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Let’s Get Real Green Bay


Ok, so I know all of you are beyond miffed by this call that cost Green Bay the game on Monday night.

You can’t go anywhere online or turn on any channel without seeing a replay of M.D Jennings and Golden Tate fighting over a Russell Wilson hail Mary with two referees confused on which call to make.

It is comical and controversial and the exact kind of thing that everyone was afraid of when this referee strike began weeks ago. We were all afraid of officials swinging a game due to their ineptitude in understanding the rule book and on Monday night it sort of came true.

ESPN analysts acted as if a funeral had just occurred, Packer nation cried foul, Packer players sent out profanity laced tweets blasting the NFL and its referees and rightfully so.

Everyone has a right to be mad, to scream bloody murder and wish death on everyone in the NFL that doesn’t play on every down…

But can I please bring everyone back down to earth with some logical thinking and understandable banter…


We’ve been so caught up in the monster of media that is driving a story making the Packers look like they were robbed a victory when they weren’t worthy of victory before this whole thing happened.

Funny, I hear death threats loading my inbox soon.

Let’s stop talking about the last 8 seconds for at least an hour an talk about the previous 59:52. The Packers were not even a reasonable facsimile of a title contending football team. The Seahawks bruised and bullied Green Bay in every area of the game.

Their front four sacked Aaron Rodgers 8 times, all in the first half with Chris Clemons and the verge of challenging Derrick Thomas for the NFL single game sack record. When Rodgers did have time to throw the ball the Seattle secondary limited all gains and shut down Green Bay’s big play capability.

Even the uber-conservative Seahawks offense was able to find holes in the Packer defense with Marshawn Lynch rushing for 100 yards and Wilson throwing a few beautiful passes including a second quarter touchdown to Tate who beat a confused Tramond Williams on the play.

Throughout the game the Packers were beaten up, beaten down and had very few answers.

Here’s the funny thing though, that’s been the story of the Packers season so far.

This was supposed to be a team that would challenge for another Super Bowl crown with reigning MVP Rodgers expected to torch defenses like he did last year. Unfortunately that has been nothing like the case.

The Packers are 1-2 averaging 100 yards less per game and 14 points less per contest than in 2011. They haven’t been able to replicate their big play ability like last year and they have regressed in all offensive areas with their defense still weak in areas in the pass game.

In short this isn’t a championship contender but rather a middle of the road team fighting for a playoff spot.

The road doesn’t get easier, they have New Orleans this week, who are fighting for their lives as well, tough matchups in the upcoming weeks against a reenergized Vikings team, the best defense in the league in Arizona plus the Giants and Lions looming. That’s 5 playoff caliber teams over the next 8 games.

After watching on Monday night are the Packers for this stretch? Hell no.

“The Fail Mary,” “The Golden Gate,” and “The Immaculate Deception” (whatever you want to call it) did a great job of glossing over a simple fact that Packers fans and players alike know, this is not a very good football and have a lot of work to do if they want to make the playoffs.

So while everyone is crying foul and saying that Green Bay got hosed I want all of you to take a step back, watch some of those highlights and ask yourself a question; did Green Bay really deserve to win that game on Monday?

You might find yourself singing a different tune once you take it all in.

NCAA Week 4 Picks


It’s Saturday so you know what that means… College pick time


14 Florida over Kentucky
16 Ohio state over UAB
8 west Virginia over Maryland
17 TCU over Virginia
18 UCLA over Oregon state
21 Michigan state over eastern Michigan
25 Nebraska over Idaho state
1 Alabama over FAU
20 Louisville over FIU
23 mississippi state over south Alabama


7 south Carolina over Missouri
13 USC over California
2 LSU over auburn
5 Georgia over Vanderbilt


18 Michigan over 11 Notre dame
6 Oklahoma over 15 Kansas state
3 Oregon over 22 arizona
4 Florida state over 10 Clemson

Schiano’s Poor Decision


This is not the Big East, this is not Rutgers, the NFL game is different from the college game and Greg Schiano should know that

His explanation for rushing his entire D-line at Eli Manning at the end of yesterday’s Giants win over the Buccaneers is plain old silly.

