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Far From Burfict


I’ll be honest with you, I’ve barely seen Vontaze Burfict play in college.

It’s not the east coast bias, it’s not that I didn’t care, it’s just that Arizona State games were never really on my radar. All I know is that their new unis make Maryland’s look like trash.

Well after the NFL combine this weekend and there are two things I have to say about him; 1, I wouldn’t pick this guy for my intramural flag football team and 2, dude grow up.

Burfict makes DeMarcus Cousins look like the pope. There were so many red flags proven correct about Burfict this weekend it made you wonder how the hell this guy was a top prospect to begin with.

His on the field performance was pathetic he was in the bottom five of most drills performed on the field. He ran the 40 yard dash in 4.93 and 5.10 seconds… AS A 6-1 248 POUND LINEBACKER!!!

For perspective Memphis DT Dontari Poe ran the 40 at a 4.86 and is 100 pounds heavier the Burfict… Huh?

(side note: because of Poe’s jaw dropping weekend in Indy he is now a possible top ten pick even though he played on a crappy team and had not one standout game in his career. I hate the combine.)

However, the worst part about Burfuct came in the interview process where he threw everyone under the bus for his shortcomings.

When asked about his lackluster play last year he said it was the coaches fault, ignoring the fact that he came into the season overweight and not in game shape. When asked about a fight with a walk-on teammate he said it was the receivers fault for hitting him too hard in practice… I won’t even touch that.

(at least Cliff Harris had a sense of humor with his arrest saying that being caught driving 125 mph was “fun.” Actually that was stupid too but I got a laugh out of it.)

The point is who would take this guy. He’s not a great athlete and is still learning how to be a man. His deflect of criticism and childish mannerisms along with the fact that he is in no way ready to be an NFL linebacker from a athletic standpoint makes him untouchable and not in a good way.

The only teams that could take Burfict are ones with a great leadership base that could whip him into shape in all senses of that phrase.

The New York Giants, Baltimore Ravens, Pittsburgh Steelers and San Francisco 49ers are the only teams who have a realistic shot of getting through to this guy, but why would they?

They’re perennial contenders who are very focused on their jobs. They don’t need to babysit the new guy in the locker room because that’s what they’re about.

The only thing Burfict can do is work at who he is on and off the field himself. Burfict’s imperfections were on display for all to see this weekend and they knocked him from a first-round pick to a fourth-round pick.

In order to keep from slipping into oblivion he needs to grow up and prove that he can be an NFL professional.

Because right now it’s a head scratcher as to how he ever became anything in college.

Kentucky Returns To Where It Belongs

A sight that Kentucky fans have been for for a long time.

All of the expectations, the crazy hopes and dreams of Wildcat Nation, the hunger to win and to always be on top… turns out Kentucky was always right to feel that they should have better.


Kentucky beat North Carolina yesterday to head to its first Final 4 since Tubby Smith’s first season in Lexington in 1998. Since that national title year, Kentucky has become unconsciously unrealistic in their expectations of what and where their program should be. At least to u and I.


The constant criticism of Smith, the quick hook for Billy Gillespie, who was clearly in over his head, the need for a big time name to lead their program… it was maddening in every sense of the word to the average outsider.


But Kentucky always knew what it was worth. Its hopes and dreams were answered when John Calipari left Memphis after leading the Tigers during a great 10 year run to come to Lexington.


Calipari has long been considered one of the game’s best coaches and was the man that most felt could handle the enormous pressure that comes with being the coach at Kentucky. He also came with baggage and two vacated Final 4 appearances due to recruiting violations.


It was a huge risk for Kentucky to hire Calipari, but they knew in order for them to reach the mountain top they needed that kind of coach. In two years he hasn’t disappointed.


Last year’s stellar class featured John Wall, DeMarcus Cousins and a slew of freshmen that led the Wildcats to the Elite 8 before falling to West Virginia and then bolting for the NBA. This year all Coach Cal did was reload with Terrance Jones, Doron Lamb, Brandon Knight and almost Enes Kanter before the NCAA ruled him ineligible.


Though not as touted as the last class, Kentucky’s fab freshmen led them to their second consecutive SEC tournament title and Knight in particular has been a savior for Kentucky in every possible way. Knight hit game-winning buckets against Princeton in round one and

Brandon Knight has eclipsed John Wall in equal time at Kentucky.

against Ohio State in the Sweet 16 to put them in a position to make the Final 4 and he dropped 30 on West Virginia in the second round to help them pull away and 22 against UNC.


