NFL Picks


1,2 Suh is coming for you...

NFL pick time

Carolina vs. Atlanta

Atlanta is struggling, facing one of the leagues worst pass defenses should help them get back on track

Atlanta 27- Carolina 17

Indianapolis vs. Cincinnati

Could the Bengals really be 4-2 after this week? Hi, Carson.

Cinci 24- Indy 16

San Francisco vs. Detroit

The game of the week featuring two resurrections, the city of Detroit and Alex Smith. Detroit’s defense will be the difference

Detroit 31- San Fran 20

St. Louis vs. Green Bay

Looks like another long day for spags and company

Green Bay 37- St Louis 14

Buffalo- New York Giants

How do the Giants respond to a lackluster performance versus a weak Seattle team? By getting to Ryan fitzpatrick and stopping the Bills.

NYG 23- Buffalo 13

Pittsburgh vs. Jacksonville

I think the Steelers are finally getting it together. Jacksonville be scared

Pittsburgh 28- Jacksonville 10

Philadelphia vs. Washington

If the Eagles lose this game the nightmare slips into the abyss.

Philly 24- Washington 17

Cleveland vs. Oakland

This could go either way. The browns can rebound from a bad loss to the Titans and get back on track or the Raiders can continue their emotional tribute to Al Davis. I’ll take the raiders and the run game.

Oakland 30 – Cleveland 21

Houston vs. Baltimore

Why do I have the feeling that the Texans are about to spiral out of control?

Baltimore 24- Houston 13

Dallas vs. New England

Brady and Romo will stay consistent. Brady consistently good, Romo consistently inconsistent

New England 34- Dallas 20

New Orleans vs. Tampa Bay

Tampa rebounds from that embarrassment in San Francisco courtesy of another Josh Freeman fourth quarter comeback

Tampa 27 – New Orleans 24

Minnesota vs. Chicago

The Vikings sack Jay Cutler 6 times… And lose because Donovan McNabb has lost it.

Chicago 31- Minnesota 17

Miami vs. New York Jets

The Jets need less talk and more play. This game is a good starting point.

NYJ 20- Miami 6


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2 responses to “NFL Picks

  • madhits

    Carolina had EVERY reason to win in Chicago and was super tight with Saints. Ryan aint no Brees and I dont know where the Falcons psyche is from losing a MUCH needed game at home vs the Pack. Panthers pull off the upset.

    I’m a HUGE Harbaugh believer, Lions coming off their SuperBowl Monday night effort, 49ers sneak in a victory

    Eagles will lose again..Wash D is beasting this year

  • Bobby Charts

    good picks, Like madhits says Niners could catch Lions off guard on short week, Bucs/Saints and Eagles/Skins are both dandys!

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