Jorge Posada Adds To The Yankee Headaches

This isn't the ending Jorge Posada was hoping for.

I’ve loved Jorge Posada for his entire Yankee career, from the time that he took over for Joe Girardi behind the plate to his recent decline at the plate.

But what he did yesterday with the Yankees in the type of rut that they’re in makes me angry as hell.

Posada asked to be removed from the starting lineup after he found out that he had bumped to ninth in the order, which is due mostly in part to his horrific start to the season at the plate. Posada is hitting a league worst .165 and it among the worst in the league in slugging percentage and on base percentage. In short his bat has done more harm than it’s done good and in all fairness Girardi was right to bump in down in the lineup. Heck, you can make the case that Girardi should’ve taken him out of the lineup all together.

Instead Posada did that himself, and in the middle of a stretch where the Yankees have lost 8 of 11 and are clinging to second place in the AL East with the Red Sox charging Posada has given the Yankees another thing to worry about.

Safe to say no one is saying hip hip Jorge at the moment.

As great of a player as Jorge has been over the years his stubbornness has been a detriment to him. In Buster Olney’s book The Last Night of The Yankee Dynasty, he chronicled some of Jorge’s lesser moments where his headstrong attitude and stubborn ways rubbed umpires and some of those in the organization the wrong way. You see it rearing its ugly head with this incident.

Posada has struggled mightily at the plate this year.

No matter what Jorge’s done in the past he has to realize that those days are gone. He is not an ever contributor like he once was. He can’t hit fastballs anymore, can’t turn on pitches like he used to and is a problem wherever he bats in the lineup. For him not to see this and to react the way he did goes back on everything I thought that he stood for.

Jorge is supposedly a team guy, he supposedly would do anything to help out the Yankees, and this is how he reacts when Girardi makes a smart decision to help out the lineup? Come on Jorge.

To be blunt, Jorge isn’t helping the Yankees out right now and should be benched. There are other players who could use more reps at the plate and at the DH spot. Girardi should tinker with either Derek Jeter or Alex Rodriguez at the DH while giving Eduardo Nunez their spots in the field for defensive purposes. Or maybe this is the right time to bring star prospect Jesus Montero up from the minors and let his big bat go to work.

Whatever it is that needs to be done the Yankees should do it. Because their not getting a lot from many spots in the order and Posada is the number one guy that’s not cutting it.

With all of the concerns about Phil Hughes’s arm, the rotation, Rafael Soriano and Jeter, the last thing the Yankees needed was one of its most revered veterans acting like a spoiled child.

As much as I love the guy he needs to get his act together, as do so many other Yankees right now, and focus on how to get this team to the playoffs. And it has to start with him riding the bench.


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