Along with veterans Josh Harrelson and DeAndre Liggins, Kentucky has put together its most cohesive unit since the 2003 squad, which was heavily favored to win the national title but didn’t make it out of the second round.


Yesterday versus UNC you saw a team that didn’t melt down late in games like the previous Wildcat squads did under Smith or Gillespie. When UNC kept fighting back and Harrison Barnes started getting hot Knight and Liggins stopped them with huge 3’s late in the game and Darius Miller blocked a Barnes three point heave to seal it for Kentucky.


Once it was all said and done Kentucky returned to where it felt it always should be, the Final 4.


It took them three coaches, millions of questions and lots of criticism but Kentucky is right back where it belongs, in the Final 4 playing for a shot at its 8th national championship.


For some programs, 13 years since its last Final 4 would seem like a normal occurrence. At Kentucky they demand better. Looks like they weren’t so crazy after all.

It’s Time For DeMarcus Cousins To Grow Up

Yo DeMarcus... get your $#!! together bro!

Last year in my argument for Evan Turner as player of the year I pointed out that I thought DeMarcus Cousins was the most talented and best player on the Kentucky Wildcats over John Wall.

He had the size, skill, moves and smarts to become the best big man in college and any GM picking him in the top 5 would be justified in their selection. The one problem was his attitude. Watching Cousins during a game is a roller coaster of emotion. He hangs his head during rough stretches, doesn’t hustle up the, pouts, fails his arms, and when on the bench he looks like a kid that lost his puppy.

The worst were his constant tussles with coach John Calipari. By the end of last season Coach Cal was practically pushing Cousins out of the door. He was a big baby. Very talented but very immature. He could be Patrick Ewing or Derrick Coleman.

You thought that when the Kings took him that he could grow up, be a player to count on to take charge of his actions. Maybe now in the league, which is a grown man’s game, he could flourish and be everything he’s supposed to be… after further review, that’s a big fat hell no.

Cousins hasn’t changed one bit, hell he’s gotten worse. He’s clashed with coaches, cursed out assistants and hasn’t shown one iota of respect to the men in charge babysitting him.

The worse case came this past weekend during a 99-97 loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder. In the final seconds Tyreke Evans took a three pointer that rimmed out and Sacramento lost the game. Cousins was furious that he didn’t get the ball down low because he felt he has his man beat (to his credit he was open and did have him beat.). However, Cousins handled it in a horrendous way. Flailing your arms in frustration, that’s understandable. Getting into an altercation with a teammate, getting kicked off of a plane, screaming for respect even though you’re a rookie as a way of lashing out… yeah… that’s not a good look Boogie.

The much better side of DeMarcus Cousins.

Cousins wasn’t out of line, he was out of his mind. There are ways of handling differences with teammates; talk to em, pull em aside, vent in a professional manner, not throwing a tantrum like a three year old. However, sad to say, that’s what Cousins is.

Cousins talents speak for themselves, he’s a double-double waiting to happen, he’s got one of the best bodies for a low post player in the game. He’s long and he’s incredibly smart. He sees the floor, he knows where to go and what to do. The sad part is that none of this is relevant because he makes that part of himself secondary to his antics.

Cousins is having a really good rookie season but you wouldn’t know it. If he’s not cursing out coaches he’s getting fined for a choke sign, if its not that its this incident.

It’s not up to Paul Westhead, the Maloofs or anyone to get him together, its up to Cousins to say enough is enough and grow the hell up.

What Cousins doesn’t understand is bad boys don’t last long in the NBA. Ask Isaiah Rider, Bonzi Wells, and Darius Miles, if you don’t get your act together then you’ll be out of the league before you get close to reaching the zenith of your potential.

I don’t want that to be Cousins legacy. I’ve seen the kid play, I meant what I said about him being better than Wall. The boy’s talent is limitless and he can be a perennial all-star.

But in order for this to happen DeMarcus, you have to do me a favor… look in the mirror and grow up. Your almost 21, stop acting like you’re 12.

Dark Days In Miami (NBA Preview)

Lebron James... welcome to the darkside.

So… anything interesting happen in the NBA since last June?

