Say Good-Bye To Philly DeSean


The Philadelphia Eagles supposed dream season has spiraled into a nightmare that will find them sitting at home once the regular season ends on January 1st.

Once the final horn sounds the Eagles will need to go through a complete over haul of the team structure and get rid of anything thy ails them.

Their first casualty should be DeSean Jackson.

After last nights loss in Seattle it is clear that Jackson no longer belongs anywhere near an Eagles locker room or on the field with the team.

Jackson pulled a Randy Moss and didn’t attempt to run hard for most of the night. If the ball wasn’t thrown his way Jackson was merely jogging up and down the sidelines looking like he was warming up waiting for the actual game to start.

He was disinterested on the field and on the bench as he seemed to separate himself from the rest of his teammates as the final nail was placed into their coffin for the season.

This by the way came after a lackluster performance against the Patriots when Jackson dropped two surefire touchdowns, which eventually crushed the Eagles chances at a comeback.

You would think after letting his team and his QB down that Jackson would’ve came back with a vengeance last night… Think again.

Jackson’s behavior and disinterest stems from the fact that he wants a new deal in Philadelphia and hasn’t been getting it. As he suffers through his worst statistical season in the NFL and has become a nuisance instead of a playmaker why would the Eagles give him a new deal?

Jackson has long been viewed as a cocky show-off who does more harm than good for his team. This year he has done everything to prove his critics right.

He cost the Eagles a 50 yard gain against the Giants two weeks ago by taunting Giants defensive coordinator Perry Fewell. He has complained to the media about his lack of a deal, he held out of training camp and upon his return wasn’t too happy to be there.

His numbers haven’t been the same on punt returns as he hasn’t returned a punt for a score this season. His yards per catch are down and his drops are up.

It’s obvious that his craving for a new deal has hindered his play and is making him more of a liability than a threat for the Eagles.

The organization has had it’s run ins with receivers longing for new deals before. The Terrell Owens saga from years past has been well documented. But this saga takes the cake because at least the Eagles sent Owens home for the rest of the season and his presence wasn’t an issue for the last eight games.

Jackson on the other hand is still around. Still fuming but not as loudly as T.O.

Jackson told reporters last night that he was just frustrated with how things have gone. No kidding, even Ray Charles could’ve seen your discontent.

The original though for the Eagles was to franchise Jackson and deal with him after the season. However, would they really want to pay him after all of his moodiness that has finally seemed to affect the team? If they didn’t pay Owens after his spat then why should they pay Jackson?

The Eagles have to either release or trade Jackson at season’s end . After the way that he has played and performed over this year there should be no reason for Philadelphia to keep him around any longer.

Jackson has made a living off of being a nightmare for the opposition. This year he has done it to his own team. Since Jackson doesn’t feel like playing the Eagles shouldn’t feel like paying him.

It’s going to be a long off-season for the Philadelphia Eagles with many decisions to be made regarding the team’s future.

One person that shouldn’t be a part of that future is DeSean Jackson.


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3 responses to “Say Good-Bye To Philly DeSean

  • Andrew

    You forgot his didn’t even get in the cornerback’s way last night which would have let McCoy run in from about 40 yards out for the touchdown.

    Not trying really irks me. The guy is so gifted with a speed that not that many people possess. He really hasn’t been the same player since Dunta Robinson knocked him out last year. It was most noticeable last week against the Patriots when he went inside the hash mark.

    He needs to go.

  • Bobby Charts

    What a joke, and guys like this get paid, I really have a problem with athletes like DeSean Jackson!

    As Mike Singletary said “we dont want em, we dont need em”

  • JW

    Dear DeSean,

    This is NOT how you go about getting a new contract. Trust me, I know.

    Randy Moss

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