You Can Thank Dan Snyder For The Haynesworth Mess

So, what would you do if you were the Washington Redskins and you had a player like Albert Haynesworth? Would you a. Sit him on the bench for being a malcontent, b. Trade him for less than market value, because honestly, who really wants an 100 million dollar pain in the neck who only earned this much money for one good season in Tennessee? C. Deal with him because you gave him a load of promises and he’s making sure that are kept. Or d. (my favorite option) NOTHiNG!! Because it’s the Redskins fault for this entire mess.

Yeah, i'll do that fitness test coach... but i'm really not in a hurry.

I understand that Haynesworth has become the league’s biggest baby and should never have gotten 100 mil to begin with, but who signed off on the deal? Once again a bad free agent signing has hurt the Redskins and now has people asking questions about the future of a player they once thought would anchor their defense much like he did in Tennessee.

It’s Snyder’s fault for the deal he gave Haynesworth, for the promises he gave him about the type of defensive scheme he wanted to be in, and it’s his fault for disregarding all of this and bringing on Mike Shanahan who changed the system ¬†immediately, which is the cause for this mess.

I understand that people have come to look at Haynesworth as a pain in the rear, but can you really blame the guy for what’s gone on early in Shanahan’s regime? Shanahan’s methods of punishment against Haynesworth for not wanting to be a part of his system have either proven to be unsuccessful or have backfired.

The three 300 yard sprints seemed to be a tool for embarrassment by Shanahan, until Haynesworth took three days off due to “exhaustion” and then passed the test only to take off more time for “recovery.” So pretty much Shanahan has punished Haynesworth by giving him more time off during training camp and allowing him to buy more time to draw the ire of Dan Snyder so he can be traded. Good job on that one Mike.

So now here we are three weeks before the beginning of the regular season and the Redskins have a huge headache on their hands in the middle of their defense and in the newspapers.

Haynesworth couldn’t care less either way. He’s going to pocket all of 41 million plus in guarantees whether he plays or not and the Redskins defense will suffer because of it. The right thing for Snyder to do would be to cut Haynesworth and see what you have down your depth chart. It sounds crazy, but what can you truly expect out of a man that hasn’t really practiced, has shown no signs of working hard in the offseason and probably won’t do it in the regular season.

The Haynesworth saga has been one big pain in the back for the Skins and they have to figure out how to stop the drama before their opener in September. However, as much as you want to blame Haynesworth for this mess, make no no mistake this is all Dan Snyder and the Redskins fault and it’s up to them to correct it.

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One response to “You Can Thank Dan Snyder For The Haynesworth Mess

  • Your Sister

    Dude, I couldn’t agree with you more. Dan Snyder is the devil in disguise for my poor Redskins. Beaten down by his stupidity and attempts to buy a championship; we are no where close to getting to winning like Steinbrener and the Yankees are today. He makes the most unreasonable deals with players and never follows through on them. Such a major disapointment to all Redskins fans who have to listen to this horrible shit on ESPN and read it in the Post.

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