Seriously, enough already with the treatment of James Harrison. I’m sick of turning on my computer and having to see Harrison fined again for playing football the way it should be played.

I’m sorry that Harrison is not a dirty player and gets punished for going all out and doing what every defense player has been taught to do since Pop Warner football and that’s get to the quarterback and bring him down. Look at his last two fines; $20,000 for hitting Drew Brees late when it was an early flag by the ref and it wasn’t even that bad of a hit. Then there was the hit on Ryan Fitzpatrick that cost him $25,000. There was nothing malicious or dirty about the hit. He lowered his head and planted Fitzpatrick on his tail like he’s supposed to. No helmet to helmet, no grabbing the facemask, nothing. However, he gets a 15 yard penalty and a huge fine.

It’s getting ridiculous how much Harrison is being made an example of by the NFL and he’s not even doing anything bad.

Look at the Andre Johnson and Cortland Finnegan fight this week in Houston… IT WAS A FIST FIGHT!! Granted I thoroughly enjoyed watching Finnegan get beat down because I hate his guts, but Andre Johnson wailed on him with closed fists connecting three times (three sweet hits) and got the same fine as Harrison, really? So a guy getting in a fistfight on national television in a sport that’s not called hockey gets the same penalty as a guy that made a normal football play? (Cue the Ed Lover sound bite C’MON SON!

Donate $125,000 to the Free James Harrison fund.

For all of Goodell’s talk of improving safety in the wake of a rise in concussions and his in-season rule changes, Steelers receiver Hines Ward made a great point yesterday when speaking out against the Harrison fines.

Ward wondered aloud why Goodell is so adamant about increasing concerns with safety, yet increasing the NFL season to 18 games which would increase injuries all over the field. He’s right.

I don’t care how you try and curtail illegal hits, roughing the passer penalties and what not, if you increase the number of regular season games then it will only get worse. Guys give their bodies too often for a season to increase by anymore games. Football is played at one speed, full speed ahead. It’s impossible to think that you can fine guys a ton of money and injuries, concussions and huge hits would just stop. It’s football, guys have been taught to play one way their whole life and you can’t expect them to change in one week it’s senseless.

That’s why the Harrison penalties and fines are so stupid. You can’t just tell a guy to stop doing what he does after years of working at doing it right. Harrison is a former defensive player of the year, an all-pro, a pro bowler, he’s one of the best at his craft and now with rules and regulations he looks like a dirty player who just looks to take people out (I mean it’s football. It’s how Deacon Jones played, Jack Tatum and others, hit hard, intimidate and dominate).

So please get off of Harrison, and any other player that plays the game hard and clean. It’s football, it’s the roughest game in the world not called rugby. James Harrison is not the bad guy in these situations, he’s a guy that’s playing the game the right way and Roger Goodell is punishing him for it. Enough with these dumb fines commish let defenders do what they were taught to do and play hard and get to the quarterback. It’s Giant football, Steeler football and how football is played period. FREE JAMES HARRISON!


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