Man U Is A Little Too Hot For Rooney

There is an old saying, “if you can’t take the heat, then get the hell out of the kitchen. “ its description is for people that can’t take pressure packed situations and what their immediate response should be in that said situation.

You see some people are great in pressure situations and love when all the attention shines down on them, others think they can take the abuse but soon realize that they are in over their heads and know that they should get out quick before the heat gets too hot.

Consider this when you think about the situation of soon to be ex Manchester United footballer Wayne Rooney.

Rooney can't take the heat of playing for the Red Devils.

Man U manager Sir Alex Ferguson outed his star striker this week by saying that Rooney had wish to be moved and moved quickly. Rooney has responded by saying that he is disappointed because the Red Devils didn’t do enough in their offseason to make the team more competitive in the transfer market. This can be seen as truth when you look at all of the transfers made by Chelsea to make their team younger and better for the long haul, as well as the boatload of moves made by Manchester City including the acquisition of former Red Devil Carlos Tevez.

However, none of this was a concern to Rooney when the season began… you know, when star players normally confront the office about certain situations. Rooney’s new “concerns” interestingly come after a rough month that featured an uncovered accusation of adultery while his new wife was pregnant with his child and a slew of tabloid rumors that led to Sir Alex benching him for concerns of heckling at his old stomping grounds at Everton. Can you imagine if Joe Torre benched A-rod for similar concerns in games at Texas? Would never happen.

It seems as though Rooney is another case of an athlete that thought he could be the man and take the pressure that comes with it , and cant. It happened to Randy Johnson when he came to New York, it happened to  Elvis Grbac when he went to defending champion Baltimore after they jettisoned Trent Dilfer Jaromir Jagr couldn’t take it in Washington, and it’s happening to Rooney. While says it’s all about his feelings on the direction of the team, it’s obvious that he can’t handle the public pressure that comes with being the face of Manchester United.

Man U is the Premier League’s flagship franchise. It holds the largest stadium at over 75,000 and has the richest history. After the departure of all world forward Cristiano Ronaldo (who after some disappointing play at Real Madrid you may have to wonder the same thing about him) Rooney was the man at Old Trafford and last year showed it. He scored 26 goals in Premier League play, second only to Didier Drogba of Chelsea, and soon rose to being the face of English football by being featured in Nike’s Rewrite the Future campaign for the World Cup as well as the pitch man foe EA’s FIFA 11. Now after the scandal? 1 goal in 5 uninspiring appearances while Dmitri Berbatov has shined with 6 goals for Man U.

As for Rooney’s claims that Man U didn’t do enough to make the team better? They’re only 4th in the Premier League, 5 points behind Chelsea and are dominating their Champions Leaguer bracket. Hmmm, makes you wonder about his general management skills.

Rooney may also be a bit of a front runner as well. Rooney revealed that he would want a transfer to rival Manchester City, who spent a ton of money this season on transfers to stay competitive and were picked by many to win the Premier League due to those acquisitions. So he would want to play for a team that has just begun to position itself to be competitive instead of play for the most renowned team in Europe. Another Arsenio Hall hmmm please.

Sir Alex has stated that this will all be solved within the next week, but it’s clear that his star can’t take his licks off of the field and wants to move to safer housing. It’s just another example of a star player that can’t handle being the man in a big situation. It got too hot for Jagr, Grbac and Johnson and it’s the same for Wayne Rooney. Maybe he should have a sit-down with Derek Jeter and learn the proper way to conduct himself when the cameras are always following you.


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