Unless you’ve been under a rock then you know about the Miami Heat trying to buy their way to a championship. Sorry if I sound a little bit bitter while writing this. Keep in mind I live in Ohio now and in case you haven’t been attention again these people aint happy LeBron James dipped out on them to Miami. Of course I didn’t care about it much, I’m a Knicks fan WE GOT AMARE STOUDEMIRE IN THE GREAT SUMMER OF 2010… (Crickets chirp).

Back to James and Cleveland and everything in between. The controversy surrounding the decision and what was said in the aftermath I have already covered, the funny thing about it is how it continues to linger as Miami rises to the top of everyone’s list and Cleveland is in the running for Harrison Barnes in next year’s draft.

Cleveland number one has to get over it. It’s happened, there’s nothing you can do about it. LeBron is the new Art Modell a get that, but LeBron didn’t do anything for you all other than block some shots, dunks some balls and have a puppet. He hit one game-winning shot in his entire career and that was against mighty Golden State. In other words you had the new age Dominique Wilkins playing for you. I know the Q won’t be the same on game nights but you gotta let this go.

As for LeBron… well… he needs a new PR guy. I think I’ve learned that LeBron, the attention hog that he is really isn’t that smart when it comes to the media. The GQ interview where he stated that no one in Akron like Cleveland, fail. The reposting of hateful tweets, fail. The promise that he’s taking mental notes and it’s pushing him harder than before (until he gets to the playoffs and fizzles again), fail. I can’t believe this but we’ve actually found a sensitive athlete who cares more about perception of himself than anything to replace Alex Rodriguez.

First off this whole monster was his creation. From not being honest about free agency from the jump, to The Decision, to that interesting commercial that was just released where he goes off on everyone and says he won’t be what you want him to be. I’m sorry LeBron that all we wanted you to be was the media hyped sensation that you created by taking Jordan’s number, calling yourself “The Chosen One” and then fleeing to Miami with a big middle finger to the 216. See the bitterness is still there and I’m not even a Cavs fan.

(Side note: LeBron’s “Rise” commercial, and Tiger Woods’s commercial after his return from the incident that he still refuses to discuss were the most uneasy, uncomfortable and biggest ego stroking moments of two athletes who aint too well liked right now. What’s next? The Ben Roethlisberger commercial where he confesses some of his missteps in the last year? Nike, just sell some damn shoes.)

Sick of them yet? I am.

LeBron isn’t the only star than played a city, While Chris Bosh has about as much affiliation with Toronto as I do with Baltimore the way he put on a dog and pony show in front of them reeks of discrepancy. It’s not like Bosh ever won anything either, Bosh is a mid-level star who just so happened to be in the same draft as his two new teammates James and Wade. Bosh couldn’t carry the Raptors to the playoffs let alone carry himself to elite status so he decided to join forces and be Ringo to James and Wade’s Paul and Lennon. The whole thing was plotted ever since they won gold in the Olympics and the last two years they’ve been doing things to hide the scent of their obvious trail. The scenario wreaks of jealousy, greed, sloth and lust…ITS EVIL I TELLS YA!!

I actually had a Facebook status about this awhile ago just as a joke, think about this for a second; three men sign 6 year deals…. To play for the Heat… leave two cities in destruction… all for their own greed and purpose…get it? 3 guys, 3 headed monster, 6 year deals 666? Heat, hell fire? Greed? Destruction? IT’S THE TEAM OF SATAN!!!!

Ok not really but you have to think someone’s not happy about and already the Heat have injury problems from Wade’s hammy to Mike Miller’s injury that has him out until January. So the “Yes We Did” machine has slowed considerably in Miami.

Yet the NBA championship is still the main goal of this team. While they have some competition for the crown, it aint much. The NBA has turned into a 5 team league  with a bunch of exciting players that will wither be like LeBron and join forces with another player to build a contender, or do it the Kevin Durant way, do it yourself like all of the legends did.

While everyone is so excited about the start of the season I could honestly care less. The league isn’t anything special until after the all-star break. Except for LeBron’s return to Cleveland in December I could care less about this season. it’s like my feelings on La Liga, I have to be interested in more than two teams to care about a league, and in the NBA there’s only 5 teams out of 30 that matter, Orlando, Miami, Oklahoma City, Boston and the Lakers (apologies to Dallas but you’re not their yet). While to some it makes for appealing basketball I’m more into the middle tier of teams Chicago, Milwaukee, Portland and the Clippers… yes Clippers I said it.

