Far From Burfict


I’ll be honest with you, I’ve barely seen Vontaze Burfict play in college.

It’s not the east coast bias, it’s not that I didn’t care, it’s just that Arizona State games were never really on my radar. All I know is that their new unis make Maryland’s look like trash.

Well after the NFL combine this weekend and there are two things I have to say about him; 1, I wouldn’t pick this guy for my intramural flag football team and 2, dude grow up.

Burfict makes DeMarcus Cousins look like the pope. There were so many red flags proven correct about Burfict this weekend it made you wonder how the hell this guy was a top prospect to begin with.

His on the field performance was pathetic he was in the bottom five of most drills performed on the field. He ran the 40 yard dash in 4.93 and 5.10 seconds… AS A 6-1 248 POUND LINEBACKER!!!

For perspective Memphis DT Dontari Poe ran the 40 at a 4.86 and is 100 pounds heavier the Burfict… Huh?

(side note: because of Poe’s jaw dropping weekend in Indy he is now a possible top ten pick even though he played on a crappy team and had not one standout game in his career. I hate the combine.)

However, the worst part about Burfuct came in the interview process where he threw everyone under the bus for his shortcomings.

When asked about his lackluster play last year he said it was the coaches fault, ignoring the fact that he came into the season overweight and not in game shape. When asked about a fight with a walk-on teammate he said it was the receivers fault for hitting him too hard in practice… I won’t even touch that.

(at least Cliff Harris had a sense of humor with his arrest saying that being caught driving 125 mph was “fun.” Actually that was stupid too but I got a laugh out of it.)

The point is who would take this guy. He’s not a great athlete and is still learning how to be a man. His deflect of criticism and childish mannerisms along with the fact that he is in no way ready to be an NFL linebacker from a athletic standpoint makes him untouchable and not in a good way.

The only teams that could take Burfict are ones with a great leadership base that could whip him into shape in all senses of that phrase.

The New York Giants, Baltimore Ravens, Pittsburgh Steelers and San Francisco 49ers are the only teams who have a realistic shot of getting through to this guy, but why would they?

They’re perennial contenders who are very focused on their jobs. They don’t need to babysit the new guy in the locker room because that’s what they’re about.

The only thing Burfict can do is work at who he is on and off the field himself. Burfict’s imperfections were on display for all to see this weekend and they knocked him from a first-round pick to a fourth-round pick.

In order to keep from slipping into oblivion he needs to grow up and prove that he can be an NFL professional.

Because right now it’s a head scratcher as to how he ever became anything in college.

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