Throwback Post: The Passion Of The Favre

This was supposed to be the end...

Editors note: This article was originally published on August 5th, 2008. Yeah, I’ve been hating on Favre for a minute.

Like most football fans I was thoroughly saddened this past March when Brett Favre decided to retire from the NFL. I adored Favre over the years for his unbelievable creativity on the football field and never say die attitude. He was a gunslinger, the last of a dying breed of Quarterback. Jay Cutler and Rex Grossman can do nothing but hold the man’s jock strap. So when he made his tearful good-bye plans were being put into place for his accesion to deity status. His jersey was to be retired on opening Monday night against the Vikings, maybe a staute here, and road named after him there, just some stuff to remind young packer fans now and down the road how truly awesome this man was…then came June.

Brett Favre decided that it wasnt time for him to step away after all and sent a text to his boss saying i want back in…problem is once you say you’re done, you’re done. Which brings us to today and the purpose of this piece…Brett Favre has gotten on my last damn nerve! Brett you said you were retired but now you want to come back after giving it thought for three months? um, no, doesnt work like that not even for superstars such as yourself. Truth be told i’ve always thought Favre has been a little overrated. I mean when you turn on ESPN and see Mark Schlareth slurping the guy you would think he his an actual god. But Favre is flawed, very. For every monday night classic like his performance against the raiders after his father died, there is a moment when you go, what the hell Brett? Remember the Eagles game in the playoffs a few years ago (4th and 26…btw what the hell happened to freddie mitchell) and that ridiculous lame duck pass he threw in over time, or this past year against my giants when he threw two terrible passes that looked like Corey Webster and R.W. Mcquarters played for the pack? that gets lost in the whole Brett is God discussion. Especially the last five or six years I mean Brett at times has looked like Rex Grossman.

...Then came this.

Personally i dont want to know how Ted Thompson the packers GM feels. Brett for years has held the team hostage for months on deciding his future. Now when it looks like he’s moved on and the packers finally have something in place brett wants back in. Ted is in a no-win situation. I think he’s right for telling Brett that Aaron Rodgers is the starter, but can you really see Brett as a backup? plus all the talk of trading him which is stupid. look i know teams who are on the cusp would love brett for a year, but in the case of Minnesota why? you lose draft picks, kill your youth movement all for a guy that has to learn a new system, make quick chemistry with his receivers and do it in one year? and releasing him would be just plain stupid (imagine the bears picking him up, just for a sec).

Then there’s Aaron Rodgers. poor guy. first he loses about 40 million in the draft falling from the top 5 to number 23 now the guy cant do anything with having favre in his vicinity at anytime. Did you see the Espy’s would Justin Timberlake was mock hugging him, i thought Aaron was gonna either cry or knock his lights out. I dont think Aaron is going to be the next bart starr or anything but he’s on the last year of his deal and has been waiting for his time to shine for an eternity it seems. if he came out tomorrow and said he wishes death on brett favre could you blame the guy?

Finally there are the fans. Some want favre back, some want him to go back to mississippi, then there’s guys like me who would like the talk of the NFL to be how my world champion Giants are going to repeat (god that sounds beautiful) not how some guy who cant make up his mind on his future. I cant even enjoy baseball highlights in fear of seeing a Favre update flash across my screen and im sick of it. there are going to be those people who still feel he’s one of the greats ever and those people who feel hes a spoiled overgrown baby, like yours truly. whenever and if ever this gets resolved Favre legacy has changed. whether for better or worse remains to be seen. But whatever happens can it happen now? I want to enjoy a Favre-free sportscenter.


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