The Panthers Are About To Make A Big Mistake


Cam Newton should NOT be the Panthers starting QB.

I’m not the smartest man in the world, however I do have common sense and an understanding that seeing is believing.

So in going off of pure sight I think that the Carolina Panthers are making a huge mistake in presumably making Cam Newton their opening day starter.

Newton has looked anything but impressive in his first three outings and in his last one, tonight versus the Cincinnati Bengals, he looked awful.

He was 6-19 for 76 yards and ran for another 49, and that’s against the Bengals first string defensive starters who aren’t that good.

In Newton’s defense he has barely any help except newly acquired tight end Greg Olsen and running back D’Angelo Williams. With that said that’s even more reason as to why he shouldn’t be a starter in his first year.

Putting him out there when he’s still a raw product and has little to no help is just stupid. If Newton doesn’t succeed early he will doubt himself and his game will slip. It happened to Akili Smith, Tim Couch and Ryan Leaf and it’s on the verge of happening with Newton.

The Panthers have to start Jimmy Clausen for at least the first handful of games this season. While Clausen hasn’t exactly been lighting it up he does look more comfortable in a pro offense and has some game experience that should help him and the Panthers early on. He’s capable of playing in a live NFL game tomorrow, Newton isn’t.

If the Panthers want to make the right call then they’ll sit Newton and let him learn from the sideline and in practice reps.

Newton has immense talent and could possibly become a good NFL QB with some more fine tuning and a little seasoning. Throwing him into the fire too early would hurt his development and growth and could possibly turn him into a bust.

Newton is on his way, but is no where near ready. My eyes and anyone else’s can see that.


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