College Football Picks

Are you ready for another classic?

Here’s your viewer’s guide to the weekend…

Just check the score, don’t bother watching:

(13) Georgia Tech over Maryland

(18) South Carolina over Kentucky

(19) Illinois over Indiana

(23) Florida State over Wake Forest

(6) Oklahoma State over Kansas

(2) Alabama over Vandy

(7) Stanford over Colorado

Should be interesting I’ll switch back and forth

(25) Baylor over Iowa State

(24) Texas A&M over Texas Tech

(21) Virginia Tech over Miami

(8) Clemson over Boston College

(16) West Virginia over UCONN

Upset Specials

Utah over (22) Arizona State

Missouri over (20) Kansas State

Northwestern over (12) Michigan

Beatdown special

(14) Nebraska over Ohio State (it might get really ugly)

Games you need to watch

(5) Boise State over Fresno State

(1) LSU over (17) Florida

(15) Auburn over (10) Arkansas

Game of the week

(11) Texas over (3) Oklahoma


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