It’s Time To Throw The Book At Cooke

I’m officially sick Matt Cooke. His recent run-in with the NHL big wigs will hopefully get him a suspension that will last into the playoffs.

I've officially had enough of Matt Cooke.

Against the New York Rangers today, Cooke threw an elbow directly underneath the chin of Rangers defenseman Ryan McDonaugh. He didn’t play the puck, didn’t let up, he just tried to put his elbow into McDonaughs skull.

He gained a five minute major and it began a spiral downward for the Pens who lost two points in the race for fourth place and home ice advantage in the playoffs.

Cooke has been a part of many of the leagues recent rash of dirty plays on the last few years, which began with his hit on Marc Savard last year that gave Savard a major concussion.

Cooke’s reckless play is a direct contradiction of Mario Lemieux’s call for the league to stop the dirty play that has gained major headlines lately.

Lemieux said after the Islanders-Penguins brawl in February that the league has to be more strict with penalties for dirty play after he was unsatisfied with the penalties given to the Islanders.

Lemieux must’ve forgot that he employed Cooke who has already been suspended this year for a dirty against Columbus and has been criticized by players and coaches all around the league.

If Lemieux is serious about his claims then he should jettison Cooke at the end of the year. Cooke is the type of player that he needs on his team nor does anyone in the NHL.

If I’m Colin Campbell I would throw the book at Cooke. Make his suspension last all playoffs for being a multiple offender. With Cooke on the ice you can guarantee an un-called for piece of physical play and a possible injury. He doesn’t belong on the ice with the true skill players and needs to be taught a lesson.

If the attempt to injure today didn’t  prove that, I don’t know what will.


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