While I agree with the notion that you keep on playing until the end, what Schiano did was unacceptable.

Telling your defense to make a last second jail break in hopes of getting a late fumble is stupid and it could’ve resulted in injuries on both sides of the football.

Tom Coughlin was right to chew out Schiano afterwards for his unethical tactics. After losing three important players to injury Coughlin wasn’t trying to have another one of his guys hurt.

Hopefully Schiano can find more creative ways to cause turnovers instead of using bush league tactics. Not wanting to lose is one thing, but sometimes it’s better to learn when to call it quits rather than using poor judgement.

Welcome to the NFL Greg Schiano. Your next opponent is the Dallas Cowboys, not the Temple Owls.

Week 2 NFL Picks


Here’s my recap of last nights bears-packers game… Jay Cutler’s performance earned me .10 points in fantasy last night… Yup on tenth of a point…

On to week 2

Buffalo over Kansas city

In a battler of two QB’s that should be benched Ryan Fitzpatrick “outduels” Matt cassel

Bengals over Browns

If Brandon Weeden has another game like last week Colt McCoy will be looking mighty fine to pay shurmer

Vikings over Colts

The Vikings can become an early season surprise with a 2-0 start and I think it’ll happen.

Raiders over Dolphins

Carson Palmer versus Ryan Tannehill… Both defenses can’t wait for this

Patriots over Cards

No explanation needed

Giants over Buccaneers

Even if the Giants lose they’ll still win five straight, lead the NFC EAST then tank in the second half before eeking out a wild card and making a super bowl run. The usual.

Ravens over Eagles

Two good defenses, two suspect QB’s, two great run games. Expect overtime from the game of the week.

Saints over Panthers

Who’ll snap out of their week one funk and avoid 0-2, Cam Newton or Drew Brees? I’d go with Drew and company.

Texans over Jaguars

Blaine Gabbert looked like a real NFL QB last week. That can’t continue can it?

Redskins over Rams

Rams revamped D meet RG3. This should be fun.

Seahawks over Cowboys

Too much was made of Dallas’s week one win versus a depleted Giants secondary. Expect a letdown.

Steelers over Jets

No James Harrison no Darrelle Revis, but plenty of defense still remains

Chargers over Titans

Attention Chris Johnson… Earn your money, sincerely football fans everywhere

49ers over lions

Has a postgame handshake ever been so anticipated?

Broncos over Falcons

Peyton proved he’s back last week. The redemption tour continues Monday night.

Week 3 NCAA Picks


So I’m back with college pick em this week… It’s been a minute so forgive the rust


11 Clemson over furman
17 Michigan over umass
9 WVU over JMU
8 south Carolina over UAB
15 Kansas state over UNT
7 Georgia over FAU
3 LSU over Idaho
24 Arizona over Scst
22 UCLA over Houston


14 Texas over ole miss
19 Louisville over UNC
16 TCU over Kansas
5 Florida state over wake forest


4 Oregon over tntc


1 Alabama over Arkansas


California over 12 Ohio state
Pittsburgh over 13 Virginia tech


Utah over 25 BYU


23 TENNESSEE over 18 Florida
2 USC over 21 Stanford
10 Michigan state over 20 Notre dame

It’s All About The Name


Another Big East school bolting for the ACC, fine, no sweat off of my rear. However, the ACC and the NCAA for that matter missed the biggest part of Notre Dame joining the ACC today…

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish are still a football independent. Really?

Is the NCAA ever actually going to man up and make the Irish join a conference.

Notre Dame has gotten the same football privileges as other schools in high powered conferences for years even though they have been living off of their name more than their game.

Notre Dame has become a glorified mid-major in recent years, which seems disrespectful to Boise State and TCU. The Irish are not the powerhouse they used to be yet they still receive the royal treatment when it comes to football.

