BYU Sticks To The Script, Like It Or Not

Brandon Davies suspension may seem silly to you and me, but its a big deal to BYU.

Brandon Davies was recently suspended by BYU for breaking it’s controversial honor code last week by engaging in premarital sex with his girlfriend.

Now before we all go into overdrive on how absolutely ridiculous we think this is we should consider a few things…

One is that BYU is a well known Mormon  college. They set standards that follow their belief in the church of Jesus Christ and latter day saints. So while it is an institution for learning and gaining training on certain careers it is a spiritual institution that reinforces it’s beliefs on those that follow the religion.

Two, every athlete that goes to BYU is aware of the honor code, which also prohibits things like the consumption of alcohol and caffeine. Once you sign your letter of intent you understand what your restrictions are and that you will be held to them with no grey areas.

Three, isn’t this what we beg college programs to be like?

In contrast to the Ohio State football controversy BYU actually holds it’s players to the responsibly that it expects from them.

OSU AD Gene Smith acted as if the OSU ballers were victims of ignorance when he knew that his players were regularly informed of the rules and regulations. The folks in Provo know better.

They expect all players to heed to the honor code and live in the presentable manner that is required. The business of the game doesn’t matter to them. They don’t care about BCS games, final four runs or any amount of possible boatloads of cash that could be acquired to benefit their departments. In the end it’s all about the rules plain and simple.

Brandon Davies knew this and shouldn’t be shocked with the result.

The flip side to this is the sheer absurdity of the ruling to people like you and I.

Lacedarius Dunn hits his girlfriend, playing. Cam Newton receives $200,000 to play in the SEC, playing. A.J. Price stole school laptops, played, This kid has sex with his girlfriend and can’t play basketball anymore, talk about unfair.

BYU's way of handling rule breakers should be copied by most institutions.

I understand the honor code and why it’s in place, but it’s silly to punish a teenager for doing what most teenagers his age do.

I could think of one million reasons to kick a kid off his team and engaging in sexual intercourse with your girlfriend is right next to drinking a red bull.

I have to ask BYU do they really think that their athletes and students don’t indulge in an occasional rum and coke or sexual romp? If they do then I got some ocean front property in Nebraska to sell them.

It’s college and their a bunch of teenagers couped up in a few houses across a few acres. Stuff like this happens and to punish someone for it is silly to me.

Does Davies still go to church? Is he planning a mission? Does he still represent the university well in public and in the classroom? If he does, suspending him for this is even more foolish because ‘s a  good hearted guy who has is head on straight and has his priorities on point.

Unfortunately he won’t be bringing his game to the court. Davies and his 11.1 points and 6.2 rebounds a game will sit at home for the season and BYU basketball will suffer.

Without him BYU got trounced by New Mexico 82-64 last night and their dreams of a number one seed and a final four berth are in doubt.

This isn’t the biggest deal to BYU though. To them it’s about sticking to the rules and honoring you word.

While you may not agree with a lot of rules to their honor code,you have to respect how they enforce it.


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