Welcome To The Club Todd Graham


Todd Graham is… You can fill that ellipsis with whatever vulgar phrase that you would like and no one would have an issue with it.

You can add Graham’s name to the ever- growing list of d-bag coaches that skip town looking for a bigger pay day and a more glamorous job and leaving more than a handful of upset members of a university in his wake.

Graham is Bobby Petrino, John L. Smith, Nick Saban, Brian Kelly, Rich Rodriguez and any other self-serving coach rolled into one. He told his players how they should be accountable for themselves, practice teamwork and leadership and then in a flash he turned his back on those morals and left them all in the dust.

He never gave Pittsburgh a warning, he never showed empathy for his players, he just gave them a good-bye text message and rolled out on them.

So much for accountability.

This isn’t his first time either. After leading Rice to it’s first bowl game in 45 years he bolted for Tulsa. After two successful years and two months after signing a ten year extension he left for Pittsburgh. Now after one dismal 6-6 season he’s landed in Tempe to lead another 6-6 team.

Am I shocked? Of course not. This is what happens in the NCAA. Coaches can pick up and leave whenever they like and leave a mess in their wake, yet athletes can’t play for another school unless they sit for one year. How hypocritical. But that’s the NCAA for you. For all of this talk of caring for the student athlete you sure as hell don’t see it.

Every year there is a Graham, Randy Edsall or anyone else that jumps ship and leaves a university and it’s players in limbo and they do it in crass fashion. Does the NCAA care? Nope. There are no penalties for breach of contract, no fines for guys like Graham or Kelly who blind side their schools before big time games… Nothing.

Just come and go as you please and damn anyone who cares. It’s pretty sickening if you ask me, what’s even more sickening are the choices of schools that these guys are going to.

Edsall leaves his UCONN team by flight after the Fiesta Bowl last year to coach Maryland?… Maryland? What makes Maryland football so much of a better job than UCONN?

Same for Graham. What makes 6-6 ASU better than 6-6 Pitt? These changes are making less and less sense as we move forward. At least Kelly left UC for Notre Dame. At least Lane Kiffin left Tennessee for USC. If you’re going to be a d-bag at least make the job worth it. If it’s not then you’ll find yourself on the employment line in three years after getting beaten up by the best in your conference (hi John L. Smith).

However, even after watching coaches fail miserably after jumping ship the process will continue. Guys like Graham will keep jumping for the next big pay day and will continue to leave a mess behind. That’s just how it is.

Anyway good luck to Pitt who will now try and find their fifth coach in two years (yep… That many) and also to good luck to Graham in the PAC-12.

I hope you have fun finishing 3rd in your division every year and getting killed by USC and Oregon on the regular.

Trust me, you deserve it.


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3 responses to “Welcome To The Club Todd Graham

  • JW

    Chicken or egg time…Who do you blame: the coaches for bailing like this, or the NCAA for allowing it to happen?

  • Scully

    Hey I changed jobs three times in two years. Am I a d-bag for wanting more for my career and family?

    • Scully

      Oh and about fairness to players, how is it that a school gets hit with loss of bowl eligibility but the seniors on that team (who have been there through all the wrongdoing) can transfer without losing eligibility? You were heading down the right path about fairness between coaches and players but went off in the direction of blaming the wrong people. Hello NCAA!

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