The Pirates Got Robbed

Eventually there has to be a winner of a game, period. However, sometimes the loser gets robbed in some form or fashion.

He's not out?

You could add the Pittsburgh Pirates to that list.

After 7 hours of a tight baseball matchup where runs came at a premium the Pirates were facing a tight scenario in the 19th inning of their game against the Atlanta Braves last night. With Julio Lugo on third and pitcher Scott Proctor at the plate Pirates pitcher Daniel McCutcheon forced what looked like an easy groundout to get Lugo at the plate and get the second out of the inning.

Unfortunately home plate umpire Jerry Meals didn’t see it that way and called Lugo safe, giving the Braves a 4-3 win. This would be ok except for the fact the ball beat Lugo by 30 miles and a tag was applied from every angle that I saw.

Maybe Meals was tired and wanted to go home. That’s my only explanation.

How could he miss that call? It was clear as day. He was right there in point blank range and there wasn’t a way that he couldn’t see it. Clint Hurdle was a tad heated and rightfully so. That loss placed them a game behind the St. Louis Cardinals in the NL Central race, which is tighter than skinny jeans on a fat girl at the moment.

Every game counts and games like these can swing a division later in the division.

So now the question is will Major League Baseball look to expand instant replay for situations like these?

We know umpires make mistakes all of the time more so in baseball than in other sports. However, I think it’s time that MLB pushes for more replay due to the fact that games like these are so important and can’t be tainted in any way.

If the Pirates lose the division by one game or miss out on the wildcard they can solely point to this game and that moment as the one that killed their season.

Replay could’ve found conclusive evidence and called Lugo out at home. Even if the Pirates would’ve lost the game afterwards the right call would’ve been made and we would’ve had an undisputed winner with no controversy.

Instead the Pirates go home down a game after a loss that was taken from them.  In their season of redemption some of that old Pirates bad luck that has plagued them in the last 20 years came back to bite them in the rear.

If there was instant replay for plays at the plate then it wouldn’t have.


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2 responses to “The Pirates Got Robbed

  • JW

    Lets’ be honest….yeah, The Bucs got hosed, but they ought to be thankful they are in a position in late July where anybody is even paying attention to them. Been a while since they could say that.

  • thenewsofsports

    Really, I don’t see how Meals missed that call, but I was watching First Take today and Skip Bayless said that he wasn’t entirely sure that Lugo was out, and that he ghost-tagged him, but that has to be out either way.

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