Man-up Mayweather

In grade school we all ran from fights at some point. Whether you were scared of a bully, or just weren’t sure of your hand skills or whatever, at some point we were afraid to lay our manhood down and throw our fists up. Your mother said, “Maybe you should talk it out” or your father taught you how to use your hands, either way you found a way to deal with the problem in some way. What does this have to do with Floyd Mayweather you wonder? A lot.

Floyd would rather hang with 50 Cent than fight Manny Pacquiao.

Mayweather is currently suffering from a case of the school yard blues as he is unwilling to fight another man that wants him in the ring, that man being Manny Pacquiao. You see pretty boy Floyd has already ducked the Pacman previously last year insisting on Olympic drug testing which Pacquiao refused. Now Mayweather is playing the media and the public for a fool by telling us that there were never any discussions on a possible November fight between the two and slow footing towards a Bob Arum made deadline that would see it through.

There are words to describe what Mayweather is doing, none of them I can use in the article.

Here’s the PG rated version of what I want to say about Mayweather, the boy is, as Mobb Deep would say, a shook one. He is scared to fight Pacquiao because he knows that deep down the Filipino Senator is pound for pound the best fighter in the world. Pacquiao has beaten every competitor that has come his way and beaten them badly. All he needs to finish off his legendary resume is a victory over Mayweather in the near future with both men at their prime.

Mayweather knows this.

Mayweather’s fear stems from more than just a nationally televised beat down, it’s the ramifications that could surface from said beat down.

Mayweather is a large draw based primarily on his undefeated record. At 41-0 in boxing’s big money division he is its number one personality and figure. He is prominent in many aspects of pop culture especially in the hip-hop industry where nine- figure personalities like Sean “Diddy” Combs and Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson loom large. His primary fear is what a loss would do to his marketability and draw power in the future. While that is a big concern for Mayweather the bigger is this, what if the overall view of Mayweather changes and he is forever viewed as a conservative champion?

If Mayweather keeps ducking Pacquiao like he’s been doing then he will lose credibility in future fights. Opponents would lose interest in future bouts because Mayweather would induce Novak Djokovic syndrome. Djokovic is a great tennis player and grand slam champion, however his constant calls for trainers and injuries that he thinks he has, has diminished his value as a marketable star. Djokovic is often mentioned after Rafa, Juan Martin Del Potro, and Robin Soderling as a top tennis player because of his fragility, for Mayweather this could be his downfall if he keeps dodging a bout with the Pacman.

What has to happen is a fight between the two, and soon. What Mayweather has to realize is that even if he loses he is still the main competitor for a rematch with Pacquiao which could mean an even bigger payday for both sides. Mayweather has to see the advantages of a possible two or three fight series with Pacquiao. It’s the kind of in-ring rivalry that the sport needs as it loses ground to the upstart UFC year in and out.

Also it helps Mayweather keep the respect that he has fought hard to earn. If he doesn’t fight Pacquiao then his respectability is diminished. He has to step into the ring and either win or lose like a man and come back for a second round match. It’s what we all did on the playground; you have to man up at some point and face the music. If not, then you’re a sucker. If I was Floyd Mayweather I wouldn’t want to be labeled a sucker.


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