Come on Blake Griffin is back from injury, Eric Gordon is looking to continue his momentum from a great World Championships  and the team looks like it can be competitive enough to make the playoffs. The Gordon-Griffin combo is especially exciting to watch because of the possibilities  of what could become of these two, just keep in mind, these are the Clippers, anything can happen.

I’m also intrigued by Sacramento with Tyreke Evans and DeMarcus Cousins leading a young team that could be the next Oklahoma City. There is a ton of young talent in the league in places that they can build up to challenge some of the guard within the next few years. There are some special things brewing in Milwaukee as Brandon Jennings and Andrew Bogut lead a team that would be a Eastern Conference contender if not for the constant attention given to Miami.

Another team that looks intriguing is Minnesota. Granted they won’t come near the playoffs but they’ll be interesting with a new up tempo style of play and do it all wingman Wesley Johnson flying all over the place.

Kobe aint the only reason to watch games at staples this year

Yeah it sounds nice to give the little guy some pub, but  it is all about the Heat and since Satan’s squad is getting all of the pub here are some angels that could rescue the NBA from the on court Armageddon.


In case you haven’t noticed the Heat have no inside presence at all. Bosh can’t guard any athletic big men, let alone the best center in the game. This has to be the year where Howard stops being so nice and turns into an animal. Even Superman knew when it was time to stop being a Good Samaritan and beat some ass. This is Howard’s time. Florida has been his state for the last three years and he and the Magic are on the verge of being overtaken. If Howard’s offseason workouts were really serious and he did get better then the Magic could make a run back to the finals.


I really, really want them to take it to L.A. this year but they are still one year away. Durant is the real deal beyond a shadow of a doubt. He’s the guy that really wants to be the man in the big situation and doesn’t shy away from attention. It doesn’t hurt that he has Russell Westbrook breaking ankles at every turn and Jeff Green doing everything at both ends. With the King settling for becoming a prince Durant is now the man to beat for MVP and the next in line for the title of best in the league.


Don’t tell me that they don’t want a shot at Miami’s big 3. Boston might be old but the old legs still have life in them as well as Rajon Rondo running the point. If they stay healthy they get to finals due to their depth, if they break down then Danny Ainge may want to start the rebuilding process.


Did you hear Carmelo wants out of Denver? If you saw what that team was like you would too. Carmelo desperately wants to be a Knick along side of Amare with the possibility of Chris Paul joining them. Now that’s a big three.

But back to Melo for a minute. In that class of 03 with Wade, James and Bosh, Melo always seems to be the forgotten man. He’s t he best pure scorer in the league who whopped LeBron in Cleveland last year with a game winner at the buzzer. Carmelo has the potential of being the best in the league but he needs help more than anyone else. If he becomes a Knick with that much talent and possibly Paul following him than Carmelo may be the man to beat for the next few years.


Not Batman and Robin, just two dudes who back down from nothing. Come playoff time they’ll bruise the Heat inside and out.


Yeah, um, I'm still here incase you forgot.


Yeah… him… he’s still walking around. Injured or healthy there’s no one better that will bring it night in and out. Who would’ve thought five years ago we’d be talking about Kobe in a better light than LeBron. Kobe is the old-school player that we all admire. He wants the ball late, he plays the best offensive player on the floor, and he fears nothing. He’s also one ring away from matching the man that we all compare him to, Jordan. He knows this. He knows that his time is limited for as long as he’s played and the injuries that are piling up. You also know that none of this mattered as soon as he saw James, Wade and Bosh standing together and saw the entire world claim them as title favorites.

Kobe is a monster. He never forgets anything, ask Shaq. His motivation right is winning a title and if the Heat get in the way then destroy them. Kobe is still the best player in the league no matter who is walking around be it Durant, CP3 or Prince James. He’s also got (in no particular order) Ron Artest, Pau Gasol, Lamar Odom and a cast of shooters and role players that once again make the Lakers the real team to beat. Betting against Kobe is not smart, no matter whom Miami just acquired.

So sorry Miami for all of your hype, antics, controversies and other offseason craziness you’ve built up you won’t win the NBA title this year. That will once again go to the Los Angeles Lakers and Kobe Bryant. The Lakers will save the NBA from Satan’s minions and keep the promise of good basketball alive for another year. However, you know evil never sleeps and anything can happen. I just hope it doesn’t involve the Heat in any way possible, they bring the anger out of me as a writer. Guess they’re doing Satan’s work well.