TCU Leaves No Doubters

TCU fans have long been believers. It's time for all of us to do the same.

I can’t lie… as much as I like TCU I was beginning to doubt them.

As the number 6 team in the BCS last year they looked scared when the spotlight hit them at full strength when they took on Boise State in the Fiesta Bowl and lost 17-10. They won, but not impressively, against Oregon State in an early season matchup at Cowboy Stadium. They beat teams but not with the explosiveness and power that we saw Oregon, Auburn and other schools do. Andy Dalton at times wavered between good and average as the offense had trouble getting going while the defense looked like a well oiled engine.

All of this with their biggest game in over a decade looming. Number five Utah, in Salt Lake City, Utah being two-time BCS busters who beat up Alabama two years ago in SEC country, who had been steamrolling it’s competition without a sweat. With TCU’s recent history you had to be concerned with how they would come out, how they would handle the spotlight again against such an accomplished team. After yesterday… got any other questions for the Horned Frogs?

It was not a domination it was a decimation of Utah. A parting gift of sorts as they exit the Mountain West for the greener pastures of the PAC-12. TCU not only showed that they were ready for prime-time, but also for a bigger stage.

Their 47-7 schlacking of the Utes proved that TCU is ready for the big time. In 60 minutes TCU made the BCS systems life even harder by displaying the type of power, speed and toughness  that many teams wish that they had, from Oklahoma to Texas to USC to Florida. It only took 15 minutes.

Dalton threw up 20 points including a 93 yard bomb to Josh Boyce and the defense limited Utah’s offense to 43 yards of offense and forced a fumble which lead to their third touchdown.

After that I think the numbers tell the story: yards 558-199, time of possession 39:06-20:54, turnovers forced 4-1 all favoring TCU. Utah didn’t even get on the board until a Matt Asiata touchdown catch with eleven minutes left on the game. At that point it was 40-7 advantage Frogs. Just an afterthought for a team that was beginning to look ahead to next weeks game against San Diego State.

TCU made a big statement in trouncing Utah.

With two games left the only question is now what? If they finish 12-0 then they most assuredly will be in a BCS game… just which one is the interesting part. If Auburn or Oregon were to lose whose to say that TCU shouldn’t play for the national title? I don’t care about one loss LSU or a one loss Big Ten, Big 12 or SEC team… THEY HAVE ONE LOSS! TCU is undefeated with possibly the best defense in the nation and an offense that can put up points on anyone. If TCU or Boise for that matter ( don’t forget them) were to be passed over for a one-loss team from a big conference then it would be a bigger travesty then the cop out that was last years Fiesta Bowl.

Unfortunately as we know the BCS is crooked like Les Miles is lucky (how the he’ll does he pull these games out by the way. LSU shouldn’t lost that game yesterday and to Florida and to North Carolina and to Tennessee. They’re the worst 8-1 team I think I’ve ever seen and it’s entirely their fault. Every week LSU fans are probably wondering do we want to win because this guy might get a contract extension when he doesn’t deserve one… then again you are 8-1 and you could steal TCU’s or Boise’s national title bid so I don’t care.)

So with that scenario we could see TCU in the Rose Bowl because they hold the highest ranked team to be an at-large contestant.

I’m holding out for that small chance that TCU gets to the title game. Yesterday they proved that they belong with the big boys by dismantling a very good Utah team and that they belong in the hunt for the national title.

TCU quieted the doubters in 60 explosive and demoralizing minutes that left a mental footnote on the voters and the viewers minds. These guys are good no doubt about it.


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