Big Z’s Last Tantrum


Zambrano's last tantrum might've been the last draw.

Carlos Zambrano needs to go away… now!!

I wrote about Bryce Harper’s attitude issues yesterday but he has an excuse, he’s 18. He has time to grow out of his issues and become a man, what’s Zambrano’s excuse?

Last night he allowed 5 home runs and was so infuriated that he threw at Chipper Jones twice and was ejected. After being tossed he went down to his locker, cleaned it out and went home. Apparently he’s considering retirement… if I were the Cubs I’d let him.

Here’s how ridiculous Zambrano has become; do you know who else gave up 5 home runs and had a bad night last night? C.C. Sabathia. Did he throw a tantrum? No. Did he lash out at people? No. Did he clean out his locker and embarrass the Yankees with his actions? No.

He took his beating like a man, sat down and will work through his issues. Zambrano threw a hissy fit (again) and made himself look like a fool (again).

Zambrano and his child like behavior has pretty much run its course with everyone involved within the organization. He has proven that he can’t behave like a professional baseball player and can’t handle the rigors of an entire baseball season as a marquee pitcher.

The Cubs have given him chance after chance and the only option left is to send him home for good.

Rick Sutcliffe of Baseball Tonight was asked if Zambrano’s teammates should accept him back onto the team and he said no.

I agree with him 100%. Zambrano is not a good fit for this or any other major league team right now. The Cubs, who are in the midst of another poor season, do not need Zambrano to infect the wonderful young talent that is blossoming right now in Starlin Castro and Darwin Barney. Castro and Barney are going to be good pieces to build around and do not need a baby like Zambrano to influence their decisions.

The biggest thing for Zambrano is that he needs to walk away for awhile to help himself. He needs anger management, self-reflection, something.

The sad thing is that Z is a hell of a pitcher who has thrown a no-hitter, won 20 games and has made All-Star teams. In 2008 I had an argument with my buddy Scully about how the Yankees should’ve sent Alex Rodriguez to the Cubs for Aremis Ramirez and Zambrano because at the time I felt the Cubs were putting so much into Kerry Wood and Mark Prior that they weren’t noticing that Zambrano was their best pitcher.

I knew it, the Cubs eventually did, but Zambrano has driven all of us to the point that we just don’t care anymore.

That’s why he’s got to walk away now and salvage his career. Zambrano ha a lot left in his tank and can be a good starter for some team down the road.

Just not the Cubs. That ship officially sailed last night when Zambrano tried to hurt Chipper Jones and hurt his image, the Cubs, Mike Quade and anyone associated within the organization.

I’m sorry Big Z but you gotta go. You’ve been hurting yourself, now you’re trying to hurt others.

No organization, not even one with the patience like the Cubs have been showing can put up with this any longer.


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