A Whole New Ballgame For The Marlins


You know why I’ve hated the Miami Marlins as an organization? Because they are the anti-Yankees. They don’t spend money on anything. They are like a major league farm team that brings up all of their talent and then the give it away before they have to shell out the big bucks to pay them.

They did it with Josh Beckett, they did it with Miguel Cabrera, they did it with Robb Nenn, hell I could on and on if I wanted to. Ever since their inauguration 20 years ago the Marlins have been a major seller making fire sales a routine thing.

After they won each of the World Series titles they gave away players like they were cars at an auto auction. Bobby Bonilla, Gary Sheffield, A.J. Burnett, and anyone you can think of were being sold for younger cheaper talent as the Marlins put money before wins.

they’ve routinely had one of the league’s lowest payrolls. One year it topped out at $30 million… That’s the left side of the Yankees infield, that’s the Phillies first one and two starters, that’s the Cardinals outfield.

What made things worse was owner Jeffrey Loria’s gall to blast the Yankees a few years back about how they have too much money and are what’s wrong with the game… He said this knowing damn well that he was taking $15 million dollars a year away from the Yankees, Red Sox and other franchises in revenue sharing and instead of using it to better his investment he pocketed the money.

If I were George Steinbrenner I would’ve cracked him across his knee with a lead pipe and told him to put my money to good use. I mean that’s just me.

However, this offseason is unlike any other for the Marlins. They have a brand new stadium, a new name (I know half of you were like who the hell are the Miami Marlins?), and the Marlins have the urge to get this team to another level of competition.

And they’re doing it by trying to spend money.

The Marlins have had a busy offseason in acquiring manager Ozzie Guillen from the White Sox and have offered contracts to Mark Bueherle, Jose Reyes, Albert Pujols and are pursuing closer Heath Bell.

These apparently are not the Marlins that were accustomed to.

Maybe Loria feels the pressure for tge Marlins to finally be a player in one of America’s largest sports markets. With a new stadium being built along with a whole new makeover Loria probably feels that this is the time to make the Marlins a yearly threat in the NL.

After watching The Braves make moves for years, the Phillies bolster their rotation and even the Nationals begin to make noise the Marlins feel as though relevance finally matters over money.

The contract offers to Pujols, Reyes and Bueherle shows that maybe the Marlins may finally believe in the old motto “you have to spend money to make money.”

From a baseball sense on the field the possibilities of these guys all signing and playing together would be endless. Adding Reyes to the top of the order with Emilio Bonafacio and sandwiching Pujols between Hanley Ramirez and Mike Stanton would give the Marlins the most feared lineup in the NL.

Plus the addition of Bueherle to the rotation would give them a crafty veteran to go with all that young talent and give Josh Johnson a viable number two starter behind him in the rotation.

The Marlins would immediately be a divisional contender and a player for the Wildcard.

My only question is where would Reyes play in the infield?

The Marlins first big signee two years ago was Hanley Ramirez in an effort to have a face of the franchise and show a commitment to it’s future. Do you move the franchise shortstop to second or third so Reyes can play short, or vice versa?

Ramirez is a talented shortstop who still hasn’t reached all of his potential and has a knack for laziness at times. If the Marlins obtain a few of these players would that finally get his mojo going and help him realize the potential that he has? If it doesn’t then you know Ozzie will.

Guillen has a low tolerance for BS and won’t put up with Hanley’s prima Donna act, but if these deals go through and the Marlins become the talk of the town he probably won’t have to.

Who knows if Pujols, Reyes, Bueherle or Bell will actually sign with the Marlins. The Marlins are showing that it’s all about wins now and that they are ready to put their meagerness aside and become a contender.

With a new stadium, name and philosophy the Miami Marlins are ushering in a new era in South Florida. It’s good to see them finally putting all of that money to good use.


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