Another Bryce Harper Meltdown


Another day another Bryce Harper incident.


I understand how popular Bryce Harper is. I know that he is a top prospect that could flourish into one of the games premier power hitters and defenders in the outfield.

With that said I’ve grown a little tired of Harper’s childish outbursts and immature reactions to occurrences on the field of play.

Harper’s latest tantrum came last night during a double A game where Harper was called out on strikes and angrily slammed his bat and helmet to the turf. He then got in the umpire’s grill and screamed some obscenities before being ejected and then walking off the field.

This isn’t an unusual thing in the field of play. Players always argue balls and strikes and sometimes take their beefs too far, which results in ejections. However, Harper has had a past of silly behavior and it’s starting to form his reputation.

During a division III game at Southern Nevada Harper was called out on strikes and decided to mouth off to the umpire and then draw a line where the pitch was in the dirt before walking away. Needless to say he didn’t finish the game. Then in single A ball this spring he hit a home run and then blew a kiss at the pitcher before crossing home plate.

Dude I know you’re 18 but show some type of maturity.

What Harper needs to realize is that this type of behavior won’t fly once he makes it to the majors. If he blows kisses at pitchers they’ll aim for his head, if he shows up umpires his teammates will ridicule him and chastise him.

Harper’s talents will take him far in this game if he can control his arrogance and his temper. Acting like a spoiled athlete when you haven’t played one professional game at the highest level is unacceptable.

He needs to learn respect for his peers and for the game itself if he wants to guarantee his future success.

It’s very early in his young career and he can curb these little fits with ease and hopefully he can. I like what I see in Harper a powerful left handed bat with a cannon of an arm that has the ability to become a great one in this game and can draw comparisons to great power hitters of the past.

But first things first, watch your temper and learn some respect Mr. Harper.

You’re a potential world class athlete. Try putting some of that effort into being a world class person.


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3 responses to “Another Bryce Harper Meltdown

  • thenewsofsports

    This tirade has gone too far. Mike Rizzo should talk to him and teach him a lesson that what he did doesn’t fly in MLB.

  • 7Boss1

    I’m actually ok with Harpers antics. He’s not the first one the only one or the last one. As long as he don’t hit nobody I’m good

  • Bobby Charts

    It amazing to me how some/a lot of players dont see what happens and how fans feel about players when they act like cocky asses and jerks and act lke there more important than the team, year after year you think these players would see these things happen to players in the media and how people react to them, but NO these players like Bryce are sitting in there bed at night and saying thats not me…..sorry it is you ass.
    LeBron ( i think he’s best on list)
    Terrell Owens
    Pacman Jones
    Barry Bonds
    Randy Moss
    Roger Clemens
    Jose Canseco
    Carlos Zambrano
    Harrison (on steelers)
    just asses!

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