Hockey Returns To Winnipeg

Hockey is back in Winnipeg, like it should be.

I think that I speak for everyone that has any sports sense in the back of their head when I say that an NHL team belongs in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada more than it belongs in Atlanta, Georgia.


(Matter of fact while we’re on it Atlanta doesn’t really need a basketball team either. It’s an SEC town where only baseball and football matter hence the reason the Braves and Falcons still exist. To put any other professional franchise there is completely asinine and is worthy of failure. Just saying.)


After today’s announcement it became official that this bit of common sense would come to fruition as the team formerly called the Atlanta Thrashers would soon move to Winnipeg and become them Winnipeg Jets once again.


Note: Though they haven’t announced the name of the team yet it is widely speculated they will once again become the Jets.


It’s a huge victory for the city, which lost its former Jets to Phoenix more than 15 years ago amidst financial issues in what was a down Canadian economic climate. Now with the Canadian dollar booming as well as a new stadium and investors that actually wanted a franchise (Atlanta couldn’t find a partner for the Thrashers even if you paid them) Winnipeg has another team to call their own.


This deal makes perfect sense for a myriad of reasons; one, it’s a Canadian sport and the more Canadian teams the better, two, the Thrashers were dreadful as far as attendance went and have a great team that deserves the attention that it wasn’t getting in Atlanta, three, Winnipeg is the 8th largest city in Canada at over 700,000 people it can more than handle the responsibilities that comes with owning and up keeping a professional hockey team.


The bottom line is that Atlanta just isn’t a good hockey climate. Hockey has had success in southern areas such as Nashville, Dallas, Tampa Bay and even Phoenix, which is still trying to find an investor for the team. Atlanta just wasn’t a good fit because honestly most professional teams that play in SEC markets just don’t seem to work.


The New Orleans Hornets are struggling, as are the Jacksonville Jaguars, Florida Panthers and Florida Marlins to stay afloat in areas that are primarily college sports markets. People in these areas just have no interest in these teams for financial reason and just because they truly don’t care.


Atlanta has been in a malaise with the Thrashers ever since their arrival. The team hasn’t helped by only making one playoff appearance in their ten-year existence and was swept in that series. They’ve team hasn’t helped by only making one playoff appearance in their ten-year existence and was

Now that they have how will Winnipeg respond?

The Jets always sold out back in the 90’s but the financial of the city did them in. is Winnipeg be stable enough this time around to keep the Jets in place, and will this team be able to become a playoff contender and keep the city interested in them?


I’m just glad that there is another city in Canada to watch a professional hockey game in. as great as Atlanta is as a tourist city it ain’t a hockey town. Now that Winnipeg is back in the NHL let’s hope that teams will make the trek to Wisconsin and Quebec City soon as well.


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3 responses to “Hockey Returns To Winnipeg

  • Chris Ross

    Reminds me a lot of Minnesota getting its franchise back and staying very successful. It’s one of those things that you don’t know what you got til it’s gone and I don’t think the fans in Winnipeg are going to ever let their franchise go again. I’m not sure though that I agree with you saying that putting any other professional franchise in Atlanta is wrong — I mean, you have 4 very successful franchises in Boston, 3 in Philly, 3 (sort of) in Pittsburgh and the list sort of goes on. Nashville was on the verge of losing their team a couple of years ago and now they have one of the best buildings in the league. Things can change very fast but it just wasn’t meant to be in Atlanta this time.

    Glad to see hockey back in Winnipeg, not happy that Byfuglien is once again in the Western Conference lol.

  • brooklynbuckeye

    yeah but boston, philly and pittsburgh are actual professional sports towns. they have such an extensive history and ridiculous fan bases with each sport that you could put 3 or 4 franchises there and it would work. i just think that its not the case down south because theyre way more tied up into college sports than they are with professional sports.

  • thenewsofsports

    I always have hated seeing teams being moved, but this is a good decision. I hoped it would work in Atlanta, but let’s face it, Atlanta and hockey didn’t quite mix. I’m so glad Canada gets another team. They should have so many more. It’s the unofficial capital of hockey. And by the way responding to Chris Ross, the Winnipeg (Jets?) will be in the Southeast Division, the same division Atlanta was in, so they’ll be in the Eastern Conference still, at least for the 2011-2012 season.

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