It’s Time For DeMarcus Cousins To Grow Up

Yo DeMarcus... get your $#!! together bro!

Last year in my argument for Evan Turner as player of the year I pointed out that I thought DeMarcus Cousins was the most talented and best player on the Kentucky Wildcats over John Wall.

He had the size, skill, moves and smarts to become the best big man in college and any GM picking him in the top 5 would be justified in their selection. The one problem was his attitude. Watching Cousins during a game is a roller coaster of emotion. He hangs his head during rough stretches, doesn’t hustle up the, pouts, fails his arms, and when on the bench he looks like a kid that lost his puppy.

The worst were his constant tussles with coach John Calipari. By the end of last season Coach Cal was practically pushing Cousins out of the door. He was a big baby. Very talented but very immature. He could be Patrick Ewing or Derrick Coleman.

You thought that when the Kings took him that he could grow up, be a player to count on to take charge of his actions. Maybe now in the league, which is a grown man’s game, he could flourish and be everything he’s supposed to be… after further review, that’s a big fat hell no.

Cousins hasn’t changed one bit, hell he’s gotten worse. He’s clashed with coaches, cursed out assistants and hasn’t shown one iota of respect to the men in charge babysitting him.

The worse case came this past weekend during a 99-97 loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder. In the final seconds Tyreke Evans took a three pointer that rimmed out and Sacramento lost the game. Cousins was furious that he didn’t get the ball down low because he felt he has his man beat (to his credit he was open and did have him beat.). However, Cousins handled it in a horrendous way. Flailing your arms in frustration, that’s understandable. Getting into an altercation with a teammate, getting kicked off of a plane, screaming for respect even though you’re a rookie as a way of lashing out… yeah… that’s not a good look Boogie.

The much better side of DeMarcus Cousins.

Cousins wasn’t out of line, he was out of his mind. There are ways of handling differences with teammates; talk to em, pull em aside, vent in a professional manner, not throwing a tantrum like a three year old. However, sad to say, that’s what Cousins is.

Cousins talents speak for themselves, he’s a double-double waiting to happen, he’s got one of the best bodies for a low post player in the game. He’s long and he’s incredibly smart. He sees the floor, he knows where to go and what to do. The sad part is that none of this is relevant because he makes that part of himself secondary to his antics.

Cousins is having a really good rookie season but you wouldn’t know it. If he’s not cursing out coaches he’s getting fined for a choke sign, if its not that its this incident.

It’s not up to Paul Westhead, the Maloofs or anyone to get him together, its up to Cousins to say enough is enough and grow the hell up.

What Cousins doesn’t understand is bad boys don’t last long in the NBA. Ask Isaiah Rider, Bonzi Wells, and Darius Miles, if you don’t get your act together then you’ll be out of the league before you get close to reaching the zenith of your potential.

I don’t want that to be Cousins legacy. I’ve seen the kid play, I meant what I said about him being better than Wall. The boy’s talent is limitless and he can be a perennial all-star.

But in order for this to happen DeMarcus, you have to do me a favor… look in the mirror and grow up. Your almost 21, stop acting like you’re 12.


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