Tedy Bruschi’s Stupid Beef


Ochocinco wasnt the only one impressed by Tom Brady.

Hey Tedy Bruschi… that was very big and bold of you to get on the radio and blast Chad Ochocinco for no apparent reason.

That was very classy of you to sound like a lunatic and talk about how Chad needs to get in his playbook and stop tweeting. Especially when your average tweet takes about 10 seconds to send out.

By the way, why are you so upset exactly?

Ochocinco said that he was in awe of Tom Bradys 517 yard massacre on the field Monday night against Miami. Since he is new in the offense and has only had the playbook for one month Ochocinco sat on the sidelines and watched most of the action only getting in on 18 plays and caught one ball.

Ochocinco is basically learning on the fly. In the process he’s working with the best quarterback that he’s ever worked with. In Cincinnati he wasn’t used to this type of precision and command of an offense (I mean his QB was Carson Palmer), you can’t blame the guy for showing Brady some love as well as his mates on offense.

In fact the tweet itself was harmless. Brady did put up “video game numbers” as he said and it was a hell of a sight. It was appreciation to one of the best players in the game.

So again I ask Bruschi… why you mad son?

What was the purpose of blasting Ochocinco and saying that he shouldn’t be in awe of Brady because he’s supposed to apart of it?

Who died and made you Pat Patriot?

To expect anyone to learn a new offense in one month is silly. According to all sources including Brady and Bill Belichick, Ochocinco is working hard everyday. Ochocinco is a well known hard worker who is fitting in well with the Patriots and is trying to find his groove.

He’s not on the field because Brady doesn’t have a rhythm with him like he does with Deion Branch and Wes Welker. He knows those guys like the back of his hand. Once Ocho gets it down then he’ll fit right into Brady’s rotation.

Bruschi needs to do a few things; one, realize that he isn’t a Patriot anymore and be professional, two, try being an analyst because you know that’s what you’re paid to do. I didn’t hear a thing on New England’s terrible pass D from you because you were too busy frothing at the mouth over a tweet. Why not try getting better at your job before criticizing others on theirs?

Lastly if you really are “the perfect patriot” then you should know that matters like a bad tweet (if this were one) are left up to Belichick himself. There are two spokesmen for the Patriots, Belichick and Brady, not you. You should know your place in the pecking order instead of popping off at the mouth.

Ochocinco will be apart of Brady’s Madden-like performances in the future and has the right to praise his teammates however he pleases.

As for Bruschi, do us all a favor…. try actually analyzing games and do the job that you are paid to do.

If we want opinions on Patriot players we’ll go to Belichick for answers, not you.

Got it?


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5 responses to “Tedy Bruschi’s Stupid Beef

  • madhits

    Love it! Love it! We have very similar styles in writing so I really enjoy ur work. Tho I can see it from his side as well. Rodney Harrison backed him up as did Warren Sapp this morning. He shudnt be in awe, he’s a fellow teammate and player who is supposed to be a part of it and not a cheerleader on the sidelines.
    I actually see both sides of this issue, but ur article is best I’ve seen yet!

  • JW

    Bruschi is a guy who is stuck in the bowels of the beast that is ESPN and he needs to make some waves to set himself apart from the hoard of ex-footballers playing the analyst game at the World Wide Leader. He succeeded, but he also made himself into an idiot for blasting a guy playing cheerleader to one the great performances by a quarterback in the history of this league.

  • sportsglutton

    Well said. I also find it interesting that Bruschi made the statements, not on air at ESPN, but on a radio station in the New England area.

  • Bobby Charts

    Agree, this whole thing seems a bit of over kill.

  • thenewsofsports

    I agree with Bobby, the whole thing seems over the top, and I don’t know why Bruschi is so mad in the first place. Ochocinco got one reception, but it was for 14 yards. If he didn’t have a good game, well, he’s got 15 more left to prove himself.

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