Boise State Is The Real Deal

In case you missed the memo… Boise State is the real deal. Want proof? Monday in Washington D.C. in a “neutral site” game against Virginia Tech (about a four hour drive from Blacksburg, VA). The Broncos emphatically answered their critics with a 33-30 victory over the ACC favorite Virginia Tech Hokies and positioned themselves for a national title run.

Boise State passes its test. Now bigger things await.

Boise State proved without a shadow of a doubt that belonged among the big dogs of college football with their    victory over Virginia Tech. Kellen Moore’s game clinching 57 yard drive late in the fourth quarter put Boise up for good and put an end to the doubts that the Broncos were big time.

Boise jumped out to a 17-0 lead that was in part due to the Hokies untimely special team mistakes. A blocked punt and missed field goal led to Kellen Moore leading the offense to easy points in short yardage situations 

However the Hokies fought back. Tyrod Taylor showed why he should be the ACC player of the year by making plays with his feet avoiding tacklers at every turn making up for Ryan Williams lackluster performance and putting the Hokies up 30-26 in the fourth quarter.

The Broncos hung in there at every turn thanks to D.J. Harper’s 71 yard touchdown run in the third quarter. Also thanks to timely plays by the secondary including a huge breakup by Brandyn Thompson on Virginia Tech’s last drive of the game.

However, the biggest star of the game was Kellen Moore (my Heisman pick thank you). Moore led the drive that would ultimately seal Va Tech’s fate by going 4-5 and findong Austin Pettis on a key third down and eventually on the game winning drive to put the Broncos up for good and add to their legacy. Once Taylor’s last last pass fell short the Broncos escaped their neutral site road game with a win and a realistic shot at the national title. Moore himself is now At the top of the Heisman list with his 3 touchdown performance.

“We’re certainly proving people right right now,” Moore said. He’s absolutely right. Boise was a skeptical favorite by many due to their high ranking. But Chris Peterson’s team certain played the necessary game to prove their doubters wrong.

For Va Tech it’s another bad loss for the ACC which has been the butt of jokes as far as the power conferences go. Heading into this weekend Miami and Florida State have to find a way to bring up the respectability value for the conference in road games versus Ohio State and Oklahoma.

For now this is Boise’s time. For years there has been talk of how good Boise is and how they need to prove it. now they have nothing to prove. The Boise State Broncos are rightfully in the national title hunt, and if the Buckeyes or Crimson Tide should dare to slip, the Broncos are ready and willing to take their place.

And this time we saw it with our eyes against a national power. I guess seeing really is believing.


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