Strange Days In Happy Valley


Penn State is probably wishing one of it’s player’s would accept some benefits or take a few cars right now. That type of scandal compared to what they are currently under investigation for would be a walk in the park.

The allegations levies against former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky are beyond the out of bounds markers that grace Beaver Stadium, it’s just downright disturbing.

Sandusky has been charged with sexually abusing boys under the legal age of 18 and the faculty at Penn State has been charged with perjury for possibly lying to a grand jury about the incident in 2002. According to one source one incident occurred in the Penn State locker room of all places. This kind of shame makes the investigations in Columbus, Auburn and Chapel Hill seem like taking cookies from the jar at home.

What’s even worse is the possible scrutiny levied on the football program and on legendary coach Joe Paterno. JoePa addressed the media this weekend and said that if these allegations were true than he and the bosses of the Penn State athletic department had been had.

Pattern did report an incident involving Sandusky in 2002 before he retired but from looking at reports from ESPN and the associated press it seems as if Paterno did the minimal amount of work necessary to make sure this type of incident would get reported properly or wouldn’t happen again.

Or worse, that maybe Paterno turned the other cheek.

If that’s the case then the Penn State program will be tainted in ways that would eclipse Reggie Bush and SMU.

For Paterno to not indicate other violations, especially ones that happened in his locker room would be disgraceful and disgusting. If you were a parent sending your son to play football at a program and you knew that this type of incident occurred possibly more than once how could you trust that your own son would be protected and cared for in any way?

This type of leadership shown by Paterno as well as those in charge at Happy Valley is unacceptable and embarrassing to all those associated with the university.

It hurts the faculty, students, alumni and the current players themselves. Imagine the venom that will be spewed in their direction in the next three weeks as they fight for a Big Ten championship and a Rose Bowl berth. Fans can cruel to an opponent, especially one in times of despair and the Nittany Lions will be the victims of more than their own share of it as the season winds down.

So now what? What do we make of the athletic department of Pennsylvania State University? If the allegations levied by a grand jury against are true how does the NCAA handle a proper punishment? What happens to Sandusky? Will he be brought to justice for his despicable crimes?

What about JoePa? How much will this damage his legacy if he has any respect left?

Penn State’s world is spinning out of control and the landing site is unknown.

In the year of scandal in college football this one may be the one that trumps them all.


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2 responses to “Strange Days In Happy Valley

  • Andrew

    I stole this from a guy off of ESPN’s article… “It’s not just about people with power protecting institutions. It’s about some, maybe many, of us not having the understanding of when or courage to act morally.”

    It is a shame that no one could come forward for these kids.

  • thenewsofsports

    Your last sentence is so true. This has been by far the worst scandal because of the situation and the allegations. This is much more ugly than any of the pretty ugly scandals we’ve seen in college football this year and last year.

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