Melo To L.A. Makes Sense

These two as teammates? hmmmm...

Carmelo Anthony to the Los Angeles Lakers makes no sense at all.

Not enough shots for him, Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol to share, losing Andrew Bynum kills their inside game, and there’s no point guard to help distribute the ball evenly.

The Lakers shouldn’t do this at all no way… um… why the hell not?

How does this deal not make sense for the Lakers in the short and long term scheme of things?

Think about a few things for a second. One, the value of Andrew Bynum is overrated. Sure he’s a valuable asset in the paint, but he’s not the see all end all talent people have him made out to be.

Bynum can’t stay on the court long enough to be effective. The Lakers record is better with him out of the lineup than with him in it. Trading him right now gives the Lakers a great chip to get a great player in his place due to his high salary and upside.

Enter though number two, trading Bynum straight up for Carmelo makes a ton of sense for both sides.

For the Nuggets they get a replacement for Nene who will most certainly depart Denver this off-season. They get a young talented body to help rebuild around with Ty Lawson once Melo leaves.

For the Lakers it makes even more sense. You get another match problem for teams to deal with, some scoring relief for Kobe and you start Lamar Odom who is better in the lineup than off the bench.

The even better thing for the Lakers is the long term effect of getting a player like Carmelo.

Who knows where Carmelo will end up at this point.

Think about this for a minute. Kobe Bryant is an aging player. He’s not the same explosive scored that he once was and is closing in on retirement. Getting Carmelo Anthony makes the Lakers a player now, but it also gives them a player that can keep them in contention as Kobe fades out.

By obtaining Melo the Lakers can avoid rebuilding and stay atop the Pacific division with or without Phil Jackson at the helm. The still have a face for the franchise and a dominant score for another six or seven years and can build around him by developing Derrick Caracter and Devin Ebanks.

For Melo he can still be the main guy and have a more reliable supporting cast than he would’ve had in New York, New Jersey or Denver.

It works out for all sides involved (it would also work wonders if the Lakers deal Ron Artest for… I don’t know… a bag of popcorn.). The question is does Denver want to trade within the conference and help out a team ahead of it? Also is this really the best that Denver can do?

A month ago they had Devin Harris, Derrick Favors and a pick for Melo, now they would only get an oft-injured, but talented, center. Maybe Denver is running low on options and thinks it should take what it can get for a departing player. If so than get what you can, but you never want to help out another team in your own conference especially the L.A. Lakers.

If I’m the Lakers and this is a viable trade I would do it in a heartbeat. There are more pros than cons for the Lakers to acquire Carmelo Anthony in the short and long term. Plus LaLa (I mean Melo) gets the big city exposure he wants and L.A. gets the big name they’ll need once Kobe hangs em up.

However, as the Melo saga continues, who knows if this is real or just another twist in this never ending tale. Stay tuned.


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2 responses to “Melo To L.A. Makes Sense

  • Mike

    There’s a few points that you’re missing. With Bynum in the lineup, the Lakers have won 2 championships. Without him, they lost to the Celtics. They need his big body in the paint to alter and block shots. He doesn’t have to be a superstar on this team. If they trade him, they will be old and soft at the 4 and 5 with Pau and Odom and will undoubtedly not win the championship. I think the Spurs would love to see them make this move because this move wuld bring the Spurs closer to the Lakers because no one in the NBA can match up with Odom, Gasol and Bynum as a trio but they can match up with Odom and Gasol as a duo. Another issue if you trade Bynum is there would be no front court depth. What happens if Pau or Odom get in foul trouble? Who are you bringing in? Derrick Character?

  • Mike

    The trade isn’t going to happen though.

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