Why The Dallas Cowboys Should Snatch Up Terrelle Pryor

Terrelle Pryor might make a good NFL QB after all.

You all know my feelings about Terrelle Pryor, you know how I feel about him in connection with the scandal at my alma mater Ohio State University, and you also know that I don’t think that right now he is a viable NFL QB and that he will flop as soon as he hits the field…

Ok let’s go back to that last part…

In watching Pryor on the field at Ohio State you saw a tremendous athlete who was great at escaping defenders and making plays with his feet. His arm was another story as Pryor was up and down throwing the ball in an offense that was more predicated on the run. Not only was his arm a concern but his footwork as his mechanics was as well. In my eyes he was basically a work in progress that needs more fine tuning.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago when Pryor left the school and began private workouts with NFL receivers like Chad Ochocinco. Ocho announced that after catching passes from Pryor that Pryor was “the best quarterback that he’s caught passes from in years.” That can be viewed in three ways; one, a slight towards Carson Palmer (which honestly is well-deserved), two, he said it because he and Pryor are clients of Drew Rosenhaus (which I wouldn’t doubt) and three, he actually meant it.

Now knowing Ocho and Rosenhaus for that matter, none of us took it too seriously nor should we have taken it seriously, until we actually saw the tape. After watching the tape Pryor looked extremely comfortable in his release, throwing motion and accuracy. His footwork looked like it had improved dramatically and he was on point with every throw. He looked like a different guy than the one that I had seen at “The Shoe” for the last three years. Of course this was with no defenders in his face or Darrelle Revis blanketing his receivers, but it looks like Pryor has been improving as a pro football quarterback.

Ocho thinks Pryor is a pretty good passer.

Now, is he ready to play in the league? Hell no. I still think that he needs to learn an actual playbook, know when to improve and when not to, and understand the game more by watching from the sidelines. But I have changed my tune in the sense that I now think that he could be an NFL quarterback. The question remains as to who should pick Pryor and keep him on the bench for a year or two and let him learn how to be a professional…

The answer… The Dallas Cowboys.

You probably just read that and went “what the hell?”

Yes I know that this is the same team that employs Dez Bryant, Mike Jenkins and Roy Williams who are spoiled malcontents and the Cowboys have a recent history of being a playpen more than a NFL team.

However, new coach Jason Garrett is a lot tougher on his players than Wade Phillips or any coach before him. Garrett knows how to push his guys’ buttons and get the most out of them. Just look at what happened with that team after Phillips was fired and Garrett took over. They were a much tougher team with a little bit more discipline. Garrett is the kind of coach that Pryor needs to get his head straight in and out of the huddle.

And also there are veterans like Jason Witten, Terrance Newman and DeMarcus Ware who can show him how to properly conduct himself and be more professional than he was at Ohio State.

Now the football answer to the Pryor query. Let’s say that the Cowboys do take Pryor in the Supplemental Draft this month. You sit him behind Tony Romo for two years and let him watch the game and learn the playbook while he gets some reps in with Miles Austin, Witten and Williams and gets acclimated to a pro style offense. He learns the ins and outs by sitting on the bench and eventually he can understand the proper to go about things and will be ready to go in 2013.

(So what about Romo you ask? What about him? I’m sorry to say but Romo is not leading the Cowboys back to the promise land as long as he is under center. He is too unpredictable, too inconsistent, and not the most accurate QB in the league.

With Romo back under center whenever the NFL starts back up I think that the Cowboys are still the third best team in the division behind the Eagles and Giants.

To be honest, if Romo doesn’t show more consistency and leadership in the next two seasons it’s highly possible that Romo could be gone. Hence the need for Pryor.)

Garrett could be the guy to turn Pryor into an NFL starter.

It would be the best situation for each side because Pryor gets great teaching, and the Cowboys get their QB for the future, who honestly could be better than any QB taken in the NFL Draft.

That’s a far cry from how I felt about Pryor a few weeks ago.

Am I overreacting to a few pieces of footage that I saw? Maybe. Do I think he could’ve been a little more boastful in front of Jon Gruden during that ESPN session? Yes I do.

However I think that with the proper team Terrelle Pryor can become a very successful NFL QB and right now he is taking the proper steps to making that happen.

To me The Dallas Cowboys are the team that should step up and take a chance on developing Pryor and making him their QB of the future.

Of course I have been wrong before.


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5 responses to “Why The Dallas Cowboys Should Snatch Up Terrelle Pryor

  • footballnutz17

    Pryor would be a good backup should Romo go down with an injury

  • Damon Jackson

    This is some good stuff man! I agree with you. The Cowboys are 3rd best in a tough division. Also agree with you about Tony Romo. I dont see him being a SB winning QB. Might as well start grooming someone for the future. Garrett and Pryor could make a great coach-QB duo! Great read!

  • 7Bos1

    I like Pryor and I think in time he’ll be a good pro. I believe Dallas would be a good fit because he could sit and learn for a couple years and there will be a good team so he won’t be asked to do much when the time comes

  • patton26

    Good blog post man but I don’t think Pryor will be a good NFL QB. I just get a bad feeling about him in the NFL. I still feel he will not develop given time in the NFL and could be better served switching positions.

  • thenewsofsports

    I agree with patton26 about Pryor not being a great NFL player, but he’ll be a solid backup or maybe a starter on a bad team. I guess the Cowboys should pick him up if they’re worried about Tony Romo and injuries.

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