NFL Picks

Aaron Rodgers has his eyes set on a big rematch vs. the Falcons.

Philadelphia vs. Buffalo

Mike Vick says the Dream Team is dead… Buffalo’s dream may continue: Buffal0 23- Philly 17

Kansas City Vs. Indianapolis

The Chiefs are bad, The Colts are worse: KC 21- Indy 14

Arizona vs. Minnesota

This might be the end of Donovan McNabb as we know it. too bad it’s not his fault that he has no one to throw to. AZ 28- Minnesota 16

Seattle vs. New York Giants

Pray for Tavaris Jackson as he takes on the Giants and their defensive line, which is almost fully healthy.  NYG 31-Seattle 13

Tennessee vs. Pittsburgh

Mike Tomlin has got to get these guys going. With Baltimore playing well the Steelers could find themselves battling for a wildcard. Also, can Tennessee win the AFC South? Tennessee 24- Pittsburgh 17

New Orleans vs. Carolina

Two of the best passers in the league go at it, but New Orleans run game will be the difference. New Orleans 34- Carolina 20

Cincinnati vs. Jacksonville

I’m telling you that Andy Dalton is the real deal, it helps to have A.J. Green as well. the defense will have their hands full with Maurice Jones-Drew but the Bengals should pull it out. Cincinnati 17-Jacksonville 14

Oakland vs. Houston

No Andre Johnson would be a problem against anyone, except the Raiders have no secondary whatsoever. Darren McFadden has a huge day but the Raiders fall. Houston 35- Oakland 24

Tampa Bay vs. San Francisco

Are both of the teams for real? You know Josh Freeman is the truth in the fourth quarter, but can Alex Smith pace the 49ers? Tampa Bay 23- San Fran 14

San Diego vs. Denver

Fans will chant “WE WANT TEBOW” it still won’t matter because your team is terrible. San Diego 38- Denver 17

New York Jets vs. New England

You think the Patriots are still salty about that playoff loss? Do you think they saw what the Ravens did to the Jets offensive line last week? It’s about to get real hot in New York. New England 31- NYJ 17

Green Bay vs. Atlanta

Aaron Rodgers repeat… yes please. Green Bay 41- Atlanta 21

Chicago vs. Detroit

The Lions are that team that everyone said that they would be. On the national stage they take the next step. Detroit 31- Chicago 20


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