Hughes’s Arm Raises Big Questions For The Yankees

And now the first big issue to the Yankees pitching question mark has arrived.

Phil Hughes's arm problems are not what the Yankees pitching staff needs right now.

Phil Hughes has no arm.

Through three starts this season Hughes has been beaten around like a piñata. He’s allowed 15 earned runs and hasn’t made it out of the fifth inning in any of his three starts.

Why you ask? He has no arm right now. His velocity that topped out at 93 last year on his fastball is only popping the mitts at 89 this year. His breaking balls have no movement and are getting tattooed by everyone. He’s as flat as flat can get and for the Yankees, a team who was counting on him to basically be C.C. Sabathia’s sidekick, this is the worst possible news.

Now the pitching is really thin in new York as they try to figure out what’s wrong with Hughes and put together a rotation filled with ifs and maybes.

Kevin Millwood and Bartolo Colon were acquired as possible spot starters and neither have looked impressive in their outings.

Millwood has been getting tattooed in the minor leagues and Colon has given up 7 earned runs in his three relief appearances. We’ve also yet to see Freddy Garcia this year and Sergio Mitre was dealt before the season began.

Um, paging Andy Pettite, paging Andy Pettite.

GM Brian Cashman is saying that they won’t be making a deal for a pitcher anytime soon, but they have to do something. Maybe it’s time to bring up first round draft pick Andrew Brackman who is ready to roll by all accounts, or Manny Banuelos.

Banuelos was the talk of spring training and though the Yankees were hesitant to bring him up he’s ready to come in according to most scouts.

Whoever it is, the Yankees have to do something. Sure it’s only the second week of the year and the Yankees are in first place, but this could be a long-lasting problem that could do the Yankees in.

The Yankees have to either find out what’s wrong with Hughes and fix it or find his replacement. Because right now its C.C., and A.J. Burnett carrying the weight and that wont cut it.

Plus, how long do we all expect A.J. Burnett to keep pitching decently? Yep, exactly.


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