Sick Of NBA Free Agency? Me Too

The three-headed annoyance monster.

For all of the hype that was supposed to come with the “Summer of 2010” in the NBA’s free agency season, its produced little suspense and lots of annoyance.

I haven’t been this peeved with athletes in a long time. The Chris Bosh tweets, the “recruitment” of LeBron James, the secret meetings between players as if they were in the mob trying to figure out a way to continue beating the system—ENOUGH ALREADY!

I’m sick of this. I’m sick of turning on my TV and watching one big dog and pony show, it’s annoying me and the fans of these teams, as well as their possible former employers.

The Toronto Raptors this week announced that they were moving towards not doing a sign and trade deal with Chris Bosh because they’ve grown tired of his constant tweeting of his situation. Can you blame them? Last I checked Bosh didn’t major in journalism at Georgia Tech during the short time that he was there. He’s turned his summer of free agency to one big reality show. All he needs is a Kardashian, some weird love triangle and a fight and it should be shipped to MTV for viewing rights.

LeBron James announced yesterday that he will make his announcement of his future destination Thursday night on Primetime. Somehow he also found the time to find a sponsor for his news conference. Really? All of this hype for three men who have won one title (and D. Wade can thank Shaq for that one)? Did Phil Jackson need a sweeps week news conference to announce his return? Did Paul Pierce need to lead us on like rabid dogs to tell us he was staying in Boston? Did Amar’e Stoudemire tweet every other second on his possible whereabouts? Then why should we give these guys all of this attention?

Here’s what I do know, for all of this hype, talk and speculation there had better be some rings in the future of these players and the teams of where there future destination lies. While I admit that Bosh, Wade and James are the best in their sport at their respected positions, they’re not exactly Derek Jeter like in the moments that matter. Neither man has made it out of the second round of the playoffs in the last three years (Bosh never for that matter). Wade labored through two seasons paired with young players and didn’t seem interested in making them better. James couldn’t lift his team to new heights even though he asked for and received the help that he wanted. That’s not even including the playoff busts that were Amar’e and Joe Johnson. This whole “Summer of 2010” is really a mirage to cover the NBA’s weakness in promoting the game as a whole and relying on a bunch of stars who collectively have won nothing.

If you really want my opinion the real intrigue is what’s going to happen with Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul. With Anthony’s deal ending next year and Paul looking expendable by the day, who’s to say that Chicago couldn’t swoop in and steal Anthony for a package of Luol Deng and Taj Gibson or maybe a team like New Jersey getting in on the CP3 sweepstakes? That’s more intriguing than watching 3 prima donnas strut around like they own the place and can do what they want when in reality no matter what they do or where they go they still have no shot at stopping the Lakers three-peat next year.

Oh yeah there’s that conundrum, if LeBron joins Amar’e in New York, or Bosh and Wade in Miami or Shaq and Joe Johnson in Atlanta none of their teams can compete with Kobe, Pau, Ron-Ron and Phil in L.A. in fact I could see Chicago or Boston one up in the East on Cleveland, New York or Miami because they are better as whole teams while Miami, Cleveland and New York still have huge holes in their roster. So in reality this whole summer doesn’t mask the fact that while these guys are the faces of the league they probably won’t come close to a title by the time John Wall is a free agent.

So what’s all the fuss about then? When the smoke clears L.A. is still the top dog followed by Boston, Chicago and Oklahoma City (forgot about them huh?) and none of those teams have Amar’e, Johnson, Bosh, Wade or James. All of the excitement and anticipation of the summer is going to lead everyone nowhere. Wade and the Heat won’t beat a better Magic team, Bron and Cleveland will lose ground to the Bulls and Amar’e and the Knicks will make the playoffs, but won’t beat Boston for the Atlantic. So really none of this mattered, the tweets, the private meetings, nothing. One thing’s for sure, I’ll be glad when LeBron makes his decision on Thursday so we can get back to baseball races, NFL training camp and the World Cup final on Sunday. Also the real most important free agent left to sign is still available—Ilya Kovalchuck. The Kings would be instant Stanley Cup favorites by adding him. Though you wouldn’t know it. Maybe he should’ve annoyed the heck of us like and left us hanging by thread like Wade, Bosh and James.


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