Halladay Is Second To None

In case you were wondering, the best pitcher in baseball is Roy Halladay.

Want proof? Look at his performance on wednesday night versus the Cincinnati Reds. 104 pitches, 79 strikes, one walk, no hits. The first man since Don Larsen 54 years ago in game 7 of the World Series against the Brooklyn Dodgers to pitch a no-no in the playoffs. Historic? Yes. Shocking? No.


Halladay is at the top of the heap when it comes to baseball's elite pitchers.


This is the guy after all that led the majors on complete games, the national league in wins and ERA, and has solidified a Phillies staff that has the entire baseball world choosing them to win it all. Not a bad first season in one of sports most hostile environments huh?

What makes Halladay’s Performance so amazing was that it was his first playoff game that he’s ever pitched in. After years of letting his talents play out for little to no recognition Halladay finally has his shot to truly show the world what he’s made of.

He is so using his time wisely.

Halladay dominated a young and star struck Reds lineup that is making it’s first postseason appearance since 1995 and it showed.

He over powered them with his fastball and made them fish for his changeup. Halladay threw 25 off-speed pitches and Cincy whiffed on 17 of them.

To add insult to injury Halladay also helped his own cause by driving in a run in the decisive second inning where Philly scored 3 of it’s 4 runs to take control of the game. Not bad for a first timer huh?

But his pitching was the main story. Halladay was as dominant as ever on baseball’s grandest stage as he chases the title that he lingered in Toronto so long for. Halladay showed once again that in the year of the pitcher where Ubaldo Jimenez started off so hot, Josh Johnson was so consistent, Felix Hernandez was so dominant, albeit for a horrendous team, that he was the best of the bunch.

It’s been that case for years. It was why the Yankees, Red Sox and Angels were so gung-ho to get him, why the Phillies gave up Cliff Lee and can’t miss prospect Kyle Drabek to get him, because they all knew how good of a pitcher Doc Halladay was. The best news of all is that we are all getting a front a row seat to witness it.

It’ll be interesting to see how the Reds respond, especially with the revived Roy Oswalt going for the Phils in game two and former World Series MVP Cole Hamels going in game three. If they do manage to get one game in the series than their reward will be Halladay again in a game 4. Will the result be the same? Probably not. However, they know, as well the baseball watchers in the country that the best and most dominant pitcher resides in Philadelphia.

Halladay has finally arrived and will be properly recognized as the best in the game at his craft. Don’t believe me? Just watch the tape. Nobody’s better than Doc Halladay.


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One response to “Halladay Is Second To None

  • keithosaunders

    No doubt he is the best there is — and on a day/night that also featured Cliff Lee (no slouch) and CC Sabathia. Phillies and Giants would be a good NLCS. I would love to see Lincecum and Halliday square off, or Cain and Oswald.

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