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Here We Go Again


So here we are, 12 hours from the third NHL lockout in my lifetime… Third.

There wasn’t a lockout in the previous 70 plus years in the league, but since the reign of terror know as the Gary Bettman era the NHL has set a record in futility of the collective bargaining agreement.

You would think the league would’ve learned after the last lockout which cost them the season and alienated an entire fan base. The sport had already been blasted out of the national spotlight and was passed in popularity temporarily by NASCAR.

It took the NHL a while to get their feet back under them but they did with the birth of the Winter Classic, and a young core of stars that has brought new fans to the game.

And here they are about to throw it all away… Again.


So no one cares about the fans here I guess. No thought is given to the fans in Columbus who’ll miss out on an all-star game, or the fans in L.A. waiting to raise a banner on a long sought after title.

The greed of the owners in this league is sickening.

Seven years ago yes the league needed a proper financial structure. Contracts were getting out of hand and the big guys were eating up the little ones. That lockout was worth it in a sense. The NHL in a better financial state than years prior even though most teams in the southern states continue to lose money.

Here’s a thought for the owners, stop giving out these ridiculous ten plus year deals and have normal contracts then you can save yourselves money. The contracts given to guys like Ilya Kovalchuk and Roberto Luongo don’t make a lick of sense and will eventually kill the owners pockets.

However, that’s not even the largest crime here, it’s the lack of urgency in the owners or Bettman to make anything happen.

Three days ago the Bettman ok’d an agreement to lockout the players if a greener wasn’t reached by tonight. Nothing has happened since. There has been little bargaining and little caring.

Why isn’t Bettman putting pressure on either side? Doesn’t he realize another lockout would possibly kill the sport for good? Losing the Winter Classic this year would be a huge blow especially since in Michigan where the Red Wings are king.

Bettman is the ultimate owners pawn. He has no backbone to tell them anything and offers no real solutions in any form other than sitting there and doing what they say.

He is once again the champion of the world as the worst sports commissioner, possibly of all-time. His constant bumbling is about cost the NHL more fans, more credibility and more money.

And we can’t do anything about it because the owners would be stupid to fire him.

So here we are hockey fans looking at another lockout shortened season.

No banner raising in L.A., no Rick Nash debut in New York, no excitement in Minnesota with the acquisitions of Ryan Suter and Zach Parise… Nothing.

For the third time commissioner Bettman and the owners will cost us hockey for an extended period of time and we have to sit here and take it.

If Gary Bettman doesn’t fix this and soon then he’ll be another fan short. As much as I love my Rangers I won’t go through this again, I’d rather take my jersey throw it away and never look back.

Yeah, I’m at that point with the NHL right now.

Fun Things Going On In The NHL Thanks To Gary Bettman And Company

The Winter Classic has spawned many new ideas to give the NHL a P.R. boost.

I hate Gary Bettman, I really really really hate him.

He almost ruined my favorite sport next to football with a strike that damn near killed the game of hockey. He’s taken away teams from great hockey cities in Canada and placed them in the hockey hotbeds of Phoenix, Miami, Nashville and Atlanta. For a long time he refused to promote his best players on the ice leaving the average fan with no sense of whom the heck were the best players in the game.

(Seriously he damaged the sport for the longest time. There was a point in the late 90’s where Martin Brodeur, Keith Tkachuk, Teemu Selanne, Mike Modano and Paul Kariya were studs and you wouldn’t have known it because Bettman refused to put any backing behind promoting the players. No one knew about Joe Thornton, Vinny LeCavalier or Jarome Iginla and he didn’t care. I don’t care if your league is indoor lacrosse, you have to have your players featured and Bettman never did it. As you can tell I still haven’t gotten over that.)

There have been so many things that I can run Bettman into the ground for from the strike, the handling of the Coyotes, to everyone one of these gargantuan and ridiculous long-term deals that it makes my head spin.

This is why it’s so hard for me to give the man props for the pop culture revolution that is going on in the NHL and is making the game a better sell for people outside of the die-hard fan.

