Another Bad Jets Move


The New York Jets just screwed themselves.


Their acquisition of Tim Tebow is a shot in the foot of their entire post Peyton Manning plan.

Trading for Tebow compromises the signing of Beleaguered QB Mark Sanchez who after the Manning chase the team said that they were sticking with as the man they want at QB.

The Jets signed Sanchez to a $40 million extension to ensure everyone of their belief in Sanchez… So if that’s the case then why trade for Tebow who is a lightning rod for attention?

Jets fans are passionate as hell. If Sanchez can’t correct his mistakes you better believe that you’ll be hearing chants of “TEBOW! TEBOW!”

Then there’s this quagmire; the Jets were interested in Tebow to run the wildcat offense and to help improve a toxic locker room that has turned there offseason into a soap opera. Upon hearing about the team’s interest in Tebow starting cornerback Antonio Cromartie sent out a tweet saying that the Jets “sell out every home game. Let him go to Jacksonville or Miami.”

Let’s see how well this goes over in mini camps.

Cromartie also sent out a tweet saying “why don’t we get more weapons to build around Mark Sanchez?” I mean he has a point.

Sanchez has only Dustin Keller and Santonio Holmes to throw to. Maybe going after Mike Wallace or Vincent Jackson was something the Jets should’ve looked at. Instead now Mike Tannembaum has made a move that will lead to a QB controversy.

Great, like the Jets need more controversy.

The Jets never learn their lesson. After watching the Giants solidify themselves as New York’s team through great drafting and development the Jets pull another publicity stunt to gain attention and that makes little sense.

Tebow time is about to hit Broadway, which means more controversy, more speculation and much more hype that the Jets can’t match.

Good job Mike Tannenbaum. Way to blow it again.


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