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Schiano’s Poor Decision


This is not the Big East, this is not Rutgers, the NFL game is different from the college game and Greg Schiano should know that

His explanation for rushing his entire D-line at Eli Manning at the end of yesterday’s Giants win over the Buccaneers is plain old silly.

While I agree with the notion that you keep on playing until the end, what Schiano did was unacceptable.

Telling your defense to make a last second jail break in hopes of getting a late fumble is stupid and it could’ve resulted in injuries on both sides of the football.

Tom Coughlin was right to chew out Schiano afterwards for his unethical tactics. After losing three important players to injury Coughlin wasn’t trying to have another one of his guys hurt.

Hopefully Schiano can find more creative ways to cause turnovers instead of using bush league tactics. Not wanting to lose is one thing, but sometimes it’s better to learn when to call it quits rather than using poor judgement.

Welcome to the NFL Greg Schiano. Your next opponent is the Dallas Cowboys, not the Temple Owls.