Since the NHL came from that crippling strike Bettman and his cronies at the NHL offices in New York and Toronto have gone out of their way to make the game more accessible and to bring the game back into mainstream America. At first the ideas were less than impressive (you remember that NBC experiment where they highlighted the best players on each team and let you know when they were on the ice right? FAIL!), however in the last three years the NHL has become imaginative in promoting the game and it has seen great returns from these experiments.

Of course it starts with the Winter Classic. An idea that was spawned thanks to an outdoor game between two Canadian teams (Montreal and

The new All-Star format makes game more intriguing for fans and players like Dustin Byfuglien

Edmonton), which was meant to return the game to its roots of being outdoor on a pond having fun with your buddies.

It’s done that and much more.

The original Classic featuring Pittsburgh and Buffalo was so successful that now the Classic is the main event of New Year’s Day. Thanks to the BCS and its long drawn out games, the NHL has swooped in and made the day all its own, similar to the NBA and Christmas. I mean let’s be real, what was more entertaining this year the Caps-Pens or any of the SEC-Big Ten beat-downs? Exactly.

The success of the game made the NBA try an outdoor pre-season game a while ago but with horrible results. Success breeds envy, never thought Bettman had that in him.

Fast-forward to this year and look at that the new format for the NHL All-Star game. Instead of the tired East vs. West all-stars the league decided to make a pool of the best players (as it should be) and have two captains pick their teams. Its playground hockey in a sense and brings more fun into the game. How cool would it be to see Sidney Crosby, Steven Stamkos and Patrick Kane on the same line or Anze Kopitar with Alex Ovechkin and Daniel Sedin? The creativity of the best players in both conferences combined is cool to just think about.

The initial reaction from journalists was yeah it is cool, but it would’ve been cooler if the NBA thought of it first. It is a great point, I mean Kobe, LeBron and Blake Griffin on the same team, wow. However the fact that the NHL had the guts to try and experiment with such a cool concept is shocking. They were able to figure out that All-Star games were becoming a bore and pumped new life into it with a simple concept that makes it more interesting and maybe more fun.

(Side note: all all-star games are boring. The NHL had a great idea ten years ago with the North America vs. The World concept which should have been copied by everyone but wasn’t. I mean there are only so many times that I can watch Tim Duncan, Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash play together before I decide that I’d rather pick up a shift at work than watch the game. Just saying.)

Now the NHL is taking another marketing risk with its Guardian Project, which is the brainchild of Marvel Comic legend Stan Lee. It’s a concept that takes all 30 NHL teams and gives each of them a superhero based on the team name and the personality of the team and its city. It’s been met with some criticism by fans and critics alike but I can’t wait to see what The Ranger looks like.

The Flyers Guardian looks cool, I bet the Rangers Guardian would own him though.

It’s inventive and exciting and draws more attention to the league. While I think it might be a little much for the NHL and it might not make much sense… I can’t wait to see what the Ranger looks like.

Has all of this helped the NHL out? Absolutely. The die-hard fans have returned and the casual fan has gained interest in the league. That combined with the fact that the Original Six have returned to form (yes, Toronto is coming back.) and that ridiculous gold medal game from the Olympics last year has given the NHL a huge lift in ratings and we actually know who the best players in the game are.

People know who Patrick Kane, Mike Richards, Drew Doughty, Ovechkin, Crosby and others are now. Led by Crosby and Ovechkin in America and the Sedin twins in Canada, the league’s best are on display on and off the ice and it’s helping the sport came back into national relevance.

However there is one place where the NHL has to get more exposure, GET THE GAME BACK ON ESPN!!!

While Versus has become a very good hockey network it still doesn’t have the national audience that ESPN has and that the league benefitted from in the 90’s and early 2000’s. I don’t mind it if the games stayed on Versus Mondays and Tuesdays, but in order for the league to get back to where it was in the mid-90’s during the Red Wings-Avalanche rivalry days the game needs a larger audience and ESPN is perfect for that.

Until then what Bettman and the league has done to promote the game isn’t a bad starting or pushing point. The All-Star game is in late January, the playoffs are around the corner and excitement is building as the Western conference race is tighter than a can of sardines and the best in the East are on collision courses. It’s a fun time to be and NHL fan, now let’s see if Bettman and company can continue the good work and keep it going.

I’m not ready to forgive him for all of the bad things he did to the league but getting a glimpse of The Ranger will be a nice start.