Alabama And Oregon Make Statements

Who's next on Alabama's menu?

I don’t want to play Alabama… Or Oregon.

If Ohio State plays either one of those two teams in the national title game… If they should happen to make it that far… Then I’m not watching. Not after what I witnessed on Saturday.

Alabama and Oregon proved beyond a shadow of doubt that they are the two best teams in the country with their beatdowns of Florida and Stanford.

Alabama did it with their trademark no holds bard, strangling defense that sent John Brantley running for the sidelines. The gel Florida to six points on offense and made the passing game virtually an afterthought as Marcel Dareus and company pounded the Gators into submission and let the country know who was number one with a bullet.

Oregon on the other hand used their explosive offense to bludgeon Stanford. The Ducks seem to spot the Cardinal 21 points and fall behind as sort of a way of saying ” is that it?” once Darron Thomas and LaMichael James got going there was no stopping them. Thomas threw for three td’s and ran for another to compliment James’s huge game. James ran for 257 yards and three scores placing him in the top 3 on the mix for the Heisman race with Denard Robinson and Kellen Moore.

The Ducks and Tide right now have no competition to keep them from running away with their conference titles and potentially facing off in the national title game.

Can anyone in the pac-10 stop LaMichael James and company?

The Ducks still have to travel to Southern Cal for a matchup with the Trojans later this month and there’s always the do or die Civil War matchup with Oregon State in December. However neither of those teams have the defensive capability to come close to stopping the Ducks offensively.

Alabama you would think has a tougher road ahead in the mighty SEC, however the conference isn’t as strong as past years would implicate (ah-gem Georgia). There next possible tough opponent would be LSU in death valley next month. However, LSU is so flawed offensively that if Bama puts up 14 points that would be more than enough to put the Tigers to sleep. After that comes the Iron Bowl and the defenseless Auburn Tigers and a rematch possibly against Florida in the SEC title game. After Saturday I’m pretty sure Florida wants no part of the Tide for awhile.

No one should want any part of Alabama or Oregon for that matter. Both teams made statements showing the entire country that no one can hang with them outright. That goes for Boise state, TCU, Ohio State and anyone else that was watching and had doubts about them. We all know who number one and number two in the country is. Don’t believe me? Just ask Urban Meyer and Jim Harbaugh how good the Tide and Ducks are.

Others making statements this weekend:

– Michigan State proving that they are no slouches by taking out dark horse title contender Wisconsin.

– Denard Robinson with almost 500 yards of total offense and making the Heisman his for the taking.

– Baltimore going into Pittsburgh and beating the Steelers to claim the top spot in the AFC.

– The New York Giants defense bringing back memories of the Lawrence Taylor and Harry Carson days with a ten sack dominating performance against the bears last night to put them in a three way tie atop the division

(shotout to the Giants fans for booing Tiki Barber as well for letting him know that he’s still a punk.)

– Lastly… The Rams may surprise people… Not saying they’ll make the playoffs but just watch them play. Coach Steve Spagnuolo has them on the right track.


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