Let’s Get Real Green Bay


Ok, so I know all of you are beyond miffed by this call that cost Green Bay the game on Monday night.

You can’t go anywhere online or turn on any channel without seeing a replay of M.D Jennings and Golden Tate fighting over a Russell Wilson hail Mary with two referees confused on which call to make.

It is comical and controversial and the exact kind of thing that everyone was afraid of when this referee strike began weeks ago. We were all afraid of officials swinging a game due to their ineptitude in understanding the rule book and on Monday night it sort of came true.

ESPN analysts acted as if a funeral had just occurred, Packer nation cried foul, Packer players sent out profanity laced tweets blasting the NFL and its referees and rightfully so.

Everyone has a right to be mad, to scream bloody murder and wish death on everyone in the NFL that doesn’t play on every down…

But can I please bring everyone back down to earth with some logical thinking and understandable banter…


We’ve been so caught up in the monster of media that is driving a story making the Packers look like they were robbed a victory when they weren’t worthy of victory before this whole thing happened.

Funny, I hear death threats loading my inbox soon.

Let’s stop talking about the last 8 seconds for at least an hour an talk about the previous 59:52. The Packers were not even a reasonable facsimile of a title contending football team. The Seahawks bruised and bullied Green Bay in every area of the game.

Their front four sacked Aaron Rodgers 8 times, all in the first half with Chris Clemons and the verge of challenging Derrick Thomas for the NFL single game sack record. When Rodgers did have time to throw the ball the Seattle secondary limited all gains and shut down Green Bay’s big play capability.

Even the uber-conservative Seahawks offense was able to find holes in the Packer defense with Marshawn Lynch rushing for 100 yards and Wilson throwing a few beautiful passes including a second quarter touchdown to Tate who beat a confused Tramond Williams on the play.

Throughout the game the Packers were beaten up, beaten down and had very few answers.

Here’s the funny thing though, that’s been the story of the Packers season so far.

This was supposed to be a team that would challenge for another Super Bowl crown with reigning MVP Rodgers expected to torch defenses like he did last year. Unfortunately that has been nothing like the case.

The Packers are 1-2 averaging 100 yards less per game and 14 points less per contest than in 2011. They haven’t been able to replicate their big play ability like last year and they have regressed in all offensive areas with their defense still weak in areas in the pass game.

In short this isn’t a championship contender but rather a middle of the road team fighting for a playoff spot.

The road doesn’t get easier, they have New Orleans this week, who are fighting for their lives as well, tough matchups in the upcoming weeks against a reenergized Vikings team, the best defense in the league in Arizona plus the Giants and Lions looming. That’s 5 playoff caliber teams over the next 8 games.

After watching on Monday night are the Packers for this stretch? Hell no.

“The Fail Mary,” “The Golden Gate,” and “The Immaculate Deception” (whatever you want to call it) did a great job of glossing over a simple fact that Packers fans and players alike know, this is not a very good football and have a lot of work to do if they want to make the playoffs.

So while everyone is crying foul and saying that Green Bay got hosed I want all of you to take a step back, watch some of those highlights and ask yourself a question; did Green Bay really deserve to win that game on Monday?

You might find yourself singing a different tune once you take it all in.

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One response to “Let’s Get Real Green Bay

  • mark

    No – they looked terrible IN THE FIRST HALF!!!!!!!! And then only on offense.

    Your description of the game cheapens what a fantastic effort that Packers defense, with several young and inexperienced rookies on the field, put forth for the ENTIRE night. Seattle had 1 stinking yard – JUST 1 yard of offense in the second half – at the moment that BS roughing the passer call negated a GB interception and what could have been the game’s dagger. At one point Seattle’s offense had gone 3 and out on 9 of 11 series. At one point in the 2nd half, Green Bay had run 40 offensive plays to 6 for Seattle. Marshawn Lynch had ZERO big runs of any type. He averaged 3.9 yards a carry.

    You want to rip on the Packers offense – fine- in the first half. But to sit there and describe the entirety of the game as though the Seahawks were the only team playing with any sort of proficiency is idiotic. And further to that point – the Packers made the adjustments they needed to make at the half and dominated that game on BOTH sides of the ball from that point forward. They did what they had to do from that moment forward to win that game. THAT’S why everyone is focused on that final call because the Packers DID do what was necessary to win with the amount of game they had left – they fought back hard against a very talented defense in a very hostile environment – just to have it stripped from them on a horrifically blown call at the end.

    Oh – and why you’re at it – maybe – just maybe- you could give just a little credit to the other team’s defenses as part of the reason the Packers offense has been so sluggish?

    Finally, just to prove how little you apparently know – the Packers defense is #1 in the league against the pass. If they are still “weak in areas of the pass game” what the hell is the rest of the league then?

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