It’s All About The Name


Another Big East school bolting for the ACC, fine, no sweat off of my rear. However, the ACC and the NCAA for that matter missed the biggest part of Notre Dame joining the ACC today…

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish are still a football independent. Really?

Is the NCAA ever actually going to man up and make the Irish join a conference.

Notre Dame has gotten the same football privileges as other schools in high powered conferences for years even though they have been living off of their name more than their game.

Notre Dame has become a glorified mid-major in recent years, which seems disrespectful to Boise State and TCU. The Irish are not the powerhouse they used to be yet they still receive the royal treatment when it comes to football.

It’s so bad that on ESPN Notre Dame has its own section in College Football conference wrap-ups. Really? Notre Dame following the PAC-12?

To make matters even sillier the ACC agreed that the Irish have to play 5 teams from the conference a year. Ap what you’re telling everyone in the ACC is that even though they’re not part of the conference they are still part of the conference. Ok, got it. Great idea.

(by the way, how pissed off do you think the Big Ten is right now? The Big Ten has been trying to lure Notre Dame for years due to its major rivalries with Michigan State, Michigan, Purdue and Penn State and to watch them make this agreement with the ACC? If I were Jim Delaney I would throw a Moscow Mule in Jack Swarbrick’s face next time I see him.)

Why is it so hard for the NCAA to make Notre Dame join a conference? Why can’t someone in the hierarchy of the NCAA tell Swarbrick “look, unless you join a conference you essentially are BYU. You have to win all of your games to become a BCS qualifier and if you don’t then you’ll play in the Tony’s Pizza Bagel Bites Bowl in Butte, Montana every year like the rest of the little guys.”

Let’s cut the crap. Notre Dame doesn’t deserve special treatment when they haven’t been as good UConn in the last few years. In the last twelve years the Irish are on average a 7-5 team. That deserves special treatment?

They aren’t Alabama or LSU or USC or Boise State for that matter. Their lack of success and relevance doesn’t add up to all of the things that they get for being just being Notre Dame.

There’s no bitterness from me as a Big East guy that they are bolting for the ACC. What gets me is that Notre Dame as small as they are in relevance when it comes to football still get treated like kings.

The ACC just cow-towed to them like the NCAA has for years. Will anyone get the nerve to stand up to them and say enough’s enough?


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One response to “It’s All About The Name

  • J-Dub

    There’s a few reasons why Notre Dame can’t be forced to join a conference.

    1) Notre Dame has a huge dues-paying alumni base. Despite what happens on the field, Notre Dame is not and never will be BYU. This is why ND has its own contract for broadcasting it’s home games.

    2) Don’t forget the NCAA is essentially a collection of university presidents, and they aren’t about to do anything to stop anybody from doing something they wish they could do themselves.

    3) There’s the matter of the aforementioned TV contract. You would either have to buy out the existing deal, or find a way to forbid a future contract. Watch how fast the NCAA would fall apart in a world where you just told teams they can’t forge their own TV deals. Why do you think the Big Ten network exists?

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