The Knicks Need More Changes

This guy has gotta go.

Fair warning… maybe I’m being a little ill tempered after watching the Knicks lose to the Cavs (again), or the fact that the Knicks play defense like Kim Kardashian makes hit records. But I’m ticked off…


I mean I gave you a good enough warning right?

Is it just me or does anyone else have the feeling that D’antoni isn’t the guy for this job? I know the Knicks score points, they make games exciting for the big networks and its an overall sexy product on the floor in terms of star power. However, let’s come to grips people, that ain’t a tie contender out there. Not even close.

It’s a nice 4 man kingdom with a few court jesters for show, but as far as a complete team, hell no.

Having an offensive minded team is fine as long as you have some type of defensive structure. The Denver Nuggets have Aaron Afflalo, the Phoenix Suns have Robin Lopez, even the Clippers have Deandre Jordan and Blake Griffin.

The Knicks had Corey Brewer but bought him out and he was immediately scooped up by Dallas. Now who do u count on for some level of defensive intensity, Landry Fields? Bill Walker?

Defense wins championships, period. You can chuck all of the threes in the world, run up and down the court til your heart stops and get as many dunks as possible, but without defense you’re game plan is pointless and you’ll never get over the hump.

Which brings us to D’antoni and Donnie Walsh for that matter. When D’antoni was hired it was on the basis that his system that worked well in Phoenix would carry over to the Knicks.

The long term plan was to implement that offensive system and bring in a huge piece, like LeBron James, and let it grow into a title contender. So Walsh tried to dump a ton of salary while D’antoni had a bunch of players run his scatterbrained offense with little sense for two years.

We watched Chris Duhon fail the system, watched Nate Robinson fall out of favor, watched Walsh miss out on drafting Brandon Jennings by taking Jordan Hill then send him to Houston for T-MAC’s expiring deal.

The Knicks lack of defense leads to losses like the three they've had versus Cleveland.

Then the moment came this past summit where the plan would come to fruition and James would resurrect the Knicks… yeah about that.

When James bolted the Walsh plan failed. As soon as LeBron took his talents to South Beach Walsh should’ve told D’antoni to go with him.

Sure they got Amar’e Stoudemire and Raymond Felton, however that wasn’t the big plan. You needed more players to work in D’antoni’s system. You need a pass first point guard, shooters, and a bench that goes 8-9 deep solidly. Granted the Knicks have had that, until the Carmelo deal.

Now what do they have? Shawne Williams at the 4? Anthony Carter as the backup point guard? Shelden Williams as a Center? It’s a mess.

The team acts like the Phoenix Suns yet it is a hand me down version with even worse defensive tendencies.

Tonight they allowed 119 points to the worst team in the league…119!!! The Cleveland Cavaliers had 7 players in double figures, J.J. Hickson looked like Charles Barkley and Luke Harangody was a poor man’s version of Kevin Love, they couldn’t stop Baron Davis who should be in full sulk mode. How can I take the Knicks as a serious NBA franchise when they’re 0-3 against the league’s worst team and when they’ve allowed 117 points a game in the last two meetings?

(Side note: northern Ohio is slowly becoming my least favorite opponent of New York teams. It’s like the Cavs, Browns, Indians and Blue Jackets only play hard against us and lay flat against other competitors. Think about the Browns going 4-12 yet killing the Giants on Monday Night Football. The Indians christening the new Yankee Stadium with a 22-4 beantown. These three losses to the Cavs and the Rangers letting me down the one time a year they come to Columbus. The sympathy I have for this state’s hard luck OS dwindling by the second.)

So what’s the solution? Fire Mike D’antoni and get a coach on here that preaches defense.

Donnie Walsh isn’t going to able to put the kind of team together that fits the system D’antoni runs. Just kill it now before it destroys the slight momentum the Know kd have gained from the Carmelo Anthony deal.

Hire Mike Brown. Draft a point guard or center. Get Tyson Chandler, get some defensive help for Melo and company, change the look of this team right now and make them serious.

Fact is that while Mike D’antoni will win games, he won’t win titles. If he did he would still be in Phoenix. You need a guy that will take your team to the next level and he ain’t it.

I didn’t expect much from the Knicks this season. I expect the Melo deal to be the beginning of many deals in the future to bring the Knicks back for real.

However, it can’t happen with D’antoni as the coach. The system needs to be changed in order for the Knicks to be successful and it starts on the sidelines.

I hope Walsh makes this or something happen. If there are more losses like this in the future then it won’t be just Mike D’antoni under the hot seat. It’ll be you too Donnie. I can’t take this crap anymore.


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3 responses to “The Knicks Need More Changes

  • Mike

    I don’t think D’Antoni is the big issue with this team. Let’s be honest. They aren’t playing with a full deck. Besides Amar’e, Melo and Chauncey, who can you really say is a player ready to contribute on a playoff team? They aren’t going to have the pieces for another year or so. It would be good to keep Walsh there because he built the Pacers when they were going to the Finals. I don’t think the Knicks have the money to bring in a Tyson Chandler and then go get other pieces too. After all, you all have a good PG, Chauncey Billups. He’s clutch. I think Corey Brewer would have been the defensive player the Knicks needed because his strength is one-on-one defense and he doesn’t need the ball to be effective. And my final point is about the Knicks fans getting high expectations when Melo arrived. They still don’t have the pieces there, so for the blame to fall on the coach isn’t right.

  • Kareem Howard

    Give it time, the biggest issue is the bench and they need guys that can serve as good backups in case any of the big stars go down or are in foul trouble. This is a process, and process takes time. Look at the Miami heat. Everyone penciled them in for championship, and they can’t even beat an elite team. For them it’s going to be a proccess as well. You just got to learn to be patient. This summer will determine which direction the Knicks will go.

  • Chris Ross

    They don’t have the roster to do it and i don’t think D’Antoni is the coach for championship teams. He can put a nice record on the board for your franchise but as a championship coach I don’t really see it. I just think it’s a combination of a bunch of things and I especially don’t like an aging point guard combined with 2 non-creating stars

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