It’s so bad that on ESPN Notre Dame has its own section in College Football conference wrap-ups. Really? Notre Dame following the PAC-12?

To make matters even sillier the ACC agreed that the Irish have to play 5 teams from the conference a year. Ap what you’re telling everyone in the ACC is that even though they’re not part of the conference they are still part of the conference. Ok, got it. Great idea.

(by the way, how pissed off do you think the Big Ten is right now? The Big Ten has been trying to lure Notre Dame for years due to its major rivalries with Michigan State, Michigan, Purdue and Penn State and to watch them make this agreement with the ACC? If I were Jim Delaney I would throw a Moscow Mule in Jack Swarbrick’s face next time I see him.)

Why is it so hard for the NCAA to make Notre Dame join a conference? Why can’t someone in the hierarchy of the NCAA tell Swarbrick “look, unless you join a conference you essentially are BYU. You have to win all of your games to become a BCS qualifier and if you don’t then you’ll play in the Tony’s Pizza Bagel Bites Bowl in Butte, Montana every year like the rest of the little guys.”

Let’s cut the crap. Notre Dame doesn’t deserve special treatment when they haven’t been as good UConn in the last few years. In the last twelve years the Irish are on average a 7-5 team. That deserves special treatment?

They aren’t Alabama or LSU or USC or Boise State for that matter. Their lack of success and relevance doesn’t add up to all of the things that they get for being just being Notre Dame.

There’s no bitterness from me as a Big East guy that they are bolting for the ACC. What gets me is that Notre Dame as small as they are in relevance when it comes to football still get treated like kings.

The ACC just cow-towed to them like the NCAA has for years. Will anyone get the nerve to stand up to them and say enough’s enough?

Miami Better Be Right About Ryan Tannehill


When the Miami Dolphins hand in their eighth overall pick to commissioner Roger Gooddell I hope for their sake that the name Ryan Tannehill isn’t on it.

Listen Miami, I know you’ve had a bad winter and spring. I know you missed out on Peyton Manning, I know Matt Flynn said no thanks to you, but is that still reason to reach for a QB most people didn’t have in the first round at number 8?

Here’s a few a things that you should know about Tannehill:

He’s 6-5, has a strong arm, is pretty athletic and can put up yards.

He also can’t read coverages, he’s also a poor decision maker, he’s only been a QB for 2 years (was a receiver at Texas A&M). He cant hold a lead (remember the Oklahoma State and Arkansas games?) he’s terrible under pressure and most important Miami is that you’re trying to talk yourselves into him.

Are you really sure that Tannehill is the guy that you want to be your QB of the future? Are you positive that he’s not Chad Henne 2.0? Is he really better than Brandon Weeden or Russell Wilson (yeah he’s 5-11 but if he was 6-2 he’d be the number three pick in the draft… Seriously)?

Aren’t there other areas that you could improve in while this year and get a better QB next year (Andy Murray and Matt Barkley are light years better than Tannehill)?

Why not draft Melvin Ingram or Michael Floyd? Why not trade back and get Jonathan Martin to protect a QB?

The Dolphins need so much help in so many areas that drafting a QB no one is sure about may be a waste of time.

If you draft the wrong QB you’re setting yourself back years. Everyone knows the the Dolphins won’t be good anytime soon so why are you in a hurry to draft a subpar QB?

Look, if you think Tannehill’s the man for you then by all means snatch him up. However, you better be very sure about this.

The Lions set themselves back five years with Joey Harrington, the Cardinals are losing time with Kevin Kolb, and the Bills wasted three years with Trent Edwards and aren’t sure about Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Quarterback is the hardest position to judge in this league and you better right or face major consequences if you’re not.

If I were the Dolphins I wouldn’t take Ryan Tannehill and miss out on other future prospects. However, if that’s your guy you want then take him.

Just remember all of the QB’s you’ve run through since Dan Marino, all of the failures you’ve had on the field and all of the areas that you need help in.

Now double check that card and hand it over to the commish.

Don’t make the wrong choice Miami, your immediate future depends on it.