World, Tyler Seguin. Tyler Seguin, World.

Tyler Seguin made his presence known in game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals.

Meet Tyler Seguin. He was the second pick in the 2010 NHL Draft. He was thoroughly considered to be the possible number one overall pick ahead of Edmonton Oiler standout Taylor Hall. He was the main compensation in a trade that occurred with the Toronto Maple Leafs for Phil Kessel.

His first season was one filled with the pains that occur for every young player that enters professional sports. He struggled down along the boards and seemed to fear more physical competition. Critics labeled him cocky and their criticism was warranted as Seguin registered only one point in his last 23. His lack of physicality and experience and obvious youth concerns were reasons as to why the Bruins sat him down throughout the first two rounds of the playoffs. The last thing they needed was a young kid who wasn’t ready to contribute to a team that was making a run at the Stanley Cup.

Once the postseason started Boston’s offense struggled, mightily. In their series win versus Montreal, Boston went 0-28 on the power play. Yes that’s 0-28.  Even in their beat down of Philadelphia in round two, the power play was still brutal.

Then came a break both for Seguin and funny enough for the Bruins. Patrice Bergeron, who suffered a concussion versus the Flyers, was scratched for the first two games of this series. It was a huge loss because Bergeron was leading the B’s in scoring and was the main set up guy for players like Nathan Horton and Michael Ryder.

Enter Seguin who hadn’t played since the last game of the regular season, but came prepared with a fully-grown beard as if he was a ten-year vet rather than a 19-year-old kid. In a game 1 beat down at the hands of Tampa Bay, Seguin was the lone bright spot with two points including his first career playoff goal. He had the most energy of any Bruin on the ice and seemed unfazed by the moment.

Good for him, because game 2 was all about him.

With 4 points in game 2, Seguin has a reason to feel himself.

After Tampa took a 2-1 lead into the second period, Seguin went to work and showed all of us why he has a reason to be as cocky as scouts say he is. 48 seconds into the period Seguin beat Dwayne Roloson with a beautiful backhanded breakaway to tie the score and begin a huge period for the B’s.

After David Krejci put the Bruins up 3-2 Seguin took a set up from Horton and blasted past Roloson to put Boston up by 2. Then Seguin helped the power play finally get going by setting up Ryder for a 5-3 lead and then again to put Boston up 6-3.

To summarize: 5 goals for Boston, 4 points for Seguin and too big a hole for Tampa to climb out of. As Fabolous would say “NIIIIIIICCCEE!” Seguin showed poise, confidence and a sense of toughness the Boston was surely missing from their game 1 defeat. He was the best player on the ice in this game and had the best playoff performance thus far of any skater. Seguin’s breakout is huge for him as a player and for the Bruins who needed another scorer with Bergeron down and Milan Lucic struggling without any sign of relief.

For his efforts Seguin is now penciled in for game 3 in Tampa and possible for the rest of the series as Bergeron tries to come back from his concussion, and because the kid is a beast.

The same critics who said he was too cocky for his own good are now wondering where the hell Seguin has been and why hasn’t Boston been utilizing him? He’s being compared to Steven Stamkos, who coincidentally is Tampa’s number one goal scorer. They’re saying Seguin skates like Steve Yzerman and has a chance to be great player in the league in the near future, maybe better than Hall.

It’s funny because a week ago everyone had forgot about Seguin and didn’t know where he was.

Now you know, and you’ll be seeing more of him now and in the future.

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