Enough Steve Williams, How About Some Adam Scott Love?

This weekend was all about the guy on the left... and he didn't make one shot.

I understand how Steve Williams feels. He feels as though Tiger Woods betrayed him and fired him unjustly. He feels as though his trust was taken advantage of, he feels as though Tiger pushed him to the side when Steve was trying to get a check that he was missing because Tiger was M.I.A. for most of the last two years.

He has a right to lash out at Tiger in a professional manner, to tell his side of the story and even in wake of Adam Scott’s victory yesterday in Akron he can take a shot at Tiger… but enough’s enough.

Stevie on behalf of every one that has watched ESPN over and over and has heard you wax poetic about this subject… shut up.

You’re a caddy. There is an unwritten rule that caddies do not talk to the media unless spoken to. Please adhere to that rule.

I’m more than tired of hearing how “satisfying” this win was to you and how you feel great and how this may have been some type of get back at Tiger. Enough about you and Tiger for that matter, that shouldn’t be what this weekend was all about, this should be about Adam Scott.

Scott has long been an enigma on tour for his bad body language and how he is unable to finish strong late in matches. If we talk about Steve Williams in any capacity it should be how he gave Scott his vast knowledge on how to get tough in these situations and keep his focus in yesterday’s final round.

Williams has been Tiger’s caddy for the majority of his major championship victories and his input was very vital to Scott yesterday as he fended off 19 year-old Ryo Ishikawa who showed that maybe Rory McIlroy might not be the best young player in the world (trust me this kid might be giving everyone a run for the money in a few years).

As great as Williams input was however, it was Scott that made the shots. It was Scott that fired a final round 65; it was Scott that played his last 26 holes bogey free. It was Scott that fired a total 17 under over four days for the lowest score since Tiger did it in 2000.

Anybody care that I actually won this thing?

Adam Scott was a monster this weekend and showed why so many people had him as one of golf’s best up and coming players when he made his first appearance in 2000.

At 31 Scott’s win in Akron is a rebirth of sorts. It puts him back in the conversation of the best players in the world and for Scott now he’s one of the players to watch for the last major event of the season as well as the WGC events left in the season.

Does he owe some credit to Steve Williams for this? Yes. Williams is considered by many in the sport to be the best at carrying the bag. He had been a part of over 145 wins worldwide in his career. He has caddied for some of the best besides Tiger including Raymond Clark and Greg Norman. However, as good of a sidekick as he is Williams is not the main event nor should he be.

You have to appreciate the fact that the fans appreciate Williams for who is he as evident of them cheering his name as he approached the 18th green on Sunday. However, the cheers should’ve been for Scott.

Scott’s name is the one that we should be trumpeting as he plays his way back into the discussion of the best in the world. Scott deserves this spotlight and should have his name being mentioned on First Take and Sportscenter. Unfortunately no matter what you read about this weekend Williams name is the one in the headlines while Scott plays the background.

Hopefully this whole scenario is over. Tiger Woods will continue to attempt to rediscover his game, Adam Scott becomes a headliner and hopefully Steve Williams will just be known as the guy that carries around golf clubs and that’s it.

Williams put in his two cents, got a little bit of face time, but let’s put a kibosh on his 15 minutes of fame please.

As we’ve learned maybe its better that caddies are seen and not heard.


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2 responses to “Enough Steve Williams, How About Some Adam Scott Love?

  • thenewsofsports

    Williams’ comments were uncalled for. Steve Williams was acting like a jerk but he better settle down, because it’s not all about him.

  • Slicer

    Everyone knows as well as I do that Steve Williams will be the “TALK” of the Golf world…not his Employer! As long as Williams is a Pro-Caddie.
    While writing this comment…I actually forgot who Williams is working for!!!

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