era are two games under .500 and routinely come out flat. If they want to win the NFC (which they won’t) then they have to get more focused on the road.


Ugh. It doesn’t get any uglier than this team. Contract disputes, lack of a running game, an immature and volatile quarterback and a defense that underachieves like no other.  Watching the Chargers on Sunday made me realize how truly dysfunctional this team is. They seem to lack leadership and direction.  They were constantly out of position on defense and the offense couldn’t get a continuous flow going.

With all of that said they still may win the AFC West because the Chiefs may have finally come back down to earth and no one in that division really has any consistent game plan week in and out to make that next step. Still the Chargers are no threat to go anywhere this year, well except Norv Turner. He might be fired in three weeks.

See Buckeyes you weren’t the only contender that laid an egg this week. So cheer up as you and the rest of these teams watch your game film and wonder what went wrong. Also watch as you get passed by every other team in the standings and miss out on another title shot. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from being a Buckeye in the last four years it’s that no one gives an underachiever a shot, especially when they get it wrong by overrating you to begin with.